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Reliable services for aircraft spare parts transport and AOG shipments

Time is paramount for the aviation industry. At Eurosender, we help airlines to meet the time margins by providing emergency delivery service for Aircraft on Ground (AOG) parts 24/7. From urgent shipping of spare aircraft parts for AOG to organising all the logistics processes of your supply chain, our solutions can cover all the aviation industry demands. Take advantage of our global network and book urgent and regular shipments with trusted logistics providers. Get the fastest and most reliable solution for small aircraft parts shipping or even engine transportation services.


Benefits of our aircraft parts shipping services

Aircraft parts transportation needs special handling and immediate response. With our combined logistics capabilities, we can serve the aviation industry and provide quick and secure solutions for regular aircraft parts shipments and AOG deliveries worldwide. When choosing us, you benefit from the safety, speed, and much more advantages.

Time-critical delivery for AOG parts

Ship aircraft spare parts of any size

Deliveries to all the major airports

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Specialised aviation logistics services

We offer solutions for the whole aviation industry, including when the aircraft is on the ground. Whether you are a worldwide known airline or a local manufacturer, you can benefit from aviation logistics services and get your parts on time wherever you need them. Some examples of companies that work with us:

  • Airlines
  • Engine OEMs
  • MROs
  • Aircraft parts suppliers


Shipping services for aircraft parts

Transportation solutions to consider depending on the size and time-sensitivity of your shipment:
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Time-critical shipments for AOG parts

When the aircraft is grounded, every second matters. At Eurosender, we can immediately react to an emergency organising AOG parts delivery in the shortest possible time. Sometimes aircraft parts cannot be found in your region, and shipping from another country is required. To do it quickly, you need a reliable logistics partner with a vast operational network. In collaboration with the most reputable logistics companies, we can provide an urgent solution for AOG shipping worldwide. When you need an AOG parts delivery, we contact our partners and arrange the shipping via ground or air.

Contact us at any time – our dedicated AOG team works 24/7 to ensure your components will arrive without delays and in perfect condition.

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Solutions for aircraft engine shipping

Want to transport a larger component? Besides small helicopter and aircraft parts shipping, we offer transport services for complete aircraft engines and aeroplane noses. Aircraft engines are highly valuable and sensitive components, and safety is essential when transporting them. For shipping your aircraft engine, you will need a dedicated vehicle with a large capacity. Here, at Eurosender, safety is our priority. We will find a dedicated truck for secure and cost-effective shipping of your aircraft engine in the shortest time possible.


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FAQs – Aircraft parts shipping services

How to book an Aircraft on Ground (AOG) shipping through Eurosender?
To organise aircraft parts express delivery for AOG, send your shipping requirements to our experts through an individual offer. Our team will find the fastest available solution based on your needs, and your aircraft parts will get to the desired location as quickly as possible.
How fast is the AOG shipping service?
The delivery time will depend on the route and courier availability. Usually, AOG shipments have same-day pick-up and delivery. Once you contact our team, our experts will find an available courier and arrange an urgent delivery of your AOG parts. Thanks to our extensive logistics network, we can guarantee the collection in the shortest possible time. Reach us whenever you need it – our AOG team will assist you 24/7!
What service should I use for aircraft engine shipping?
The only way of shipping an aircraft engine safely is in a dedicated vehicle. Through Eurosender, you can book the FTL transport service and have an entire truck dedicated solely to your shipment. The truck will transport your aircraft engine directly to the final destination, without stop-overs. When shipping a highly expensive aircraft engine, we recommend placing it in a special stand to avoid any movements and damages during the transport.
How much does it cost to haul a jet engine?
Since the aircraft engine transport is realised in most cases in a full truck, the price will depend on the route and the size of your shipment. To find out the cost to ship an aircraft engine by road, select your pick-up and delivery countries and select FTL transport on our booking tool.
Can I book an on board courier service for my AOG shipment?
Yes, you can. The on board courier service can be used for shipping urgent aircraft spare parts that do not exceed the dimensions of carry-on baggage. For time-critical shipments, we recommend using the Next Flight Out service for your parts to be sent on the first flight available. To get more information about these services, read our dedicated page.
How can EMOs and MROs optimise their logistics processes?
At Eurosender, we provide much more than occasional AOG deliveries – we will give you all the tools and services needed to scale up your operations. When shipping aircraft parts of different sizes regularly or from time to time, EMOs and MROs can benefit from our digitalised platform and create their own logistics department for free. All the shipments and billing data will be easily accessible in one place. Moreover, you will be able to ship in a faster way and save on costs. Create a free account to manage aviation logistics effectively and access all the advantages.
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