Pack and Ship Car Parts Internationally

How to ship car parts

Are you a seller specialised in automotive parts? Or a car repair expert who has found the necessary components for your client in another city or abroad? Then you need a trusted logistics provider to ensure safe delivery. At Eurosender, we know the best way to ship car parts. We have cost-effective solutions for all sizes and shapes. Our shipping platform is exactly what you have been looking for. Explore it!

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Eurosender services you can use for sending car parts internationally

At Eurosender, we know exactly what logistics services suit your needs.

Standard shipping service

The most cost-effective service for shipping car parts fitting within certain size limits
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Individual offer

We provide custom-made shipping offers to accommodate all your demands. Get an offer in less than 2 hours
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Pallet delivery

Optimal price/quality ratio for shipping bulky and heavy items to customers or resellers locally and internationally
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Van Delivery

Have an entire vehicle reserved solely to you, ideal for relocations or moving bulky items – available in Europe
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How to pack car parts for shipping?

Follow these simple steps to pack tires, rims, exhaust pipes, as well as other car parts properly for shipping:

  1. Disassemble car components (if applicable).
  2. Make sure to empty any lubricants or liquids within the tanks to prevent leaks.
  3. Use corrugated cardboard around sharp edges of metal items, such as rims.
  4. Use bubble wrap to pack different auto parts separately.
  5. Put small items in plastic pouches.
  1. Secure with an appropriate filler. Use anti-static packing peanuts and foam wrap to avoid any extra damage.
  2. Put the car part in the box.
  3. Seal the box.
  4. You can add a warning label saying “Fragile” or “Handle with care”.


Van delivery service
Price from only 0.48 EUR/km
Direct and fast delivery, same day pick-up possible
Safest mode of transport for packed or unpacked items

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FAQs on shipping auto parts overseas and across the country

How much does it cost to send car parts internationally by courier?

To get exact quotes for shipping auto parts overseas and across the country, you need to choose the appropriate transportation method, depending on the size and weight of car components, as well as the pick-up and the destination addresses. Our smart algorithm will show the price along with the optimal way to ship specific car parts in just a few clicks.

What is the best way to ship large car parts overseas?

At Eurosender, we recommend two options: request an individual offer or book freight transport service through our platform. In both cases, large and heavy automotive parts will be securely delivered to their destination points at the most advantageous price.

How to ship an engine overseas?

Engine blocks and their spare elements are usually sent either on pallets or in wooden crates. Such vehicle parts must be thoroughly cleaned to nullify hazardous residues before shipping. Thus, they can travel as ordinary heavy packages and not as dangerous goods.

Is there any insurance for shipping car parts internationally?

With Eurosender, all your risks will be covered. The amount of standard insurance depends on the type of transportation service selected for sending car parts internationally. You may also choose an additional insurance formula with higher coverage. Make sure to keep the original invoices as the proof of your items’ value.

Will I have to pay taxes when shipping car parts to the UK?

VAT and import duties are charged on all items imported to the UK from abroad. If the shop you order from does not include these spends in the product and shipping costs, the buyer is obliged to pay the taxes. Read more about post-Brexit import duties and VAT charges on our dedicated page.