Things you should know before you immigrate to Switzerland

Moving to Switzerland: Things you should know before you immigrate to Switzerland

Switzerland has long been an expat hotspot. With its high quality of life and the matching high salaries, there are many people who consider moving to Switzerland. In spite of the fact that Switzerland is so popular, it is not that easy to immigrate to Switzerland. That goes for all people, including EU citizens. That is why we have developed this comprehensive guide on everything you need to know before you decide to move to Switzerland.

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Not only is Switzerland popular among Europeans, but there are also many people moving to Switzerland from the USA. Wherever you come from, you are probably lured to Switzerland by all the positive things you heard about this small, mountainous country. Whether it is the famous Swizz watches, their renowned banking system or their superior cheese, we all know that Switzerland always offers the highest quality. With that in mind, let’s explore everything there is to know about life in Switzerland and more.

Switzerland, which has been a federal state since 1848, has been one of the most successful countries in Europe. With their eye for detail and quality, their skills are famous all around the world. But there is more to Switzerland than merely expensive things. With many villages and towns hidden between the majestic Alps, Switzerland is full of natural beauty and magnificent views. That is why many who have visited Switzerland for holidays or for work, have the wish to settle here. So let’s have a quick look at the basic facts about Switzerland.

CapitalBern is the capital of Switzerland, but with more than 400.000 inhabitants Zurich is the biggest city.
TimezoneThere is only 1 timezone in Switzerland: UTC+1
Currencythe Swiss franc (CHF) is divided in Rappen.
PopulationSwitzerland has 8.5 million inhabitants.
How do you call someone from Switserland?Swiss
Official languageThere are 4 official languages in Switzerland: French, German, Italian and Romansh
International dialing code+41
Emergency number112
DrivingOn the right side
TippingNot obligatory.
Unusual factHelvetica is the original name of Switzerland.

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Living in Switzerland

Swiss life is different for many reasons. The Swiss like to enjoy their free time in the open air. Therefore the cities may practically empty during the weekend as everyone is out in the mountains. Before you go it is best to brush up on your language skills as there are 3 languages that are spoken. When you just arrive, remember that it is expected that you greet everyone in person when you enter a room. Make sure that you don’t miss anyone as you don’t want to be rude. After a proper introduction, you will see that the Swiss are friendly people.

Visa Regulations for Switzerland

Through the Swiss embassy, you can apply for all visas and residence permits. Citizens of EU and EFTA countries can visit Switzerland visa-free for up to 3 months. When you want to stay longer, you will have to apply for a residence permit and a work permit, which are usually given out for a period of 1 year.
Citizens that are not from EU and EFTA countries will need a visa to visit Switzerland for a stay up to 3 months. They will also have to apply for a residence permit and work permit if they wish to remain longer than 3 months.



Healthcare in Switzerland

When you decide to move to Switzerland, you should be aware that having Swiss health insurance is mandatory. Swiss health care is provided by private companies and you have to get insured within 3 months after your arrival in Switzerland. The mandatory healthcare insurance concerns basic healthcare. You can also take out extra insurance. With this, you can get free treatment for things that are not in the basic package or for example get a private room in a hospital, should you require that.

School and education

The school system in Switzerland depends on the canton the school belongs to. However, the table below gives quite a good overview of the system in general. All the education in the table is obligatory. The ages matching the grades might differ for some cantons.

Primary school4-10
secondary school11-13

After pupils finish their school career, they can go on to study vocational programs or go to university. To which institution you can apply depends on the program you follow in secondary school.

The job market in Switzerland

In Switzerland, a little under half of all management functions are covered by foreigners. This means that there are loads of opportunities to find a job. At the same time, the labor market is very competitive with many people having their eyes set on the high salaries and pleasant working conditions. When you are from outside the EU. things are even harder with quotas of the maximum number of foreign workers.
Among others, these are the areas where you will have the biggest chance to score a job:
insurance, IT, engineering, medicine, and finance.

Property information

Most Swiss prefer renting to buying property. With as much as 60-80% of the Swiss renting their living space (depending on the city or region), rent prices are soaring and it might be quite hard to find affordable housing.
When you are an EU citizen, you can buy or rent an apartment just as the Swizz do. However, when you are from a non-EU country, it will be much harder.
As for the average price, we can say that an apartment with furniture, situated in a good location of a city such as Zurich, will cost about CHF 45 p/m2. When you decide to rent the same apartment but in a worse location (there are no bad locations in Switzerland) it goes for about CHF 30-35.

Cost of moving to Switzerland

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Cost of living in Switzerland

It won’t come as a surprise that the cost of living in Switzerland is high as this one of the things it is famous for. Zurich is even known as the most expensive city in the world, with Geneva in the third place. When you move to Switzerland, make sure that your salary is also on a Swiss level. In general, the salaries in Switzerland match the high price level in the country. When you move to this beautiful nation in the Alps when you are on a pension, make sure that it will be enough to pay for your lifestyle.

Driving in Switzerland

When your driving license is in one of the following languages (or has a translation to them on the license) you can drive in Switzerland: English, Italian, German and French. When your license is in another language, the Swizz will require an International Driving Permit (IDP) which you can get at your local driving authority.
Before you start driving around in Switzerland, there are several things you should be cautious of.

  • Not long ago Switzerland was awarded for having the safest roads in Europe. However, there are many mountainous roads which could be dangerous for an inexperienced driver.
  • It is mandatory to have your headlights on at all times.
  • Seatbelts are obligatory for every passenger of the car. Children under 12 have to be seated in dedicated child seats.
  • Pay attention to the parking rules. When you park on a spot where it is not allowed, you may be towed away and will have to pay a hefty fine.

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There couldn’t be a bigger contrast than when you travel from Sydney to Switzerland. Where Sydney is a metropole with over 5 million inhabitants, Switzerland’s biggest city Zurich boasts a mere 500.000. Many Australians who are tired of the endless distances, the scorching temperatures and the lack of snow around Christmas time, consider moving from Australia to Switzerland. With the help of Eurosender, you can stop worrying about how you are going to get your stuff from one corner of the planet to the other. Just place the order and we will take care of the rest.


The Canadian standard of life is pretty similar to the one in Switzerland. But they have more in common than you might think. The climate with cold winters and lots of snow, the French language, and love for outside activities, all of this is enjoyed by both nations. So, moving to Switzerland from Canada is just a small step for many Canadians, even though they have to cross the ocean for this.


Germany is not only close to Switzerland, but they also share the German language. With the short distance between the countries, it might not feel like moving to another country, maybe more like another province. With the shared language it is easy for Germans to adapt to Swiss life. However, when you are moving from Germany to Switzerland you need more than alone language skills. The distance between the countries might be small but when you have to transport your entire household it is another story. With Eurosender you can rest assured that you won’t be overpaying for the transport of your possessions to your new location.

United Kingdom

Many UK citizens are tired of the almost daily showers, the grey clouds and the lack of facilities for skiing. So when you are looking for a change of scenery, why not book a budget flight from London to Switzerland? Airline companies often charge hefty fees for excess baggage. So, when you want to save money and time, you let Eurosende take care of the shipping and everything else.



Other destinations?

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