Immigrate to Singapore. Things you should know before moving to Singapore

Singapore was a poor village in crisis which required complete restoration after World War II. Lee Kuan Yew, the former Prime Minister of Singapore, has taken a set of reforms to create a favourable and attractive climate for foreign investments, encourage local population to be more welcoming to those who immigrate to Singapore, grant adequate housing to all citizens, provide high-quality education and medical services, and enhance the infrastructure. The outcome of those reforms is incredible as Singapore is a wealthy state with a major financial centre and aviation hub in Asia. Thus, many people think of moving to Singapore from the USA, Australia, and the EU for either for the employment or education reasons.

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Before relocating from the USA to Singapore, it is worth going into detail and doing some research about this country. Thus, we have prepared some essential facts about this country along with useful tips for moving to Singapore from the USA, Canada, Australia, and the EU.

LocationSingapore is a city-state in the south of the Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia.
Capital citySingapore
ClimateThe climate in Singapore is tropical with constant temperatures of about 30 °C throughout the year.
CurrencySingapore dollar (S$)
PopulationThere is no native population in Singapore as a such. The largest ethnic groups are Chinese, Indian, and Malay. They constitute around 95% of the country’s population
LanguageEnglish, Malay, and Chinese are recognized as official languages in Singapore.
TimezoneUTC +8
Surprising factChangi Airport located in Singapore is recognised as the best airport and aviation hub in the world.

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Living in Singapore

Singapore is the country of the future because it comprises modern infrastructure and facilities that are far ahead of the present. Singapore is characterized by unusual entertainment options, strict social order, and one of the best educational and healthcare systems in the world. Moving to Singapore means that you arrive in the eternal summer and have to adapt to the local pace of life. While this country is welcoming both tourists and expats, living in Singapore as an expat is different from a short-term tourist visit. That is why we have asked citizens and expats to tell us more about the pitfalls and benefits of living in this city-state.


  • Singapore is the country of expats. As there are no ethnic Singaporeans, the population of the country is comprised of various ethnic groups. This city-state is extremely tolerant towards expats so that even school children have a lesson where they learn to interplay with people of different ethnic and racial backgrounds.
  • The quality of local healthcare and education systems is superb.
  • Security and safety. Singapore laws together with a comprehensive video surveillance system throughout the country ensure high safety levels.


  • Singapore is the country of bans. There are many restrictions so that people have to obey the laws. Otherwise, one can get a steep fine for violating those rules. For instance, it is not allowed to throw rubbish on the ground, smoke in public places, and even feed animals in the streets. Before you immigrate to Singapore, carefully examine all those restrictions.
  • Climate. The climate of Singapore is favourable and exhaustive at the same time. Given that the country is only 137 km away from the equator, humidity combined with extreme temperatures throughout the year could cause discomfort.
  • The cost of cars and dwellings. The territory of Singapore is scarce, so the city expands in height but not in width. Subsequently, there is a limited number of houses and apartments in the country. Given that a great number of expats has an intention to immigrate to Singapore, the prices for the real estate property are rising. High costs and taxes for cars could be explained by governmental programs aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Cost of living in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most expensive cities and states in the world. The lion’s share of your salary would be spent on the apartment rent (at least $1500 per month), utility bills (about $150 per month), transportation, food, and child education. The average price of the meal of the day in a cafe would be about $8-10 dollars, while a cup of cappuccino could cost $3-4.

Visa regulations for Singapore

Foreign nationals who have an intent to live and work in Singapore are required to obtain a work visa. Citizens of some countries are allowed to reside in Singapore for a period of up to 3 months before they obtain a residence permit. Those who have received a formal job offer from a Singaporean employer are required to apply for a work visa beforehand. As a rule, a Singaporean employer helps with preparing all the necessary documents and visa application process.

