Valentine’s Day gifts in 2020. Delivered.

Although Christmas is still the biggest gift-giving holiday of the year, Valentine’s day (14th of February) is not far behind. We have been exchanging presents and celebrating love for many centuries now. In today’s world, it might sometimes prove difficult to make sure that the gift we made reaches our loved ones in time – with all the hassle of the modern era – and Eurosender is here to help.

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Time is of the essence!

As Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days for package delivery it is extremely important to book your services in advance. Choosing (or making) the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him or her is half the work. Ensuring that it makes it on time to the recipient is equally important.

When booking your service bear in mind to do it with time to spare. Eurosender will give you an estimated time delivery time once you select the pick-up date for your package. This, as well as the price, will be presented to you before you make the order, so you can make the right decision about your delivery.

What Valentine’s Day presents can Eurosender help you deliver?

Sending flowers via courier is maybe not the best idea, but other than that, you can go ahead and send pretty much everything you like (see our prohibited and restricted item list for more details). The most valuable presents are ones from the heart, so some perfect ideas might be:

If you are looking for some other ideas take a look at our extended list of items you can ship complete with packaging instructions which might push you in the right direction:

Items you can ship with Eurosender!

How else can we help?

Eurosender has been dealing with Valentine’s Day present frenzy for years now and we are experienced in making sure you will not have to worry about delivering your gifts. We have people working non-stop to make this holiday as stress-free as possible. A few things we do that might make you calmer:

  • Insurance for every package sent with us up to €200. You can also buy additional insurance at reasonable prices.
  • Customer support in 15 languages – if you have questions, we can answer them readily.
  • Parcel tracking.
  • A vast collection of guides to help you with shipping and making sure your package is secure.
  • An many more…

We help businesses as well

Are you the owner of a shop or production company that stands to make a profit during Valentine’s Day? We can help you arrange shipping for your products to your clients with our easy to use engine and a fully manageable profile on our website.

Create your own logistics platform!

Creating an account with us gives you full access to many benefits. Among them more payment options and better prices. We are experienced in making businesses flourish and expand. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our support team. Our logistics expert will gladly help you and answer all questions.