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Are you a business owner or a manufacturing entrepreneur planning on transporting goods abroad? Are you looking for the best prices for exporting goods outside the EU? Eurosender works together with both global known companies such as GLS, DHL, and DPD, as well as with local country-specific courier service providers such as BRT and SEUR.
Together we are able to export parcels, pallets and much more, outside the EU, connecting students, business owners and individuals to the entire world. With our signature door-to-door service, you can now ship your parcel from Sweden to Japan, ship a pallet from Colombia to Serbia or ship skis from the Netherlands to Canada. In this article, we will guide you through the shipping process for the worldwide transport of goods and we’ll talk about worldwide parcel delivery services.

Whether you are interested in overseas exporting, exporting outside the EU or worldwide, Eurosender is a modern digital platform that combines advanced automation capabilities, empowering companies to create their own digital logistics department and increase their performance. Now, companies can delegate their logistics operations with known solutions. Integrate your logistics with us and start exporting goods abroad right away!


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The Eurosender overseas exporting process

If you are already familiar with our booking process then things will be simple, because, in fact, nothing has changed. You can still book a delivery service in a few clicks. The procedure for transporting goods abroad is not much different than shipping packages. But as always, we recommend you check the dimensions of your parcel or pallet first to see which worldwide parcel delivery service will suit you the best:


Check your parcel's dimensions

Book worldwide transport of goods, parcels, and pallets with Eurosender

Choose the pick-up and delivery countries, the number of packages and their weight.

You will be provided with the best available offer.

Fill in the form with your details and pay for the service.

Get informed on how to pack your items for shipping.

Need more information on exporting goods outside the EU? Want to find the best way of transporting goods abroad? Contact our logistics experts.

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A few things to tick off before booking the worldwide transport of your goods:
  • If your package is very big or too heavy for standard shipping, contact us and our team of experts will prepare an individual offer for you.
  • Check also whether you will need to print and add a label to the package yourself. Eurosender will let you know whether you need to attach a label or not.
  • If you are planning to leave the pick-up or delivery address (because you might be moving), make sure to place the order a few days in advance. Make sure someone will be present at the address in the given time frame for collection.

Do you have special needs for transporting goods abroad and want to receive an individual offer?

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Exporting goods outside the EU: customs and regulations

Customs, or the customs duty office, is a national body of the local government whose tasks consist of preventing illegal and prohibited items entering the country. They also determine the amount of duties to be paid when importing goods that are subjected to taxation under the local law. Before transporting goods abroad, shippers must consider the type of goods they are shipping and the quantity. This way you can calculate an approximated fee and make enough time for the paperwork and procedures when exporting goods abroad.

For the customs clearance procedure, the most important document is the original invoice of the to be sent goods! It will be the customs duty officer handling your case that will determine the amount of import taxes to be paid. This will be based on the information that is provided by you (invoice, declaration of the content of the parcel, …), the tax regulations that are set in the receiving country and the actual value of the goods.

Example: Shipping shoes from Portugal to Brazil

Imagine you want to ship a pair of shoes to Brazil. The bill or invoice says they are worth 45€. They have been worn out a bit and you declare their value 20€. The customs officer thinks this is an underestimation and might ask you to justify the value. If the officer does not support your claim, they might value the shoes at their original value, and you’ll have to pay taxes on the full amount.

Please note that it is not Eurosender who values your items, nor has Eurosender any say in this process. Only the official at the customs office decides on the value of the goods and the value of duties to be paid. At this moment the parcel can only be delivered if the duties are paid.

In any case, Eurosender will help you with any question regarding the worldwide transport of goods. We do not, however, fill out the customs form for you. If you have any questions regarding customs at this moment, then please visit our page on customs clearance. Or contact us for more information.

Customs clearance

Eurosender worldwide parcel delivery services: transporting goods abroad with Eurosender

For overseas exporting outside the EU, you will go through the following steps:

  1. Book your shipment with Eurosender and declare what you are shipping.
  2. Eurosender will send you the required paperwork.
  3. Eurosender will contact the courier company and a dedicated courier picks up the parcel at your door.
  4. The courier will get it to customs where an officer determines the value. He will contact the receiver and tell how much he or she has to pay.
  5. As soon as the customs duties office receives the payment, a courier will have the parcel delivered to the destination.

Note: if you wish to pay the customs duties yourself, please state this clearly during the booking process.

We also offer our customers additional services such as a track and trace tool, insurances or dedicated business services.

Track and trace tool for the worldwide transport of goods

Thanks to the current technology, anyone who books a worldwide parcel delivery service on the Eurosender platform will be able to use international parcel tracking tools online. Most of the courier companies we cooperate with offer online parcel tracking.

Insurances when exporting goods outside the EU

We understand how valuable some items can be for our customers and we want to make sure that they avoid any risk of losses. Therefore, at Eurosender, in order to guarantee the safety of every package shipped through our platform, we offer free basic shipping insurance of up to 200€ on our standard shipping service. And additional insurances up to 2000€ for global routes and 5000€ for European routes.

Overseas exporting for businesses

Are you transporting goods abroad as a business? We can offer alternative relations for SME’s and corporations who do not want to be constrained by a contract with the courier company, but rather have the freedom to ship different volumes, whenever they need, at the same low price. We make offers tailored to bigger loads and bulky goods as well. Read more on our dedicated business page!

Exporting outside the EU: F.A.Q.

Do I need to add other documents for exporting goods abroad?

Upon request, you might have to be able to show documents like a declaration of authenticity, insurance papers or a list of content. But in general, the only document you need is the invoice! If you wish to learn more about the different documents, make sure to read the page on required documents for shipping. We recommend you contact the customs agents and the trade authorities in both countries if you are planning on transporting goods abroad as a business or in a regular basis.

Eurosender help me with overseas exporting?

Our agents can help you with your questions about packaging, shipping, pallet shipments and much more! Our logistics specialists can help you find the most relevant information about customs duties. We will, however, not help you fill out any documents.

What if I don’t find my invoice?

If you are not sure on what to ship and what not to ship, then perhaps take a look at our dedicated article on this subject! If you think the goods you want to transport may be subjected to import fees, please contact the trade authorities and customs agents. Your parcel may be detained in the border and not given back to you.

What if the receiver refuses to pay the customs duties?

Your parcel can’t be delivered unless the duties are paid. Eurosender can arrange with the courier company to return the package, but charges will apply.

What can and can’t I ship?

If you are not sure on what to ship and what not to ship, then perhaps take a look at our dedicated article on this subject!

Do you have any other questions regarding Eurosender’s worldwide parcel delivery service? Or do you want to know more about the possibilities for exporting goods outside the EU? Do not hesitate to contact one of our agents, they will work with you so that transporting goods abroad is as simple an effective as possible.

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