Aegean Airlines is the largest Greek airline by a total number of destinations served and by fleet size. As a member of Star Alliance since 2010, it operates in 122 international destinations and 31 Greek airports. In October 2013, Aegean joined forces with Olympic Air, offering an even wider network of destinations in Greece and abroad.

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Aegean Airlines baggage allowance and fees in 2020

This guide answers many common questions concerning Aegean Airlines’ baggage allowance policy, with the goal to help travellers make the best decisions before organizing their trip.

No. of bags allowed per passengerMax. dimensionsMax. weightPrice
Personal item1Should fit the space underneath the front seatN/AFree
Carry-on bag1 or 2 (in case of a Business Class ticket holder)56 cm x 45cm x25cm – if you are a Business Class ticket holder, you are allowed to have a second carry-on bag up 45cm x 35cm x 25cm8 kg – if you are a Business Class ticket holder, you may have a second carry-on bag up to 5 kg (or you can take 1 hand luggage up to 13 kg)Free
Checked baggage0-3 (depending on your ticket selection and if you are a member of Miles+Bonus)158cm23-32 kg, depending on whether you travel Economy or BusinessFree
Excess baggageN/AN/A23-32 kg, depending on whether you travel Economy or Business16-40€ if you pay online in advance, 25-70€ if you pay in the airport, 40-60€ if you pay in the gate (N/A in Egypt and Saudi Arabia)

Aegean’s personal item allowance

Every passenger who travels with Aegean, whether Business or Economy class, is allowed to bring one personal item (e.g. a handbag, a backpack, a laptop bag etc.) in the cabin, free of charge. There are no specific details concerning the dimensions and the weight of these items, but they should fit underneath each passenger’s front seat.

Aegean’s carry-on bag allowance

Those who travel in Economy Class with Aegean Airlines can bring one carry-on bag up to 8 kg and with dimensions 56 cm x 45cm x 25cm. Those who travel in Business Class can choose between two options:

  • bring an 8 kg carry-on bag with the same dimensions that stand for Economy Class, plus a second carry-on bag up to 5 kg, with the following dimensions: 45cm x 35cm x 25cm
  • bring one 13 kg carry-on bag with Aegean’s standard dimensions for carry-on bags (56cm x 45cm x 25cm)

Aegean’s checked baggage allowance

There are 3 different types of tickets that enable you to travel with Aegean Airlines: Economy – Go light, Economy- Flex and Business.

The first option serves those who only want to travel with a carry-on bag (therefore, those who need to bring a bigger suitcase should contact the airliner or change their ticket into Flex). With Economy – Flex, and Business, passengers can bring 1-2 suitcases, free of charge.

Extra benefits:

  • Members of Miles+Bonus Gold & Star Alliance Gold are allowed to have 3 checked suitcases up to 32 kg (if they travel Business), 2 checked suitcases up to 23 kg (if they travel Economy: Flex) or 1 suitcase up to 23 kg (if they travel Economy: Go light).
  • It is worth mentioning that those who travel to or from Saudi Arabia or Iran can bring a suitcase up to 30 kg (if they travel Economy) or 2 suitcases up to 20 kg each (if they travel Business)
Economy: Go LightEconomy: FlexBusiness
No checked baggage1 checked suitcase: 23kg, 158cm2 checked suitcases: 32kg, 158cm

Aegean’s excess baggage fees

The fees for excess baggage when travelling with Aegean vary, depending on the selected dates and route of your trip.

For flights within Greece, these are the fees: 16€, if the passengers paid in advance for the suitcases online, 25€ if they pay at the airport and €40 if they end up paying at the Gate. During the high season (16/6 – 31/10, both included), passengers should pay 22€, 35€ or 40€, depending on whether they paid.

For international flights, the fees start from 25€ and can go up to 70€, depending on the flight’s duration, on whether the trip is taking place during the summer months and on whether the bags are prepaid or not.

