Vueling Airlines is a Spanish low-cost airline offering flights to various destinations in Europe, Asia and Africa.

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Vueling baggage allowance in 2020

Here you will find everything you need to know about Vueling baggage policy and Vueling excess baggage fees.

No. of bags allowed per passengerMax. dimensionsMax. weightPrice
Personal item135cm x 20cm x 20cmContact the company for detailed informationFree
Cabin baggage155cm x 40cm x 20cm10kgFree
Checked baggage4Contact the company for detailed informationFrom 15 to 30 kgPrice depends on the route and ticket selected
Excess baggage-Contact the company for detailed information32kg per bag€12 per kilo at the airport

Vueling cabin baggage

Cabin baggage, often referred to as accompanied baggage, defines the piece of luggage that passengers can place in the compartment above their seats under the seat in front of them.

Vueling cabin baggage policy allows the passenger to carry one piece of hand luggage measuring up 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm and not weighing more than 10 kg on board. Please note that an overweight or oversized hand luggage item must pay a penalty fee of 50€.

Vueling hand luggage

Hand luggage marks an additional piece of baggage that can be taken on board for no additional charge and in addition to cabin baggage. Vueling hand luggage policy states that the passenger can also carry another smaller bag measuring up to 35 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm on board free of charge.

Vueling checked baggage

Vueling has a 4-level checked baggage policy based on the maximum weight allowed (15 kg – 20 kg. – 25 kg. – 30 kg.) and each passenger can transport maximum 1 piece of each level.

Some tickets have 1 piece of luggage included (i.e: Optima and Family include 1 piece up to 25 kg.); the prices for those who need to purchase an additional item are the following, depending on the destination

TypePrice online/customer servicePrice at the airport
15kg bag8-32€-
20kg bag10-37€-
25kg bag15-47€50€
30kg bag25-62€-

Vueling excess baggage

Excess baggage defines the additional pieces of luggage a passenger can purchase or an increased weight limit of already purchased luggage.

If the maximum allowance per bag is exceeded, the Vueling baggage policy states that the passenger will be charged the fee of €12 for each excess kilo per bag per flight. The weight limit for purchasing Vueling excess baggage is 32 kg per bag per flight.

Alternative to excess baggage fees

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Vueling sports equipment allowance

Vueling considers sports equipment as special baggage and, therefore, is subjected to different rules than regular checked baggage. While the maximum weight limit remains in 32 kg, the maximum height for these items rises to 2,7m. Only 1 item can be carried per passenger.

These are the items Vueling lists as permitted:

ItemDescriptionPrice online/customer servicePrice at the airport
Skiing equipmentOne pair of skis, poles and boots45€55€
Snowboard equipmentSnowboard and one pair of boots45€55€
Golf equipmentOne pair of shoes and a set of clubs45€55€
SurfboardsIt must be properly protected inside a case45€55€
BicyclesFolded and stored in a box or case45€55€
Windsurfing equipmentBoard, boom, luff, mast and sail45€55€
Kitesurf equipmentBoard and kite45€55€
Sporting weaponsWeapon and ammo must be in different containers. Passenger must go to the police station to have his/her licence verified.45€55€

Vueling musical instruments allowance

Vueling musical instruments allowance enables the passengers to take any instrument inside its case on a flight, following these restrictions:

  • Maximum 1 item per customer.
  • Maximum weight is 32 kg and maximum height is 2,7 m.
  • All instruments must be carried inside a case.
  • Prices vary from 45€ (booking in the web or Customer Services) to 55€ (at the airport) when transporting it in the cargo hold area; however, in some cases the passenger can purchase an extra seat to transport the musical instrument in the cabin.

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Vueling pet policy

Only some animals have a place in Vueling’s flights:

Animals allowedDogs, cats, birds (except birds of prey), fishes, turtles and tortoises
Animals NOT allowedRodents, rabbits, ferrets, farm animals, reptiles, animals of prey


The following charges apply for those animals allowed:

Domestic flights (within Spain excluding Canary Islands)40€
From/to Canary Islands and International flights50€

Vueling pet policy states that any passenger required the help of an assistance dog is allowed to take it on board at no additional charge.


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Airlines reserve the right to change policies at any times. Therefore, this information is subject to change and is based on data collected on Vueling website on 20/01/2020.