How to pack and ship wheels and tires | For businesses and individuals

Having trouble finding a courier to ship wheels and tires to your customers? Book the shipping service through our engine and our algorithm will match you with the best courier provider and lowest shipping cost for your needs. Our experts will assist you through the whole process, including giving you tips on how to pack your car wheels and tires for safe transit.

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Ship wheels and tires internationally to your customers

Think global and grow your business. Choose Eurosender as your trusted logistics provider and organise affordable and reliable shipments of tires, wheels and rims directly to your clients’ door, wherever they are. We are a one-stop platform that gathers all transportation capabilities in one place, from delivery of small items to freight shipments.


How to ship wheels and tires | The right delivery service for your product

At Eurosender, we offer the best shipping alternatives for sending wheels and tires internationally:

Standard shipping

Simple & affordable solution for sending luggage or boxes
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Pallet shipping

Ideal for transporting bulky and heavy loads
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Individual offer

Logistics solution fully adapted to your needs
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Van Service

A dedicated van for transport within Europe
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What to bear in mind before shipping wheels and tires by courier

When booking shipping services for sending wheels and tires, follow these tips and ensure a smooth delivery:

  • Check the dimensions and weight of your parcels and insert them in the size tool to determine the best service for you and the cost to ship your wheels and tires.
  • When shipping your tires by air, they need to be deflated or have the pressure valve opened. When shipping wheels by road, they will be better protected if sent together with the tires with the air pressure at 10psi.
  • Verify if you need to print and attach the shipping label to your parcel. We will send this information by e-mail once the service is confirmed.
  • When transporting car wheels and tires, make sure someone will be present at the pick-up and delivery addresses. You can also estimate the delivery time using our online tool.

How to pack car wheels and tires for shipping

The following steps can be used to pack any type of wheels and tires: for cars, trucks, bikes, etc.:

  • Make sure your wheels are clean and dry before you start packing them for shipping.
  • Place a sheet of foam 2 cm larger than the wheel on each face, fold the excess and tape it to the wheel to avoid scratches.
  • If you are shipping wheels separated from the tires, wrap each wheel with a sturdy bubble wrap and secure it with tape.
  • Make cardboard protection in the same way as you did with the foam on step 2 and wrap everything in protective plastic film.
  • Cushion a box with Styrofoam and place the car part in it. Fill the empty spaces with cushioning materials.
  • Make sure items are immovable inside, close and seal the box. Reinforce the seams and edges with several layers of tape.
  • You can label the box with a sign saying “Heavy” to let the courier know one person may not easily lift it.

Your car parts are insured!

We never compromise when it comes to safety. Every shipment is covered by insurance whose value depends on the chosen service. For extra protection, you can purchase additional insurance at low rates during the ordering process. We recommend you to keep the invoice of the items you are shipping to serve as a proof of value.


Van delivery service
Price from only 0.48 EUR/km
Direct and fast delivery, same day pick-up possible
Safest mode of transport for packed or unpacked items

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Check the shipping costs for sending your wheels and tires

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We have helped many customers when shipping car wheels – Here’s why
Here are some of the reasons why our customers booked car wheels and tires shipping services with us:
  • Shipping service for car shops. We have many clients who are regular automotive car sellers that transport their car wheels, tires and rims with us.
  • Selling your used wheels online. With Eurosender, shipping used car wheels and tires to your customers is easy and stress-free.
  • Buying car wheels from sellers abroad. Your car deserves the best products. Even if your reseller is halfway around the world, we can send your wheels to you.


FAQ – Pack and ship wheels and tires by courier

What is the best service for sending a large number of wheels and tires abroad?

Car wheels and tires are big and heavy items. When shipping big quantities of these items altogether, the best shipping alternative will be a freight shipment. Pallet delivery is the shipping solution with the best cost-efficiency ratio for such bulky items since you can use one single pallet to ship multiple wheels and tires together.

How can I know if my wheels and tires will be transported by air or road?

As a rule of thumb, whenever the destinations are connected by land, the items will be transported by road, except for urgent deliveries that might involve air transport. Intercontinental shipments are usually organised by air freight (although other methods can be arranged upon request). If you are not sure what transport method will be used when shipping your car wheels and tires, send us a message and our experts will be glad to help. Please make sure you deflate your tires before packing them when shipping by air freight.

Where can I get the right packaging materials for packing my wheels for shipping?
All mentioned packaging materials can be found in stationary or hardware stores. For packing wheels in boxes, you can use new or used cardboard boxes as long as they are in a good state. Please consider the weight of the items when selecting your packaging materials to ensure your wheels are well protected. The cardboard box needs to be sturdy, and all materials should be able to withstand heavy items.
Is it possible to ship other car parts together with the wheels and tires?
You can ship all your items if they can be packed altogether in a box or pallet that fit the dimensions limit. For recommendations on how to pack and ship other car parts, please read our dedicated article.