FedEx vs USPS: Shipping Rates and Service Comparison 2024

FedEx vs USPS comparison for international shipping


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Compare the main features of the services offered by FedEx and USPS and their shipping rates. Find out which is cheaper and faster for your route, FedEx or USPS?

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FedEx vs USPS shipping rates comparison – Is FedEx cheaper than USPS?

One of the most important criteria to consider when choosing a courier company is the delivery price. To find out which one is cheaper, FedEx or USPS, we have gathered information about their shipping rates for domestic and international deliveries.

FedEx vs USPS international envelope shipping from the USA to the UK

Compare the rates for shipping an envelope of 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs) internationally with USPS or FedEx.

ServicePriceDelivery time
USPS Priority Mail Express International$ 82.303-5 business days
USPS GXG™ Envelopes$ 111.251-3 business days
FedEx International First$ 142.20Next business day (by 9 am)
FedEx International Priority$ 89.892 business days
Eurosender Document delivery$ 75.282-3 business days

FedEx vs USPS international parcel shipping from the USA to the UK

Compare the rates for shipping a 2kg (4.5 lbs) package internationally with USPS or FedEx.

ServicePriceDelivery time
USPS Priority Mail International Large Box$ 98.956-10 business days
USPS Priority Mail International Medium Box$ 82.306-10 business days
FedEx International First$ 281.11Next business day (by 9 am)
FedEx International Economy$ 242.785 business days
Eurosender Express service$ 72.492 business days
The prices presented above are the result of an online research conducted in December 2023.
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Do USPS and FedEx work together?

Even though USPS and FedEx are two independent logistics companies, they have joined forces to offer the Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) shipping service. The GXG is an expedited solution for sending packages and envelopes worldwide.

However, even if this service is the result of FedEx and USPS working together, it should be booked through the USPS website.


FedEx vs USPS: which is faster?

  • For domestic services within the United States, USPS is usually faster than FedEx for letters and small parcels, with deliveries in less than 2 days.
  • For international deliveries, FedEx is usually preferred due to their wider network and expertise in overnight shipping.

To determine which one is faster between FedEx and USPS for the service your desire, check the average delivery time for the main services on the tables above.

FedEx vs USPS: Which one is better for express deliveries?

FedEx is a world leader in overnight shipping services, with several options where the customer can choose a determined timeframe for the delivery at a small additional cost.

Nonetheless, if you need overnight delivery, USPS also offers a range of express shipping solutions but without a guaranteed delivery.

FedEx vs USPS: Which one is better for large packages?

Shipping with FedEx is usually a better option for sending large packages within the US and internationally. If you use your own packaging, FedEx is normally cheaper than USPS for shipping larger packages. However, USPS offers unbeatable prices through their Flat Rate shipping services, which are suitable if you can fit your item inside their standard packing boxes.

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FedEx vs USPS insurance options

To help you discover which carrier between FedEx and USPS has better insurance coverage, we analysed their insurance options:

  • USPS provides free insurance for items valued under $100 when using Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail, with the option to purchase additional insurance up to $5,000.
  • FedEx provides insurance of up to $100 for the declared value of the shipment and flat rate insurance options for packages whose value ranges from $100 to $300.

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FedEx vs USPS – which one is better? Advantages of FedEx and USPS

To better understand the difference between FedEx and USPS, check the list of advantages we prepared.

Free door-to-door deliveryXX
Same-day pick-up
Discounts for registered usersX
Free address changesXX
Freight solutions for individualsXX
Real-time tracking
Service dedicated to envelopesX


FedEx vs USPS: Comparison summary

On one side, we have USPS, the United States Postal Service, and on the other side, FedEx, a world leader in overnight parcel shipping. To determine the best option for your business, USPS or FedEx, you need to evaluate which one is cheaper, faster and more reliable for your specific needs and route.

  • USPS is the ideal choice for non-urgent deliveries and sending mail within the US.
  • FedEx is the perfect choice for urgent deliveries across the globe and to send parcels heavier than 5 kg.

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Disclaimer: The information is the result of online research conducted in December 2023. For more information about DHL and UPS domestic and international shipping services or updated data for DHL and UPS shipping prices, we strongly recommend checking the official websites of the logistics companies.