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Motorcycle transport in Europe and internationally

Book the transport of your motorcycles, scooter and moped bikes with the most trusted shipping companies in Europe. Find out the best solutions to ship your motorbike within the country, in Europe or overseas. Get a tailored quote for your international motorbike shipping needs and benefit from our low-cost insured motorcycle transport services.

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Why choose Eurosender motorcycle transport services?

Cost-effective solutions for shipping a motorcycle

Arrange the pick-up as soon as possible

Reliable motorbike transport by trusted European carriers

Options of motorcycle transport services by road

Due to its nature and size, a motorcycle is easy to transport using different hauling options. Depending on the number of motorcycles or scooters you wish to ship and on the distance within Europe, you may choose from different motorbike shipping solutions.

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Motorcycle transport
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Enclosed motorcycle transport services in Europe

An enclosed transport service is the best and safest option to transport a motorbike or scooter in Europe. It is an ideal way to protect new motorcycles from weather or damage that may be caused by other objects in transit. A van will be entirely dedicated to your shipment, to offer maximum protection and fast delivery. Our reliable logistics partner will assure safe and fast enclosed motorbike transport to any destination in Europe.

Reliable motorcycle shipping solutions trusted by international dealers

With years of experience in the logistics industry, we organise international car shipping services with the best option for your company.

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When to use our international scooter and motorcycle transport services?

When relocating to another city or country
When buying or selling a motorcycle or a scooter
When sending the motorbike to a specialised repair shop
When travelling for your holidays on the road
When attending competitions or rallies
If the motorcycle has broken down and you need a hauling service


How to prepare and protect your motorcycle for international transport

We recommend going through the following checklist when you book your international motorcycle transport service.

  • Clearing: Clean the motorcycle and remove all the accessories or personal belongings
  • Condition check: Check the conditions of the motorcycle and the engine
  • Documentation: Prepare all the documents required for the transport and the customs
  • Proof: Take some photographs of the motorcycle to prove its conditions before the transport

How to book a motorcycle shipping service in Europe?

If you need to send your motorcycle overseas or within the country, it’s important to get the right hauling or transport solution. Thanks to our innovative platform, you can access and book a range of motorbike transport services in Europe in just a few clicks and get an instant price just by selecting your route.

Book a pallet or an enclosed van to transport your motorcycle

The cheapest option is to ship your motorbike on a pallet while the option with the fastest transit time is Van Delivery. Select the option that best fits your needs on our booking tool to get an immediate quote. We work with only trusted and reliable hauling companies to offer the best motorcycle transport services at the lowest quotes.
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FAQ about shipping a motorcycle in Europe or internationally

How much does it cost to ship a motorcycle to Europe?
The cost of a motorbike transport service is influenced by the distance and the shipping service selected. If you need to send your motorcycle, scooter or moped in Europe or overseas, you can get immediate prices on our platform, just by choosing your route and selecting the desired motorcycle transport service. When sending a motorbike overseas, you can opt for different types of road freight. Alternatively, if there is no instant quote available for the motorcycle transport service you require, send your shipping details to our logistics experts and receive a personalised quote in only a few hours.
What is the cheapest way to ship a motorcycle internationally?
Normally the cheapest way to haul a motorcycle is by booking a pallet delivery service as in this case the motorbike will be transported in Europe in a truck or container shared with other customer shipments. Depending on the route, you may also want to consider booking a van dedicated solely to your motorcycle transport service. Both options are available on our booking tool allowing you to compare the prices for different motorcycle shipping services in just a few clicks. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our experts to get a personalised quote for other types of motorcycle transport and delivery services.
Is there any insurance for shipping a motorcycle or a scooter overseas?
Yes, when shipping a motorcycle, a moped or a scooter in Europe or overseas with Eurosender, the transport of your motorbike already includes basic insurance. For higher protection, we also offer additional coverage options for very low fees. Always make sure that when shipping something so expensive as a motorcycle, you take full note of the status of your motorbike before sending it overseas as well as documenting any specific details in pictures.
What is the best way to ship a motorcycle in Europe?
The best option for safe and fast motorcycle transport in Europe is to use the Van Service. The entire van will be dedicated to your transport, without stops along the way. If you don’t know which is the most suitable transport option to ship your motorcycle, you can get in touch with our logistics experts and they will be more than happy to answer any of your questions about safe and fast motorbike shipping in Europe.
How long does it take to send a motorcycle overseas?
The delivery time for domestic or international motorcycle transport in Europe depends on the route and on the type of hauling service selected. When shipping a motorbike on a pallet across Europe, the delivery may take up to approximately 5-7 business days. If you need an urgent motorcycle, scooter or moped delivery we can organise a direct transport by van with no intermediate stops. If you want to have an estimated time for your motorcycle transport in Europe or overseas, you can use our online tool.
Can I ship electric scooters and mopeds containing lithium batteries by air?
Most electric scooters are powered by lithium batteries which may pose danger when shipping by air freight. If you decide to ship an electric scooter containing lithium batteries by air, you should make sure the batteries travel inside the scooter and follow the requirements specified by the courier company. If you need to transport your electric scooter in Europe you can book a pallet delivery or our Van service and have an entire van dedicated to your transport, without packing requirements or limitations.
How do I pack an electric scooter for shipping?
If you are planning to send an electric scooter by courier, make sure to protect it properly first. Follow the steps below to ensure a safe delivery:
  1. Fold the scooter according to the manufacturer’s instructions and secure it with a clip;
  2. Use cable-ties if needed for additional security;
  3. Use the original box, if possible;
  4. Wrap the scooter with bubble wrap for additional protection;
  5. Place inside a strong cardboard box, fill any extra space and seal the box.