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After becoming the leading booking platform for door-to-door courier service in Europe, and after optimizing our services for package and pallet deliveries, now we are delighted to announce that we are launching our new service: Eurosender’s Removals and relocations.

After piloting the project for a few months, prospecting the market and gathering feedback, we decided that it’s time to give people integrated services. We decided to add relocation to our spectrum of offerings.

We found that there are not enough options for removal services. The existing ones are not affordable. Since people are constantly on the move, corporations relocate their staff to other countries, temporarily or permanently. We feel that this is a critical service for companies to include in the relocation packages of their employees.

removals and relocations

We are thrilled that we can now have a positive impact on people’s transition to a new home or to a new country. We would like to make things easier for you. Whether it is because of your job, school or exchange program, relocations always come with headaches. There is also lots of trouble in planning.

At Eurosender, we want to do everything seamlessly for you. Thus, through our relocation services:

  • We give suggestions about where to find the proper packaging material;
  • We give advice on how to pack the items properly and prepare them for shipping;
  • We organize shipping of all the belongings and personal items together with the courier companies;
  • We try to decrease the time spent on comparing the prices of different shipping services. We automatically find the most affordable options for you in our algorithm;
  • We give people all the necessary details about their shipments. People can follow the transit of their packages from the moment they were collected until they reach the new place;
  • For those who need the items to be placed in the new place at a certain time, we go one step further. We could also provide access to storage services, for as many days as needed;
  • Continuous assistance for anything the customer might need.

We know how intricate and difficult relocation can be. Many of our team members at Eurosender have been in the situation. Our personal experiences have taught us enough to be able to put ourselves in the customers’ shoes and better understand their needs.

Our research was valuable to get a grasp of what is missing from the market at this moment. We will continue gathering information from each market. We believe that our services should be adjusted to every single person and there is no one size which fits all countries.

When it comes to removals and relocations, one of the biggest challenges is calculating international shipping costs. Here is where we come on stage and make things easier. We are experts at identifying the cheapest available options. We will give you a quote in the shortest time possible.

We’ve built our reputation as a trusted booking platform for courier services. We automatized the prices. This way, our customers won’t need to wait for a quote. We’ve seen a rapid increase in business customers who made Eurosender their choice for shipping services. We helped thousands of private customers move their packages around Europe. This year, the number exceeded 50.000 packages.

We know that moving can be quite stressful. Don’t worry! We got you covered during removals and relocations.

Learn more about our new service for International Removals and Relocations.

Last modified: June 11, 2019

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