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Top global freight forwarders for international cargo transport

Have access to the best international freight forwarders in Europe and worldwide at the tip of your fingers. With Eurosender, you can ship cargo to any destination in the world quickly and effectively. All you have to do is get a quote in the tool below or reach out to our logistics specialists so they can arrange all the transportation details for you. We offer logistics solutions for transporting and storing loads of any size or weight, powered by the world’s leading freight forwarding companies.

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We combine the capabilities of multiple logistics providers to offer the best logistics solutions provided by the best freight forwarding companies in the world.

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At Eurosender, we continue to expand our portfolio of logistics services to fulfil all of our customers’ shipping requirements, including warehousing, distribution and fulfilment solutions. Benefit from working with the leading international freight forwarding companies at already negotiated prices and scale up your business with Eurosender.


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FAQs – Shipping with the world’s leading freight forwarding companies

How to find a good freight forwarder in Europe and worldwide?

Each shipper should select the best freight forwarder for their company based on their shipping needs. Here are some important things to consider when choosing the European or global freight forwarding company you want to work with:

  • Coverage – The freight company must be specialised in the type of shipment you mostly use, whether domestic or international.
  • Network – You would want to choose a company with a solid network so that they can accommodate every type of request, even if this means reaching out to their partners.
  • Experience in logistics – Proven experience in this field is essential to navigate through all the procedures easily and offer you a complete and seamless solution.
  • Price – As with any other service, the overall cost of the service should also be competitive for it to be selected as the best freight forwarder for your company.

Eurosender checks all of these requirements while offering so much more! Register your business with us and explore our dedicated logistics dashboard that will give you complete control over your transactions.

What are the responsibilities of a freight forwarder?

The freight forwarder is a company that acts as an intermediary between the shipper and the carrier(s), arranging all the details of the logistics service. Some of the key responsibilities of the freight forwarder is to organise the shipment itself (selecting the carriers and best mode of transport, recommending the best packing), negotiating quotes and booking cargo space directly with the carriers, managing the timeline and documents needed for the freight forwarding process to go smoothly and also getting tracking updates along the way. Any issues or surprises that emerge during the process will be handled by the freight forwarder who is also responsible for keeping an open communication channel with the shipper.

What is digital freight forwarding?

Digital freight forwarders are companies that implement technical solutions to turn the extensive freight forwarding processes digital and, therefore, optimise the quoting and booking of the service. Many of the world’s leading freight forwarding companies are turning digital and moving away from paper-based logistics operations because it implies significant gains and efficacy for the company and the shipper.

Eurosender is a pioneer in the digitalisation of logistics, being one of the very first companies to offer completely automatised road freight quotes for international shipments in Europe. Use our booking tool to book your delivery and have access to the best international freight forwarders in Europe instantly.

Is Eurosender a freight forwarder?

Eurosender is a logistics platform where you can book various shipping and warehousing services, including those provided by renowned freight forwarding companies. However, we do not act as a freight forwarder directly.

Within our network, we work with multiple carriers and international freight forwarders in Europe and abroad to ensure every request is matched with the right provider for the job. You can always count on us to find the best shipping solution for your needs.

How can Eurosender offer competitive prices with top freight forwarding companies?

Due to the high volume of shipments organised through our platform daily, we can negotiate more competitive quotes than an individual shipper would get by themselves. In return, we provide our customers with highly competitive shipping quotes while they also benefit from the safety of shipping with the top freight forwarding companies in the world.