Immigrate to Paris. Things you should know before moving to Paris

Paris is the economic, political, and cultural centre of France. As a result, most people who immigrate to France are moving to Paris from the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, and European states. Undoubtedly, Paris is also the place of beautiful architecture, romantic atmosphere, delicious food, and cultural events. It is a multifaceted city which offers much to foreigners who immigrate to Paris for various reasons. Whether you have secured a job, want to reunite with your family, or simply search for extravagant experience in Paris, it is better to think of relocation in advance. You will find essential tips and everything else you need to know before moving to Paris from the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other overseas countries.

International removals to Paris with Eurosender

Immigration to Paris is a comprehensive task, so you need to be holistically prepared for a move. Check some basic facts about Paris in this section and way more detailed information about this city, its culture, and even the cost of living in Paris in further sections of this article.

LocationParis is located in the region Ile-de-France in the north of the country.
ClimateParis has a typical Western European oceanic climate.
CurrencyEuro (EUR)
PopulationThere are about 2 million people living in Paris, but many more reside in the metropolitan area.
LanguageFrench is the official language in France. It is highly recommended to learn the basics of French before moving to Paris.
TimezoneUTC +1
Surprising factParis has 830 libraries which makes it the first in the world in this rating.

If you plan to move to France from overseas it may seem a bit difficult and challenging, especially when relocating from the USA to Paris. Arriving in a surrounding with different traditions and life values mean that you will need to get accustomed to a new environment and leave behind some of your daily habits. Before relocating from the USA to Paris, you also have to take care of the official documents such as a visa and residence permit and choose the right services for the international removals to Paris.

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Living in Paris

Paris is associated with the smell of coffee and croissants, barrel organ sounds, picturesque architectural landmarks, and fashionable folks. French people adore their country and are proud to live there. However, what is living in Paris like for expats? The romantic city is not romantic anymore when you have to deal with tough bureaucracy and learn French. Let’s figure out what are the major advantages and disadvantages of living in Paris.


  • Aesthetics. Paris is an extremely beautiful city with amazing architectural style. If you look at Paris from the bird’s-eye flight point, you will see how deliberately the city is planned. Walking the streets of Paris undoubtedly brings aesthetic pleasure.
  • Historical landmarks. Eventually, Paris has always been the centre of culture and creativity. There are lots of museums and architectural landmarks in the city.
  • Dynamic economy. The offices of many international companies are located in Paris. The tourism industry also grants many workplaces to both tourists and expats.


  • Accommodation. Many expats report that finding the right apartment for rent could be a real challenge. Furthermore, the cost of accommodation is rather high compared to other European capitals.
  • French language. Even though Paris is a cosmopolitan city which became home for many nations so that English is widely spoken there, you will have to learn French in case you are moving to Paris for the long term. French is not an easy-to-learn language, so it might take some time to gain proficiency in it.
  • Tourism. Paris is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. From April to October, the city becomes overcrowded and even a bit polluted.

Cost of living in Paris

Paris is one of the most expensive cities to live in Europe. While the prices for food are not very high, accommodation costs and utility bills might be shocking sometimes. While the average monthly salary of a typical expat living in Paris is 2,200 €, it is necessary to give away almost 50% of it for the apartment rental.

We have prepared a table with the average prices expats encounter after they immigrate to Paris.

Apartment rental700-1,500 €
Utility bills150-200 €
Internet25-30 €
A meal of the day15 €
A cup of cappuccino3 €
International school (optional)1,000 €

Visa regulations for Paris

Before moving to Paris, you need to take care of visa in case you are planning to stay there for more than 3 months. For the EU and the EEA nationals, no specific documents are needed to live and work in France, but registration in the local administrative office or police station is required. Non-EU nationals will have to get all the documents ready to apply for a visa.

The most common types of visa expats apply for before moving to Paris from the USA, Canada, or other overseas countries for a long term are related to work, study, and family reunion purposes.

  • Work visa. If you have been hired by a company based in Paris, want to work as a self-employed person, or plan to start your own business in France, then work visa would be the appropriate choice. While you can ask an employer to prepare the required documents for the visa application process, you need to take care of a detailed business plan in case you want to immigrate to Paris for starting a business in France.
  • Student visa. In case you enrolled in the university and plan to take courses for a period longer than 90 days, you have to apply for a student visa. In most cases, it is necessary to present an invitation provided by the university. Thus, ask your chosen educational establishment to supply you with the required documents beforehand.
  • Family reunion visa. If one of your family members is a French citizen, a French resident, or the EU/EEA national, you are eligible for this type of visa. You will have to prepare the documents that provide proof of your family ties and indicate the purpose of your stay in Paris.

