Motorcycle, electric scooter and moped transport to Europe or any other part of the world

Are you a traveller willing to take your favourite machine on that ideal holiday? Or a motorbike buyer or reseller looking for a safe and cost-effective solution for international motorcycle or moped transport to Europe or any other part of the world? You have found it! Ship a motorcycle, an electric scooter or a moped overseas with Eurosender without stress and hidden costs! Full range of logistics services in one platform.

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At Eurosender, we know exactly what motorbike sellers and importers need: security, reliability, fast and flawless delivery process. Join thousands of satisfied companies that have chosen Eurosender as their permanent shipping platform. Save time and money when booking your shipments with Eurosender


Eurosender services you can use for shipping a motorcycle, an electric scooter or moped

At Eurosender, we know exactly what logistics services suit your needs.

Freight service

Ideal for shipping motorbikes or scooters on pallets
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Express delivery

Urgent delivery of parts and accessories
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Van service

Reserve a van to fit more than a motorcycle inside
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Individual offer

Request a custom-made offer for a special requirement
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How to pack a motorbike for shipping?

  1. Secure and fasten the wheels;
  2. Use several soft straps to mount your motorcycle;
  3. Protect all the accessories by bubble wrap and put them in a cardboard box;
  4. Mount your motorbike on a pallet or inside a wooden crate;
  5. Make sure your motorcycle will not move during shipping.

How to pack and ship an electric scooter by courier?

  1. Fold the scooter according to the manufacturer’s instructions and secure with clip;
  2. Use cable-ties if needed for additional security;
  3. Use the original box, if possible;
  4. Wrap the scooter with bubble-wrap for additional protection;
  5. Place inside a strong cardboard box, fill any extra space and seal.

Can I ship electric scooters and mopeds containing lithium batteries by air?

Most electric scooters are powered by lithium batteries which pose dangers when shipping by air.
If you decide to ship an electric scooter containing lithium batteries by air, you should make sure the batteries travel inside the scooter and comply with the following requirements:

Single-cell batteries:
No more than 2 cells, ≤ 20Wh

Multi-cell batteries:
No more than 4 cells, ≤ 100Wh

Lithium batteries exceeding the above specifications cannot be transported by air but can be carried by road or travel by sea.

For items shipped outside the EU or between two non-member states, a customs declaration will be required. Do not try to lower the value of imported goods, otherwise, the package may be seized by customs officers.

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FAQs about shipping a motorcycle, a scooter or a moped

What is the cheapest way to ship a motorcycle?

Motorcycle delivery quotes mainly depend on the courier and the distance. For your convenience, our smart algorithm will pick the most affordable shipping option for your specific moto model in just a few clicks.

Is there any insurance for sending a motorcycle or a scooter abroad?

With Eurosender, all your risks will be covered. The amount of standard insurance depends on the type of transportation service selected for shipping a motorcycle, a moped or a scooter internationally. You may also choose an additional insurance formula with higher coverage. Make sure to keep the original invoice as the proof of your motorbike’s value.

What precautions should I take before shipping a used motorcycle?

If the motorcycle you are sending abroad is not new, make a record of any mechanical issues and photograph all existing damages before shipping. We recommend taking date-stamped pictures of every part of your motorcycle. Then proceed with packaging.

What is the best way to ship a motorcycle bought on eBay internationally?

At Eurosender, we recommend opting for a reliable door-to-door transportation service offered by one of the trusted international logistics providers specialized in freight. Choose the most suitable transportation method from the list provided above and book your shipping with us to send a motorcycle abroad with complete peace of mind.