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Send your Valentine’s Day gifts on time in 2021

Choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day present is only half the work – it still needs to make its way to the recipient on time. But don’t worry, Eurosender is here to help. Through a network of partners, we offer fast and affordable courier services to deliver your Valentine’s Day gift directly to your loved ones, wherever they may be. Get an instant quote and book online!


Courier services available for delivering your Valentine’s gifts

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Reliable parcel shipping for your Valentine’s Day gifts

You pick out the present and we take care of the shipping. At Eurosender, we provide you with the full shipping experience – Simplified, in one single place. Instant quotes, worldwide deliveries & a team of specialists that is always ready to help you organise that special surprise.

We recommend scheduling the package delivery service for your Valentine’s Day gift a few days in advance to avoid any surprises. Due to the high volume of parcels, Valentine’s is a busy season for every courier company, so it’s better to play safe and ship ahead to make sure your presents will arrive on time.

Did you leave your Valentine’s gift to the last minute? Book a next day delivery!

If you are running out of time, we’ve got you covered. With our Express Service, you can book a next day delivery for your Valentine’s gifts for any destination located within the same continent. Schedule the service right away and opt for a same-day collection to have your parcel picked up still today, whenever possible.


What to send as Valentine’s gift for him or her?

You can send almost anything you’d like. We believe that the most valuable Valentine’s Day presents are the ones from the heart, but here are some gift ideas:

  • Handmade and personalised Valentine’s presents from popular marketplaces like Etsy (yes, we help with that as well);
  • Jewellery is a popular choice when sending Valentine’s gift for her;
  • Surprise your boyfriend with his favourite brand of beer;
  • Go for a romantic approach and send Valentine’s chocolates;
  • Send his or hers personalised Valentine’s gifts (towels, cups, or many others).

If you are looking for some more inspiration, take a look at our extended list of items that you can ship and their complete packaging instructions.


Struggling to deliver Valentine’s gifts on time for the big day?

Increase your delivery efficiency during Valentine’s Day and any other holiday season. Schedule your deliveries with Eurosender and benefit from:

  • Highly predictable deliveries
  • Fully tracked transportation
  • Data-based shipping platform

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FAQs – Courier and delivery services on Valentine’s Day

Do couriers such as UPS, FedEx and DHL deliver on Valentine’s Day in 2021?
Since Valentine's Day (14th of February) falls on a Sunday in 2021, postal and courier companies will not perform regular deliveries exactly on Valentine's day. Some couriers such as UPS, FedEx and DHL, may perform deliveries until Valentine's Day Eve, but keep in mind that deliveries during weekends may be subjected to additional fees. To avoid any delays, we recommend sending your Valentine's Day gifts a few days in advance, whether you are shipping locally or overseas.
How about the mail service, does it run regularly on Valentine’s Day?
Since it is not considered a public holiday, post offices and regular mail delivery services usually work during Valentine's Day. However, being celebrated during the weekend, many delivery services may not be available on Valentine's Day in this year of 2021. If we consider only the regular working days, the 12th of February will be the last delivery day before Valentine's. This is one more reason why we stress out the importance of booking the parcel shipping service in advance for your Valentine's gifts.
What to do if the courier does not deliver my gift before Valentine’s Day, as expected?
There is no further action needed from your side. If the courier is not able to deliver your package before Valentine's Day, they will do so on the following working days. Please have in mind that holiday seasons, including Valentine's, are very busy periods for courier companies. Even if they work around the clock to perform as many deliveries as possible, delays can still happen.
Can I send a wrapped Valentine’s gift overseas via courier?
Yes, you can send your wrapped Valentine's gift locally or overseas, as long as it is packed inside a cardboard box. This way, the receiver will still have the experience of unboxing the present while the parcel is safely protected for transport. It is essential that the outer box itself is not wrapped since the wrapping paper could easily get damaged during transport and the shipping label would go missing if attached to it.
How to book a next day delivery for my Valentine’s gift?
It is very simple: go to our booking tool, select the countries where the present should be collected and delivered and click on "Book shipping". On the following page, you will have the chance to select Express Shipping on the top. For destinations within Europe, your Valentine's gift will be delivered on the next day, in up to 24h. Our Express Service is the best shipping alternative if you are running late and need to organise a last-minute shipping service for your Valentine's Day gift.
Disclaimer: Whenever you decide to ship goods by courier, make sure to consult the list of restricted and prohibited items to ship.