Alternative to excess baggage fees

Carrying the excess baggage along the way or having to pay enormous fees for them at the airport is something that no traveller is eager about before a flight. Eurosender offers you an alternative solution, by helping you ship your items directly to your destination. Check the engine below and compare the prices before deciding whether you should carry your bags or ship them instead. The same applies in case you need to bring your sports equipment or musical instrument to your final destination.

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Additional items with Aegean

In case a passenger is travelling with a baby or a young child, he/she is allowed to bring along a few baby items.

  • Infants (0 – 2 years old) are entitled to 1 piece of cabin baggage up to 6kg with maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 23cm, to carry the food and care items necessary for the duration of their journey.
  • If the infant has his/her own seat, then an infant car seat (maximum dimensions of base 40cm x 40cm) or collapsible stroller or carrycot, is required. This must be carried on to the aircraft by the parents and incurs no extra charge.
  • Cabin baggage allowance for children (between 2 – 12 years) is the same as for adults and corresponds to the class of travel booked (Economy or Business Class).
  • If the child needs a special car seat (maximum dimensions of base 40cm x 40cm) in order to travel in his/her own seat, there is no additional charge.

Aegean’s sports equipment policy

The fees for the passengers who wish to travel with their sports equipment start at 35€ and can be up to 100€, depending on the type of the item. The airliner’s website offers a detailed section with all the types of sports equipment someone can bring, along with the fees.

It is worth mentioning that golf equipment has different prices, 20€ for domestic flights and 35€ for international ones. Every extra piece of equipment is charged for €50.

Bikes, fishing equipment, surfboards, skis, hiking equipment, skateboardsLongboats, rubber dinghy, horse riding equipment, windsurf equipment

Aegean’s musical instrument policy

Those who travel with Aegean can bring their musical instruments onboard, as long as they are kept in a case. In case the instruments enter the plane as checked baggage, then they fall into the “special baggage” category and the fees depend on their weight and size.

In case the passenger wants to bring a small musical instrument, such as a violin, in the cabin, then it will be recognized as carry-on luggage. Thus, it should not be over 8 kg and it should not exceed the following dimensions: 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm.

Small size - up to 15kg, 1.40m€35
Medium size - up to 15-32kg, 1.41-2m€55
Large size - up to 15-32kg, over 2m€80

Ship your items instead

Who wants to take their awkwardly shaped musical instruments or sports equipment on the plane? Many travellers opt for baggage shipping when having to take a lot of suitcases or special items to their destination. Eurosender enables you to ship your items to your destination for a very low price while making sure that they are being transported only by reliable logistics service providers. Request an offer and our team will provide you with a price.

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Aegean’s pet policy

Aegean Airlines offer the option of travelling with pets. The passenger should contact the Reservations Department about this request and should also make sure that the pets have a health book and an ID microchip.

Cats, dogs, and ferrets should be kept in a special case and accompany the passenger in the cabin. The case should not exceed 55 cm length x 40 cm height x 23 cm in width. In case the passenger does not have a case, they can request a disposable pet box.

If the dog or cat exceeds the 8 kg weight limit, it should only be carried in the cargo compartment of the aircraft, following the respective reservation procedure.

  • In domestic flights, the fee for small animals (up to 8 kg) is 20€, for medium animals (8-25 kg) is 40€ and for larger animals is €80.
  • In international flights, the fees are 50€, 95€ and 150€, respectively.

During the busy summer months (16/6 – 31/10, both included), there is an extra 10€ charge.

It is worth mentioning that trained service animals (seeing eye dogs trained to lead passengers with impaired vision, hearing aid dogs trained to lead passengers with impaired hearing, other service dogs trained to assist passengers with special needs) are carried free of charge, but the passenger must notify the company that his/her guide-dog will be accompanying them before proceeding to their booking.


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Airlines reserve the right to change policies at any times. Therefore, this information is subject to change and is based on data collected on Aegean website on 14/01/2020.