Immigrate to Norway. Get Ready for Moving to Norway

Moving to Norway. Things you should know before you immigrate to Norway

Whether you are moving to Norway from the USA, UK, or Canada, Eurosender helps you to organise a smooth and stress-free relocation. That is why we have prepared this guide about living in Norway, providing useful tips and the best services for international removals to Norway.

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Things to know when immigrating to Norway

Norway is known as one of the best countries to live in. Expats living in Norway enjoy the beauty of nature and the fjords, fishing and hiking, public safety and premium quality of seafood in the country. For those who are planning to immigrate to Norway, Eurosender gathered the essential information on moving and living in Norway.
UTC +1
Norwegian krone (NOK)
5 million
Official Language
Dialling code
Emergency number
110 – Fire department
112 – Police
113 – Ambulance
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Visa regulations for Norway

Norway is not a member of the European Union, but it is part of the Schengen Area and the European Economic Area (EEA).

  • Citizens from the European Union and the EEA countries need to get a registration certificate from the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) if they are moving to Norway for employment reasons. Expats relocating to Norway from non-EU and non-EEA countries need a residence permit and visa for Norway. Upon your arrival to Norway, visit a local police office and tax office for registration and to report your residence, get a tax deduction card and a national identity number.
  • Students that move to Norway from the EU or EEA states to attend courses at a university, only need to register with the local police. Students coming from outside the European Union and EEA should apply for a student residence permit.
  • After 5-7 years living in Norway, working legally and paying the due taxes you can apply for permanent residence permit or citizenship. It means that you no longer need to renew your residence or work permit and will have access to a broad range of benefits and privileges.
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Property information for Norway

The government encourages people to buy property in Norway. Thus, it is not very difficult to get a mortgage with appealing interest rates. Many people buy a personal dwelling and relocate to Norway with their children as the interest rate is 10% for people under 35 and 15% for those over 35 years old. If you do not plan to buy a property in Norway, you can rent a 1-bedroom apartment in Oslo for 10,000 – 17,000 NOL (€ 1000-1,700), while the average rental price in Trondheim and Bergen is 8,000-9,000 NOL ( €700-800).

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Cost of living in Norway

The cost of living is rather high in Norway, but people also get many benefits as the quality of life is very decent in the country. Before you immigrate to Norway, it is better to estimate the monthly cost of living and compare it with the salary rate granted by your employer. Indeed, the living expenses in Norway may differ across the country. Still, the fluctuations in prices for rent, food, and utilities are not significant between the cost of living in Oslo and Trondheim, for instance.

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The job market in Norway

The economy of Norway is rather stable with low unemployment rates and high salaries. In general, you will have 35% deduction out of your salary as a tax payment. The lion’s share of job market opportunities in Norway is in seafood, oil and gas, and agriculture industries. Meanwhile, healthcare, IT, tourism, building and construction, and engineering require skilled workers moving to Norway from abroad.

School and education in Norway

If you are relocating to Norway with your children, you should get informed about the educational system in Norway. Primary school children that moved abroad can attend public schools, but they will probably need extra courses to study Norwegian. If you are moving to Norway with teenagers, then a private international school could be a better option. It is the right solution for those who are not fluent in Norwegian.

Pre-school education
Age: 3-6
Compulsory: No
Elementary school
Age: 6-12
Compulsory: Yes
Secondary school
Age: 12-16
Compulsory: Yes

Healthcare in Norway

The healthcare system in Norway is controlled by the government and funded by taxes and social security contributions. All citizens and legal residents have equal access to healthcare services in Norway regardless of their income. After you register at the police and tax office, you will be automatically assigned to a general practitioner (GP) in your area. In case of any health issues, you should first visit your family doctor (GP) who decides whether to give an appointment to a specific medical specialist.

Driving in Norway

Driving in Norway can be tricky due to the existence of numerous tunnels, high fines and severe road conditions in winter. Check what you need to know about driving in Norway:

  • Should you get a driving licence in Norway?

    Citizens from the EU or EEA can use their local driving licence for as long as it is valid. People moving to Norway from countries outside the EU/EEA can use their foreign licence for driving in Norway for up to three months. After that, they need to apply for a Norwegian driver’s licence.

  • Speed limits and fines in Norway

    The general speed limit is 80 km per hour, however speed is often slower due to road conditions. Rules and road signs are generally the same as in the rest of Europe. Traffic enforcement cameras are common, and fines are very high.

  • Car ferries

    There are over 100 ferry crossings on public roads in Norway. The car ferries are an essential part of the road system. You simply join the queue with your car and wait for the next boat to depart.

  • Parking in Norway

    Parking is generally challenging and expensive. Electric cars can park for free on parking meters in public streets, while “hybrid” cars including “plug-in hybrids” must pay.

What to expect when living in Norway

Moving to Norway with your family or alone can be shocking as you need to get used to a new language, a new daily routine, and a new culture. We have gathered some facts about living in Norway that other expats consider important:

  • Norwegians are fond of sports and like to spend a lot of time outside urban zones. Norwegians also prefer living in private houses outside urban areas.
  • Be prepared for the high cost of living in Norway. Even though the average salary in Norway is about 43,000 NOK (€ 4,000), it is not easy to save money as everything is very expensive in the country.
  • As a rule, Norwegians do not work more than 40 hours per week. In case of work in shifts, they can legally claim for a double hourly rate.
  • Norway has already become cashless. Thus, local citizens and residents use credit cards and mobile payment applications either to buy food in the supermarket or pay a fine.
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