How to Immigrate to New York. Moving Services to NYC

Moving to New York. International removals to NYC

Are you planning to relocate to New York City soon? With Eurosender international removals services to NYC, you get affordable moving costs for relocating furniture and other belongings to the Big Apple. Whether you are immigrating as an expat or moving to New York with your family from another state, with Eurosender, you get efficient moving services and no hidden fees. Explore the comprehensive guide we prepared about living and working in New York City as an expat and check visa regulations, the cost of moving and living in New York.

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Things to know before moving to New York

Dubbed by many as the capital of the world, New York is an economic powerhouse that is unequalled in the world. With more than 8 million inhabitants, New York is the largest city in the USA, and with more than 800 languages spoken in the city, it is also one of the most linguistically diverse places in the world. When moving to NYC as a student or as an expat, you need to learn more about the city. We have prepared some of the basic facts you need to know when relocating to New York.
The United States
UTC -4
The United States dollar (USD)
8.399 million
Official Language
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Dialling code
+1 212
Emergency number
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Cost of moving to New York. International removals to NYC with Eurosender

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Immigrate to New York: Visa regulations when moving to the USA

The visa regulations that apply when you move to New York are the same as for the rest of the country. We recommend contacting your local American embassy to determine which type of visa you should apply for and what documents you need.

In general, there are two visa types you may apply to when relocating to New York:

  • A non-immigrant visa is issued for people who don’t have intentions to settle in the USA and will return to their home country when the visa expires. Non-immigrant visas types are student visa, tourist visa, business visa.
  • Immigrant visas can be given if you have a relative living in the country or got a valid employment contract. These visas include family visa, employment visa, adoption visa, investor visa.
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Property information. Long-term rentals in New York

The average apartment rent in NYC depends on the city districts. There are five neighbourhoods in New York – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and The Bronx.

When moving to New York as a student or as an expat, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment for about $2,000 per month. When you are immigrating to New York with family, a three-bedroom apartment will cost around $3,900 per month outside of the city centre.

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The cost of living in New York

It’s no secret that living in New York City is expensive. Besides the high renting prices, the average basic utility package costs $145 per month. That includes heating, electricity, water and garbage, and is about $7 less than the US average for a month of basic utilities ($152.02).

The average monthly wage in New York City is around $6300.

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The job opportunities in New York: how to find a job as a foreigner?

Being the global capital if the financial world, there are lots of opportunities for financial experts, but New York has much more to offer. There are many job opportunities in areas such as IT, media and tourism. However, the competition is also high.

Finding a job in NYC is even more challenging for people without a work visa. Keep in mind that you cannot apply for a working visa as a foreigner until you have an employer willing to offer you a job in the USA.

School and education in New York

Education in New York City is provided by a vast number of public and private institutions. New York City has many nationally important independent universities and colleges, as well as public, private and international schools.

Public school attendance depends on the school zone, so when you are moving to Ney York with children, pay attention to the neighbourhood you choose for living.
Private schools are of excellent quality and located all over the city. However, fees can be hefty, and there might be certain requirements to be admitted.

Age: 3-6
Compulsory: No
Primary School
Age: 6-12
Compulsory: Yes
Secondary School
Age: 13-18
Compulsory: Yes

Healthcare in New York : should I get private insurance?

Overall, healthcare in NYC is of excellent quality, and there are various public and private hospitals all around New York. Expats moving to New York City must ensure they have a health insurance policy so they can have access to the right treatment if and when they need it. Although emergency services will never be denied for patients without insurance, still hefty fees may apply.

Driving in New York. Should I get a US driving licence?

You can drive in New York with your foreign driving licence, as New York State does not require you to have an International Driving Permit if it’s in English. After it, you can apply for a US driving licence.

Foreign visitors who do not have a valid visa or legal status cannot apply for a driver’s licence in New York.

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Advantages and disadvantages of living in New York

Expats and immigrants moving to New York allocate the following aspects of living there:

  • Coffee is what keeps New Yorkers going, and you will find coffee shops everywhere.
  • Online Shopping is trendy in NYC, and the delivery possibilities are endless.
  • When invited for an informal meal at someone’s home, do not expect to be waited on or hosted in the same way you might in Europe. You might have to ask for a drink instead of being handed one, and may even be shown the fridge and told to help yourself.

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See the most popular locations from where people immigrate to New York

Moving to New York from Canada

Relocating to New York from Canada is easy with Eurosender. With our platform, you get the most affordable cost of moving house to New York City as we partner with renowned logistics companies offering the best prices. Explore the moving service we provide and get an immediate price with our booking tool.

Immigrating to NYC from Europe

Moving to New York from the UK or any other European country means a change of continents and the difference is huge. If you have already secured a job in New York and plan your relocation to this city, then choose reliable international removals services powered by Eurosender.

Moving to New York from Australia

Moving to New York from Australia is something that has seen an upward trend. More and more Aussies pack their bags to make it in the USA. Eurosender will help to ship your personal belongings, furniture, and excess baggage by providing lower than the average moving costs to New York City.

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