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HOP baggage allowance

HOP! is an airline brand offering daily flights to 50 French and European destinations. The following is a comprehensive guide through the company’s policies and fees regarding baggage.

Airlines carry-on luggage
HOP! carry-on baggage

Carry-on baggage, referred also to as hand luggage, is a piece of luggage that can be taken on board.

HOP! carry-on baggage allowance permits the passengers to take an item measuring up to 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm and weighing up to 12 kg (together with hand luggage) on board free of charge.

HOP! hand luggage

Hand luggage is a personal item, a handbag or a laptop that can be taken on board besides the cabin baggage free of charge.

A garment bag is also considered to be one carry–on item. Infants (younger than 2 years) are also entitled to one carry-on item each.

HOP! checked baggage fee

Checked baggage allowance permits one standard bag that will be put in the baggage hold.

It cannot be larger than 158 cm (length + width + height) or heavier than 23 kg.

Checked baggage fee depends on your fare class:

  • Promo or basic fare – checked baggage is not included
  • Youth, Senior Family, Basic plus, Smart or Flex fare – one checked bag is included in the price
  • Blue elite or Elite plus – two checked bags are included in the price
Additional baggage allowance can be purchased online for €15 for first additional bag and €45 for the second; the same can be purchased for €35 and €70 respectively at the airport

Airlines checked baggage
HOP! excess baggage

Excess baggage defines additional pieces of luggage a passenger can purchase or an increased weight limit of already purchased luggage. The transport of oversized or overweight baggage is subject to special conditions and client must contact the company no later than two days before the scheduled start.

HOP! policy provides separate fees for oversized and overweight baggage. The former applies to bags that are between 158 and 300 cm in size (length + width + height) and the latter to the bags that weigh between 23 and 32 kg. Both fees are due at the airport and depend on the itinerary and must be paid for at the airport.

Alternative to excess baggage fees

Shipping your luggage with Eurosender instead of carrying it with you might be a more affordable alternative. Check the total cost of shipping your luggage below. Our services are also suitable for shipping sports equipment or musical instruments.

Airlines sports equipment
HOP! sports equipment fee

HOP! baggage policy allows the passenger to take various types of sporting equipment on the flight, provided that they check-in the equipment at least two days before departure.

The following items can be taken on flight, but need to be packed properly:

HOP! musical instruments policy

If the dimensions of your instrument do not exceed 115 cm (height + length + width), it is considered a standard carry-on item included in your fare; that means you will be unable to carry on any other item;

If the dimensions of your instrument exceed 115 cm (height + length + width) you must obtain prior consent. Contact the company no later than 48 hours prior to your flight. Your instrument will then be placed on one or more additional seats, which you will have to pay for. The weight per seat must not exceed 46 kg.

Excess baggage shipping
Ship your items instead

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HOP! pet policy

The HOP! pet policy allows dogs or cats on board the plane, if they weigh less than 8 kg together with the container. Assistance dogs can travel on board without restrictions.
Pets must travel in an approved container, which dimensions cannot exceed 115 cm in (length + height + width).

One-way fare for pets is €30 for flights within continental France and €55 for other European destinations. It is due at the airport.

Alternative to airline baggage fees – Eurosender

Opting for a low-cost airline is a good option when travelling on a budget. However, the costs can significantly increase if you have many items that you want to take with you. The fees for extra baggage, for oversized or overweight baggage can add up quickly and turn a modestly priced flight into quite an expensive one.

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