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Reliable international car transport services to Italy

Take advantage of our experience in the logistics industry to organise the transport of your car to Italy. We offer door-to-door international car shipping services to send a car to and from Italy with the best vehicle hauliers. Send us your requirement to get a personalised quote: our experts will arrange a tailored transportation service to send your vehicle to Italy.
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Why choose our international car shipping services to Italy

Personalised car transport service
Door-to-door vehicle transportation
Reputable Italian and international car hauliers

Car transport services by road in Italy

Depending on the number of cars you have to ship to Italy and the type of vehicle, you can choose between different car transport options. Send us your requirements and our experts will organise the car transport option to Italy that best meets your needs.

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Car transport in Italy with the best hauliers

With years of experience in the logistics industry, we organise international car shipping services to and from Italy, always finding the best solution for your company needs.
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Enclosed car transport service to Italy

The enclosed car transport is the best solution to transport from Italy a new Ferrari, Lamborghini or other types of sport and expensive car. Your vehicle will be protected from any damage or weathering during transport. Thanks to our vast network of reliable car hauliers in Italy and Europe, you can organise safe enclosed vehicle transport to send a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Abarth or other types of cars from Italy.


How to prepare a car for safe and smooth transport in Italy

Make sure to follow our checklist when organising your car transport to or from Italy.

Wash the car and remove all personal belongings

Condition check
Check the fuel and fluid levels and the conditions of the engine

Prepare all the documents required

Take photographs of the vehicle before the transport as proof

Things to know to import a car to Italy

When you book a vehicle transport service on our platform to import a car to Italy, our logistics experts will take care of all transporting details, besides the documentation. Keep in mind that it is the shipper’s responsibility to provide all documents to import and register the car in Italy.

Check the legislation and prepare the required documents
To import a car to Italy, you will need to present documents such as proof of ownership, vehicle registration certificate, EU conformity certificate and proof of insurance.
Pay taxes and VAT
You may be required to pay import duties and VAT when importing new or used cars to Italy. The taxes will be calculated based on the car conditions and the country of origin.
Register the vehicle
After importing a car to Italy, you will be required to register the vehicle to the provincial vehicle registration office, providing all the documents needed.


Additional shipping service when shipping a car to Italy

When moving to Italy with your car, you may need to send other items or personal belongings, especially if you are relocating.
Our platform will help you find the best solution for your specific shipping needs.

How to book an international car shipping service to Italy

If you wonder how much does it cost to ship a car to Italy, all you need to do is send the following information to our logistics experts using the contact button below. You will receive a personalised quote for a car transport service to Italy via e-mail.

  • Pick-up and delivery addresses
  • Make, model and year of the vehicle
  • Type of transport required
  • Other specific requirements or requests

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FAQs about car transport services in Italy

How much does it cost to ship a car to Italy?
The cost to ship a car to Italy depends on several factors, including the distance and model of the car. Shipping a car to Italy requires a dedicated solution, so the transportation costs are different per shipment. To know how much will it cost to ship your car to Italy, you can send all the required data, and our logistics experts will prepare a personalised quote in the shortest time possible.
Can I import a used car to Italy?
Yes, it is possible to import a used car to Italy if you follow the requirements and the national regulation. Check the section above to discover what are the required documents when importing a new or used car to Italy and do not forget to also check the local legislation. We will take care of all the transportation details with the logistics company to help you import your used car to Italy.
Can I ship a car from UK to Italy and how much does it cost?
Yes, it is possible to ship a car from the UK to Italy, even after Brexit. Our logistics experts will arrange a dedicated and personalised car transport service to Italy following your requirements. To know how much does it cost to ship a car from the UK to Italy, please send us all the data about the car and the route, and you will receive a quote via e-mail.
Do I have transport insurance when shipping a car to Italy?
Yes, when you book a car transport service to Italy on our platform, your shipment will be insured following your requests and needs. For better protection of your vehicle, you can opt for an enclosed transport service. Check with our logistics experts what are the available insurance options for your car transport to Italy.
Can I send a car in Italy with other objects inside?
It is possible to send your car to Italy with a suitcase or other objects inside the vehicle, even though logistics companies do not recommend that. We always recommend clearing the inside of the car from all personal objects that can damage the seats or the car during transport. If you intend to send your car to Italy with any object inside, please inform us during the order process.