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Poste Italiane S.p.A. is the national postal service provider in Italy, offering logistics services in Italy and some international destinations. Find out all about Poste Italiane shipping rates, tracking system and delivery times. And, to make sure you get the best match and most cost-efficient solution for your shipping requirements, get an immediate quote on our tool and compare dozens of courier companies in an instant.

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Poste Italiane International shipping services, prices and delivery times

Poste Italiane offers shipping services in Italy and abroad. Their delivery times and shipping costs vary depending on the service you book. You can find some of the main Poste Italiane international shipping options below:

  • Poste Delivery Express – suitable for shipping parcels up to 30 kg, the delivery time is between 1-3 business days in most cities in Italy. Poste offers weekend deliveries for certain national routes, but not all cities are covered.
  • Poste Delivery International Standard – this service is suitable for shipping parcels up to 20 kg in Europe and worldwide. Delivery times in Europe may vary between 10 to 15 business days.
  • Poste Delivery Europe – service suitable for parcels up to 30 kg, with the delivery time estimated to 3 business days everywhere in Europe.

Poste Italiane international shipping prices: Poste International Standard
















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Poste Italiane working hours and parcel tracking

Poste Italiane Offices are open from 8:30 to 2 pm, or until 6 pm in bigger cities. Poste Italiane delivery time is between 9 AM and 8 PM, from Monday to Friday.

Currently, the Italian postal service offers some domestic weekend deliveries, with their International Express service. However, Poste Italiane only delivers on the weekend for certain routes. When booking shipping services on our platform, you can check the estimated delivery time on our dedicated tool or book the express service to make sure your shipment arrives in 24-72h worldwide.
For every package or parcel shipped with Poste Italiane, you will receive a unique tracking number. The Poste Italiane tracking number will allow you to monitor your package delivery by inserting it on their webpage.


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Frequently asked questions about Poste Italiane

Can I ship to the UK with Poste Italiane?
Poste Italiane offers deliveries in the European Union and abroad including the UK. Until 31st of December 2020 no customs fees or duties will be applicable to packages sent between the UK and EU countries. That means that parcels shipped from the EU to the UK will go through customs after the 31st of December and that customs duties, procedures, and charges will apply. If you need to ship cargo or are worried about shipping a package to the UK with Poste Italiane you can check on our website for different affordable shipping services to the UK and get support from logistics experts each step of the way.
What is Poste delivery international standard service?
Poste delivery international standard shipping is the most common service offered by Poste Italiane. This service is offered in Europe and in some additional countries to ship packages up to 20 kg. The delivery times vary between 10-15 days for European destinations and 10-25 days for the rest of the world. Poste Delivery International Standard includes also the possibility of shipping with payment on delivery, an attractive option to online stores and marketplaces. If you need to ship larger items or need to ship in bulk as an individual or a company, register on our page and have all your shipments in one single place.
Will I receive a Poste Italiane tracking number?
If you want to send a parcel through the Italian postal service, you should expect to receive a Poste Italiane tracking number shortly after placing the order. This number will allow you to follow your shipment step by step, be it in Italy or abroad. Simply insert the Poste Italiane tracking number provided by e-mail on in paper in their webpage.
I wasn’t home when the delivery attempt took place. What should I do?
Depending on the type of shipping service you picked, Poste Italiane will store your parcel in the closest depot, for a period between 3 to 15 working days. You can use your Poste Italiane tracking number to know where your package is stored.
Do the Poste Italiane shipping costs include insurance?
No, the Italian postal service shipping costs do not include insurance, although the Italian Postal service gives customers the chance to add insurance if they wish to do so for an extra fee. When booking shipping with Eurosender, basic insurance coverage is already included in every shipment, with additional coverage options.
Does Poste Italiane offer cargo and freight shipping services?
Currently, Poste Italiane does not offer cargo or freight shipping. If you are interested in shipping cargo you can contact our experts and they will find the best solution for your needs with another reliable shipping company. You can book FLT, LTL, Removal services or pallet deliveries directly with our booking engine. We can organise bulk shipping on pallets and we have experience helping entrepreneurs and companies to export, import and transport freight all over the world.
What can’t I send with Poste Italiane?
Before booking your Poste Italiane international shipping, get informed on the goods the courier will not transport. It is important to avoid restricted or prohibited items because the courier can refuse to pick-up or process the package. Also, the insurance will not apply if you are shipping these kinds of items. Some prohibited or restricted items include:
  • Dangerous items and/or waste;
  • Goods for which the transport is forbidden by law;
  • Medical waste;
  • Goods that require a temperature-controlled environment;
  • Money, valuable items, jewels, antiques which are not properly packed;
  • Explosive, inflammable or infective goods.
Can I ship to the UK with Poste Italiane after Brexit?
Brexit has had a big impact in logistics and transport. However, you can ship with Poste Italiane to the UK after Brexit. Shipments to the UK will have to go through customs and you will have to provide the right documents, as well as pay possible VAT and customs surcharges. If you want to know more about shipping with Poste Italiane to the UK after Brexit please check our thorough Brexit shipping guide.

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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in September 2020. For more information about Poste Italiane tracking number, the Poste Italiane international shipping services, Poste Italiane delivery times and other services we strongly recommend checking the courier company’s official website.