Moving to Brazil: International Removals to Brazil

Moving to Brazil. What to know before you immigrate to Brazil

When you decide to move to Brazil, choose Eurosender as your reliable logistics partner and make your relocation easier. We prepared a complete guide to get you ready for relocating to Brazil. Explore the basic information about living in Brazil as a foreigner, visa regulations and job opportunities. Get the best price for moving house with low-cost solutions for international removals to Brazil powered by Eurosender.

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What to know about living in Brazil

With its pleasant climate, sandy beaches, and vibrant culture, Brazil has everything to make for a perfect expat location. As the largest country in South America, moving to Brazil means changing your life significantly and experience new things. To make your relocation to Brazil smoother, we recommend learning Portuguese, of course, and explore other essential things you should know when immigrating to Brazil.
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Immigrate to Brazil: Visa regulations in Brazil

If you are moving to Brazil from the South American countries or the EU, you don’t need a visa for Brazil and can stay there for 90 days. We recommend you to check the visa regulations for Brazil when you are relocating from other countries.

There are two options to get a work permit for Brazil:

Apply for a Temporary residence permit, when you have a temporary work agreement with an employer in Brazil or plan to study in a Brazilian university. They are given for a period of up to 2 years, with the possibility to 1 extension.

Apply for a Permanent residence permit, when you have specific skills and a contract with an employer in Brazil. You may also apply for this type of visa when you want to invest in Brazil or when you have a pension from another country that meets certain requirements.

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Property in Brazil. Long-term rentals in Brazil

The highest prices for long-term rentals in Brazil are in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. For a furnished one-bedroom apartment in an expensive area, you will pay around €300 per month. When you are relocating to Brazil as a student, you can find a cheaper option in the suburbs and pay about €150 per month. If you are relocating to Brazil with family, the renting cost for a three-bedroom apartment is around €450-500 per month.
If you want to buy property in Brazil, the average price per square metre is €1200.

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The cost of living in Brazil

You might have heard that the cost of living in Brazil is low. However, it’s not true, especially in big cities, where life can be quite expensive. The prices for groceries, clothing and other vital things are on the same price level as in the USA or the EU. However, the average monthly salary in Brazil is €600.

Expats living in Brazil report they pay €52 for the utility bills, €20 for the Internet and €1.05 for a cup of cappuccino.

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Finding work in Brazil: The job market in Brazil

Finding a job in Brazil is not easy as there is intense competition in the Brazilian job market. Most expats living in Brazil work in areas such as engineering, oil and gas, and finance. When you want to find a job in Brazil as a foreigner, it is essential that you speak Portuguese. There are some jobs in Brazil for English speakers in areas such as IT, teaching and tourism.

Education and schools in Brazil

Public schools in Brazil are free but unfortunately, education is underfunded and prone to corruption. The classes at public schools are taught in Portuguese, meaning that most expats choose to send their children to private or international schools in Brazil. These are mostly located in the main Brazilian cities such as Brasília, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Brazilian private schools, generally follow the local Brazilian curriculum, while international schools in Brazil follow the British or American curricula.

Lots of students choose to move to Brazil and attend a university there since, unlike basic schools, public Universities in Brazil actually offer high-quality teaching. Thanks to numerous scholarships offered by public colleges, students from all over South America choose to move to Brazil for studying.

Age: 3 – 5
Compulsory: no
Elementary School
Age: 6 – 14
Compulsory: yes
Secondary School
Age: 15-18
Compulsory: no

Healthcare in Brazil: should I get private insurance?

Brazilians benefit from a free healthcare system according to which every resident of Brazil has the right to get free medical care. However, hospitals and other medical institutions often lack the means to offer proper medical care. That’s why many locals and expats living in Brazil opt for getting private health insurances.

When you move to Brazil, you should also get some obligatory vaccinations. Contact your doctor to assess the risk of the area you are visiting. Diseases such as Malaria, Hepatitis A and B and Yellow fever still occur in Brazil.

Driving in Brazil. Should I get a Brazilian driving licence?

Brazil is one of the Vienna Convention’s signatory countries and, therefore, some foreigners can drive in Brazil for a period of up to 180 days using their original driver’s licences or an International Driver’s Permit. We recommend you to check whether you need to obtain a Brazilian driving licence.

Note that Brazil’s roads have one of the highest mortality rates in the world so it might be a wise choice not to drive in Brazil. When you decide to drive in Brazil, it’s better to first experience a few rides as a passenger so that you get the right image of what you might expect.

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What else to expect when living in Brazil as an expat

We have gathered some more advantages and disadvantages of living in Brazil:

  • The bureaucracy is an enormous headache, especially when it comes down to visas for Brazil.
  • There is a lot of poverty and inequality in Brazil, which leads to crime and violence in certain areas. Stay safe and avoid the favelas.
  • Crime is an issue in Brazil, and it is a struggle expat have to get used to.
  • When people think of Brazil, they usually think of the samba. And even though this is a popular genre, there are so many more genres from Brazil that deserve worldwide fame. Some of them are Bossa Nova, Sertanejo and Carioca funk.

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The most popular countries from where people immigrate to Brazil

Moving to Brazil from Canada

Are wondering what the cost of moving to Brazil from Canada is? Eurosender is ready to offer lower than average prices for international removals services. With our handy online booking tool, you can easily check the cost of relocating to Brazil and benefit from door-to-door services and professional help.

Moving to Brazil from Australia

For those wishing to relocate to Brazil from Australia, look no further. Eurosender’s low-cost international removals to Brazil makes it easy to move your belongings directly to your new home. You can get an instant price estimate right now or contact our team of experts who can tailor a solution to suit your shipping needs.

Moving to Brazil from the UK

Are you thinking of moving to Brazil from the UK? With the high rental prices, expats and students can easily save money by renting an unfurnished apartment. With Eurosender you have access to the cheapest way to move furniture to Brazil. We can move your entire household to your new sunny surrounding.

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