For detailed information, check all visa requirements with your local French consulate or embassy.

Healthcare in Paris

All working and non-working residents living in Paris must obligatory have a health insurance plan. While the public social security system covers about 75% of healthcare expenses for doctor visits, specialist visits, hospitalization, and medicine, most expats opt for acquiring private health insurance. In general, it fully reimburses the cost of medical treatment and healthcare services, but everything depends on the plan you choose. If you are not comfortable with speaking French, then it is better to refer to English speaking professionals in one of the following hospitals:

American Hospital of Paris

Hertford British Hospital

School and education

There are no tuition fees in French schools because education is free of charge for both citizens and legal residents in Paris. Those who are moving to Paris with their children need to consider which educational option would be the most suitable. If your child is only about to make the first step on the academic path, then public schools in Paris with additional extracurricular language courses would be the right choice. Otherwise, you may consider the benefits the private schools of Paris provide. Some of them offer bilingual education based on the French curricula, while others rely on the British or American one. Here is a shortlist of international schools in Paris:

The American School of Paris

The International School of Paris

The British School of Paris

The École Internationale Bilingue

The Lycée Internationale de Saint Germain en Laye

The Lennen Bilingual School

The job market in Paris

Paris is the economic centre of France where the head offices of national and international offices are located. It is necessary to note that the French language is a must literally for everyone who is going to work in Paris. Even those who are hired as English-speaking professionals need to realize that the internal communications on the company will be in held French. Currently, the experts in the IT-sphere, sales, marketing, and hospitality industry are in demand in Paris.

If you plan to immigrate to Paris with the aim to be employed there, then it is better to take care of this aspect in advance, especially in case you are moving to Paris from outside of the European Union. Securing a job position and preparing all documents for a visa application should be done beforehand. As a rule, employers take care of all these procedures and help to register with health insurance fund. French-based companies also need to prove that they could not find anyone suitable for the vacancy locally before they hire an applicant from other countries.

Property information

If you are moving to Paris, finding a place to live in would be a real challenge as many expats admit. However, if you have some friends or a vast networking community, things might be much easier for you. In case you immigrate to Paris and want to settle down there permanently, then investing in real estate property is beneficial in the long run. The average price for 1 square meter ranges between 5,500 € and 10,500 €.

Anyway, a greater majority of immigrant workers and expats decide to rent an apartment in Paris. On average you will have to pay 750 – 1,200 € for a 1-bedroom apartment or studio, 1,400 € for a 2-bedroom apartment, and 1700 – 3,200 € for a 3-bedroom apartment. Accommodation costs vary depending on the arrondissement you are planning to reside in.

When choosing a flat, you also need to consider the specific features of each district of Paris:

  • 1-5 arrondissements – has the most expensive accommodation options;
  • 6-9 arrondissements – the prices for accommodation are lower than in the central districts, but there is a lack of available options for rental there;
  • 11 arrondissement – the place where most Parisian students live, so parties are not uncommon there. Nevertheless, this district offers many apartments for rent at reasonable prices along with the developed infrastructure;
  • 12, 14, 17 arrondissements – you will have to pay much for transportation as you need to travel to the centre of Paris every day;
  • 18 arrondissement – it has the highest crime levels in Paris;
  • 20 arrondissement – most immigrant workers reside in this region due to low rental prices. It is not very clean and safe in this district.

Driving in Paris

As Paris is a capital with several million people living there, the traffic can be terrific during the rush hours. Furthermore, there is a lack of parking lots in the centre of the city, but it is still possible to find some underground garages in the area. If you are planning to rent a car, you need to stick to general rules and take your driver’s license, passport, and car insurance when driving in Paris. Overall, it is highly recommended to use a comprehensive public transportation system of Paris which includes metro, suburban trains, buses, trams, and taxis.

Cost of moving to Paris

Before moving to Paris, you need to discover the average moving costs to Paris, find out the cheapest way to move furniture to Paris, estimate how much is shipping from the USA to Paris, etc. We have the answers to these questions along with the shipping tips to move personal belongings to Paris safely, cheaply, and fast.

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