There are several different types of work permits for expats moving to Singapore:

  • Foreigners coming as highly skilled professionals or those who plan to work on managerial positions in Singaporean enterprises need to get an employment pass (EP): P1 is for expats with a fixed monthly salary of S$8,000 or P2 for expats with a fixed monthly salary of S$ 4,500.
  • Entrepreneur Pass is granted for a 1-year period to those who plan to start a business. If a business is profitable, this permit could be prolonged.
  • S Pass is given to expats with technical skills and a fixed monthly salary of at least S$ 2,200. Another type of pass Q1 could be provided either to the recent graduates or applicants with rich professional experience.
  • A Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) has a range of advantages because it does not impose any limits in terms of the sphere or industry of work. Even when one changes a company, it will not be necessary to apply for work and residence permit one more time if one has that PEP pass.

Regardless of the type of the pass, it should be renewed or updated once in 1, 2, or 5 years.



Healthcare in Singapore

The World Health Organization ranked the Singaporean healthcare system as one of the 10 best in the world. Healthcare infrastructure consists of both public and private facilities. The cost of medical services is reasonable while their quality is second to none. Therefore, Singapore has become a popular destination for medical tourism in Asia.

Expats moving to Singapore can obtain health insurance either through their employers or purchase on their own. Your healthcare insurance plan depends on many factors, including your residence status, visa type, employer, age, etc. Medium-sized and large international companies usually provide insurance for you and all your family members. Even if you do not have insurance coverage, you can visit doctors on a daily basis, but you will have to pay a certain amount of money for that.

School and education

The quality of education whether it is of primary, secondary, or tertiary is very high. The education system includes both private and public educational institutions. Most likely you will have to pay much for the educational services in private, while public schools are much more affordable. Consider that most public schools are oversubscribed, so you need to take care of your children’s education in advance.

In Singapore, children learn basic subjects in primary and secondary school, however, there is a special lesson of ethnic and racial harmony conducted weekly. The government has decided to include this subject in the compulsory program of the Singaporean schools in order to develop tolerance towards other nations and ethnic groups. The quality of education in colleges and universities in Singapore is also very high. That is why students from Europe, Asian countries, and even Australia are moving to Singapore for educational purposes. If you are among those, Eurosender offers a discount for international removal services to Singapore and ensure positive relocation experience for you.

The job market in Singapore

If you are planning to immigrate to Singapore, you should explore a local job market and search for those job opportunities that correspond to your skills and qualification level. Similar to other developed countries, Singapore is currently attracting highly qualified experts in the sphere of IT, engineering, and healthcare. Workers in the sphere of tourism, finance and banking are also in demand.

The tourism sector is the leading one in the economy of Singapore. The country actively attracts tourists the amount of which is three times higher than the population of Singapore. Banking and finance are other profitable industries so that Singapore is sometimes called Asian Switzerland as more than 200 international banks and financial institutions have their headquarters there.

Property information

There are many options for apartment rent and house purchase in Singapore, but you should be ready to pay much for a dwelling regardless of the option you choose. If you prefer to rent an apartment as you immigrate to Singapore, the minimal price for renting a small studio apartment would be about $1500. For your information, there are both state-owned and private apartments for rent in Singapore.

If you decide to buy a real estate property in Singapore, a family house would cost about $5,000,000. Apparently, the price will depend on the distance from the city centre and the dwelling parameters. There is a simple explanation of the high prices phenomenon in the real estate sector: more and more people are moving to Singapore from the USA, Canada, and many Asian countries, while the resources are limited.

Driving in Singapore

There are several important rules you need to comprehend and stick to when you are driving in Singapore:

  • You have to be at least 18 years old to drive a vehicle
  • It is necessary to take a valid driver’s license, international driving permit, car insurance and registration documents
  • A driver and passengers need to wear seatbelts
  • Vehicles drive on the left side of the road

Overall, Singapore authorities encourage its residents and citizens to use public transport instead of cars. The government has even implemented high taxes on imported cars and increased charges for car parking. Moreover, a Certificate of Entitlement (it is valid for a 10-year period only) which costs about $80,000 is now obligatorily required to drive a vehicle in Singapore. All those measures are taken to reduce pollution and carbon dioxide emission levels in Singapore.

Cost of moving to Singapore

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