How to pack and ship wheels and tires

Selling or buying car wheels and tires online is very common these days. An important part of this endeavor is to find the right courier company to handle the wheels shipping process. And of course to minimize the wheels shipping costs. That is when Eurosender might come in handy since we only cooperate with renowned logistics service providers who know how to ship such heavy and oddly shaped items safely. Besides this, you should also keep in mind that the best way to ensure safe transit of your car wheels and tires is to ensure proper packaging. Follow our simple guidelines and learn how to pack car wheels and tires for shipping.

How to place an order for wheels shipping services?

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Your only task is to pack your shipment correctly and book the service on our website. We will take care of everything else and organize the delivery with the selected courier service provider. If you are planning to send a large number of car wheels or car tires with big dimensions, we can provide you with a tailored offer based on your specifications.

Any shipment booked through Eurosender is automatically insured for the amount up to 200€. However, we always recommend purchasing additional insurance for expensive items. Additional insurance of up to 1000€, 2000€ and 5000€ can be added at a very low extra price.

In case you have any remaining questions about car tires and wheels shipping, you can contact our customer support team and our specialists will be more than happy to assist you.

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Here are some tips before booking shipping services with Eurosender

Taking all the right steps during the booking process and protecting your shipment is crucial in ensuring a successful delivery of any package. To make sure you know all the basics even before booking the wheels shipping service, we have gathered the most important bits of info on booking:

  • First, check that the dimensions and weight of your parcels as the final cost to ship your wheels and tires will depend on these two parameters. At Eurosender, we have provided a convenient Shipment Size Checker to help you choose the right type of shipping service.
  • If the pick-up country of your choice is Poland, Sweden or Spain or if you have opted for “First possible pick-up time” service when reserving the service, you will have to print the label and affix it to your parcel yourself. In other cases, the courier will do this for you.
  • If you cannot be present at the pick-up address or if you plan to leave the delivery location in the near future, make sure you place the order at least 2 days before your departure to avoid any complications.

Check if your package is suitable to ship

Car wheels and tires packaging materials

Car wheels and tires are easy to pack if you follow our simple guidelines. Remember that they are quite heavy, so it is important to use a strong tire shipping box and protect your wheels with sufficient packaging materials.

The main materials you will need for wheels shipping are the following:

1. Dusting Cloth – to clean any dirt or wax from the tires and wheels.

2. Cardboard boxes – big enough to fit the tires and wheels inside, but not a lot bigger than needed can be found in any stationery or hardware store or you can get used ones in supermarkets. Make sure that tire shipping boxes are sturdy enough to endure the loading and offloading during the journey to the final destination.

3. Cardboard – for protection against scratching, for example, old cardboard boxes, opened and torn.

4. Foam wrap – for extra protection.

5. Bubble wrap (preferably suitable for heavier items) – to protect the wheel from the impact.

6. Packing peanuts – for internal cushioning of the cardboard boxes and filling the space between the item and the box. You can buy them at hardware stores.

7. Polystyrene sheets – for additional internal cushioning. They can be bought at various hardware stores.

8. Protective plastic foil – to put an extra layer of protection.

9. Packaging adhesive tape – for sealing the box.

10. Scissors – to cut the material.

We have prepared an exhaustive list of the main hardware stores in Europe to get some suggestions for your country.

How to pack car wheels for shipping

Properly packing car parts before shipping is of great importance. Tires are quite sturdy by nature but wheels, however, do require extra protection, as they are easily scratched (especially if painted). Inappropriate packaging could also cause dents on the outer part of the wheel.

Follow these steps to pack your wheels and ensure safe transit:

1. Clean your wheels. You can use an old t-shirt or buy dusting clothes in the supermarket to clean dirt, dust, wax in order the adhesive tape to adhere more easily. You can also use some car wash product and dry wheels before packing.

2. Place a sheet of foam on the face of the wheel. It should be 2 centimetres bigger in diameter than the wheel, enough to cover the wheel and the outer edge of the wheel. Fold the excess in and tape it to the wheel so it doesn’t move around. This step is to avoid any scratches.

3. Cushion the wheel with bubble wrap. Wrap each wheel very tightly and secure it with tape. The bubble wrap material must be suitable for heavier items. It should be sturdy enough to endure impact. If you are planning on sending your wheel together with the tire, you can skip this step. The tire will give a little more cushioning to your shipment.

Wheels are better protected when sent together with tires, as tires work as a shield to possible impacts. In this case, it is important not to deflate the tire completely: the air should be maintained at 10 psi.

4. Cut some cardboard in a circular shape to cover the wheels. It should be about 2 to 3 centimeters longer in diameter than the wheel. Place them on both sides of the wheel and secure them with tape.

5. Wrap the whole wheel in a protective plastic film. The thicker the material the better.

6. Put the car part in the box. Place a sheet of styrofoam on the bottom of the box for extra protection. Place your wheel in the box.

7. Fill empty spaces with an appropriate filler. Make sure that wheels can’t move inside the box. Use anti-static packing peanuts, cardboard and foam wrap to avoid any extra damage of your shipment.

8. Place another sheet of styrofoam on top of the wheel. And close the box.

9. Seal and label the box (if needed). Use packaging adhesive tape to seal the box. Be generous and seal all sides of the box. Apply at least three strips of tape evenly and cover all flaps and seams on the top and the bottom. Use strapping for the heavier boxes. You can label the box with a sign saying “Heavy” to let the courier know it may not be easily lifted by one person. However, note that such a warning cannot guarantee that the package will be treated as such and should not substitute adequate packaging. Print the label if needed and attach it to the flat surface.

We strongly recommend you to keep the invoice for the items you want to ship. This serves as a proof of the item’s value and is therefore required by the courier company if you start a claim procedure following your shipping.

If you are shipping other car parts, we recommend checking our dedicated page on how to pack and ship car parts.


The reasons for car wheels shipping

There are a few situations when you would need to transport car wheels and tires using a logistics company. Here are some of the reasons why our customers booked car wheels and tires shipping services:

  • Selling your wheels. Many of our customers are regular automotive car sellers who benefit from our competitive prices.
  • Making profit out of an old car. A lot of people choose to sell individual parts of their old car online. In this case, shipping car wheels directly to the purchaser has been the best choice.
  • Buying car wheels from sellers abroad – Certain types of car parts can be found in dedicated stores abroad and the buyer has to organize the delivery himself. In such cases, Eurosender can help the buyer find the best shipping service according to their standards.


If you have any questions left concerning how to pack and ship wheels and tires by courier, feel free to contact our experienced customer support team. Our logistics specialists will be happy to assist you at any stage of the shippingprocess.

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