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Book the cargo transport service to Spain that is just right for your company. We provide a large selection of freight forwarding services in Spain and abroad that can be fully tailored to your requirements. By partnering with a vast logistics network comprised of renowned international and Spanish freight forwarders, we ensure your load will be handled safely and on time. Get an instant quote below!


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Freight forwarding services in Spain

We combine the capabilities of multiple logistics providers to offer the best solutions for freight forwarding, warehousing, customs clearance procedures or cargo distribution in Spain.

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Cargo transport with the best freight forwarders in Spain

Explore our various freight forwarding services to Spain:
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Multimodal cargo transport solutions in Spain

We understand that multimodal freight shipping requires more logistics coordination and efforts, so let our specialists do the hard work for you. Our team is fully equipped to organise any freight forwarding service in Spain, be it by road, rail, sea, or air. We provide efficient freight forwarding solutions to Spain for loads of any size, with short lead times to help you streamline your logistics operations.


How to book the best freight forwarding companies in Spain?

  • Send your request with details about your load
  • We will find the best possible solution for your requirements
  • Once you accept our offer, we will arrange all the details with the provider
  • Your goods will be collected on the established date and address


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In one single place, you get services to match any shipping need

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Warehousing, distribution, and fulfilment solutions in Spain

We cater to every logistics need, not only the shipping process. When booking with us, take advantage of our solutions for warehousing, distribution, and fulfilment in Spain, organised following your needs.

Warehousing services
  • No limit of time or size of the stored goods
  • Storage in Spain with the same logistics provider responsible for transport
  • Bonded warehouse on the carrier’s facility when importing goods
Distribution and fulfilment
  • Cargo distribution services in Spain connecting production site-warehouse-retailer
  • End-delivery from the store/warehouse to your client’s door
  • Fulfilment solutions provided by vetted companies

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Road freight transport in Spain

For shippers in Europe, road freight forwarding is the most requested service for transporting cargo in Spain. At Eurosender, we are proud to be pioneers of instant pricing for road freight forwarding in Spain and Europe, with automatic quotes for shipping pallets, booking trucks and vans. For users with complex shipping requirements, our logistics specialists are always ready to assist by providing tailor-made quotes for freight shipping in Spain.

Ship with the best freight forwarding companies in Spain

We collaborate with +100 logistics providers around the world, including several international
and Spanish freight forwarding companies, such as:


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Are you a 3PL agent, a shipping agent, or a freight forwarder in Spain? At Eurosender, we continue to grow our network of trusted logistics providers and look forward to welcoming new partners to our team.

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Other freight services to Spain that may interest you

We have already helped hundreds of companies arrange international freight forwarding services in Spain. Check other available options:

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FAQs – Freight forwarding solutions and companies in Spain

What are the documents required for the freight forwarding process in Spain?

The documents needed for freight forwarding in Spain depend on the route, type of cargo and the transport mode used. We strongly recommend checking with the relevant authorities the specific documents required for your route and items before booking your delivery, so you can have everything prepared ahead.
As a general reference, these are some of the freight forwarding documents often required for transporting, importing and exporting goods to Spain:

Do I need a customs broker when importing or exporting goods to Spain?

If you book your delivery with us, you do not need to get an external customs broker to deal with importing your cargo to Spain. To make the process easier, all the international and Spanish freight forwarders from our network have their own in-house customs brokerage specialists for dealing with imports and exports to Spain and abroad. They are responsible for ensuring your load will go through the necessary checks and will provide bonded warehousing in Spain if the process takes longer than expected.
Who is responsible for preparing the documents and paying the fees during the customs brokerage in Spain?
It is the responsibility of the client to prepare all the necessary documents and cover any incurred tax or duty when importing or exporting goods to Spain. In case the customs authorities require any additional documents or fee, their request will be submitted to you. Please bear in mind that any extra tax must be paid to release your load.

How to get the best freight rates for shipping cargo to Spain?

The secret to obtaining affordable freight rates, whether in Spain or abroad, is good negotiation. If you do not have large shipping volumes to give you strong negotiation power with the big carriers, the best solution is to organise your cargo transport to Spain through an experienced freight forwarder, such as Eurosender!
Due to the high volume of shipments organised through our platform daily, we can get highly competitive prices for cargo shipping to Spain and abroad. In exchange, we pass on these attractive rates to our customers. It doesn’t matter if you are a one-time shipper or a recurrent exporter; you can always count on Eurosender for the freight forwarding prices in Spain.

Are warehousing solutions in Spain available for both businesses and individuals?

Yes. At Eurosender, we offer freight shipping and warehousing services in Spain to all types of customers. Regardless of the size of your load, we are always able to arrange the storage of your goods in a warehouse in Spain provided by the same logistics provider who will transport them later. This way, there is less handling, and we reduce the chances of mistakes.
For more information about our warehousing solutions or any other service provided by our trusted 3PL agents and freight forwarding companies in Spain, do not hesitate to contact us via chat or e-mail.

What is the advantage of booking a freight forwarding solution in Spain with Eurosender?

Even though there are various benefits when freight forwarding to Spain with us, one of the biggest advantages is to be able to ship with renowned transport companies without binding contracts or endless paperwork. We organise every freight forwarding services in Spain on demand, combining solutions of various logistics providers and shipping agents to find the service that would best fit your needs.
In addition, we provide a fully personalised experience with the end-to-end assistance of a dedicated logistics specialist that will personally handle your request and follow your order until successful delivery. Eurosender is the best choice for combining best-quality support with world-class freight forwarding companies in Spain and worldwide.

What is the best solution for shipping urgent freight in Spain?

Whenever you have time-sensitive cargo, we recommend using the Van Delivery Service for deliveries within Europe. This is our premium freight forwarding service where you will have an entire van dedicated for your load, which will be transported in the fastest way possible. Thanks to our wide network of providers, we are able to arrange a same-day collection, even for overnight urgent requirements. Get an immediate quote using our booking tool above.
For fast global deliveries, get in touch with our experts to get an air freight quote and book a variety of shipping services, serving everything from a single shipment to an entire truck or charter flight.