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Optimised solutions for last mile logistics

Find the best last mile courier solutions for any shipping destination with Eurosender. We can organise almost any type of final mile transport to suit your business or private needs. Our last mile delivery services range from small parcels to urgent freight shipments so you can rest assured your needs are always covered. Get an instant quote below or talk to our experts about cost-effective last mile delivery logistics solutions that would work for you in Europe and beyond.

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Benefits of last mile delivery with Eurosender

Last mile transport with a global network of carriers

Same-day collection for urgent final mile deliveries

Dedicated vehicle solutions available without stopovers

Fully tracked and automatically insured shipping services


Shipping services and solutions for final mile deliveries

We provide last mile logistics solutions for all shipment sizes, including the option of dedicated vehicles. Choose one of the door-to-door last mile courier services below:
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How you get the best last mile logistics provider

Our advanced platform works with an algorithm that scans +150 million shipping quotes and identifies the last mile logistics provider that can best accommodate your needs. Simply insert your shipping details to get an instant quote and bring your final mile delivery service to the next level.

A quality last mile courier service is essential for your business

Efficient final mile delivery is a substantial competitive advantage, especially with the boom in e-commerce shipping. Most customers expect a next-day delivery at the latest, which is only achievable for online businesses if they have several warehouses in different locations. Failure to provide quality final mile delivery logistics solutions is one of the main reasons why businesses lose customers.

At Eurosender, we pride ourselves on successful collaboration with trustworthy last mile couriers while giving you the best rates on the market. Stop losing valuable time and optimise your final mile transport and delivery operations with us, no matter the size or urgency of your shipment.


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Last mile carrier tracking online

Orders booked with Eurosender are assigned unique tracking codes, which you can use to get real-time status updates on your last mile delivery. Enter the tracking code received via email in the tool below:

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Tailored final mile transport and logistics solutions for B2Bs

Step up your final mile logistics operations by planning deliveries that match your exact requirements. At Eurosender, we understand the importance of efficiency and flexibility when it comes to last mile transport. To serve your unique business shipping needs, we collaborate with a vast network of last mile couriers.

If you have special requirements for your final mile delivery that do not comply with the average dimensions allowed on all services available through our instant booking tool, we will manually find a last mile logistics solution to suit your needs. It is completely free to request a quote. Send us your request and one of our team will contact you as soon as possible with an offer.


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FAQ on final mile transport and delivery solutions

What does last mile mean in shipping and how does it work?
The term "last mile" in shipping is the transport of goods from the final distribution hub to the delivery address. Final mile delivery is an integral part of the order process. The majority of retailers choose to outsource their logistics processes through the help of third-party logistics companies (3PL), which are the last mile logistics providers responsible for the delivery of the goods. These 3PL contractors use the latest last mile delivery software and technology, as well as a developed distribution infrastructure, to provide efficient last mile logistics solutions.
In short, last mile logistics providers masterfully integrate storage, distribution and transport operations. They collect the goods at the nearest warehouse and deliver them to the end-user.
How can I improve my B2B last mile delivery?
Take a look at our brief rundown of the solutions that may decrease last mile delivery costs and optimise the customer experience:
  1. Keep your customers informed of any unforeseen circumstances that may occur during last mile delivery.
  2. Invest in management solutions, as well as route planning and tracking software.
  3. Follow the planned delivery schedule.
  4. Find multiple last mile carriers to address any delivery-related challenges in future.
  5. Invest in several distribution centres to reduce last mile delivery costs in the long run.
How much does last mile delivery cost?
Your final mile transport expenses per delivery will depend on the route and the service selected. Use our booking engine to get an instant quote for your last mile delivery service. If you need a customised last mile delivery logistics solution, request an individual offer and our logistics experts will contact you with most cost-effective last mile courier service.
How long does last mile delivery take?
When organising final mile transport, you need to bear in mind that the delivery speed varies from one last mile logistics provider to another. That is why it is crucial to find the last mile carrier with the most optimised working scheme. The estimated delivery time also depends on the last mile logistics provider selected for the transport of your goods. The Standard Service can take 1-7 business days, depending on the route. With the Priority Express Service, the average delivery time is 24h within the EU and 48-72h globally.
If you need an urgent logistics solution for a big load, Eurosender offers you a dedicated van for the direct transport of your goods from the warehouse to the destination point. Last mile delivery service is available in Europe. Possible same-day pick up will help you save even more time, if you book early enough. Opt for our Priority Express Service for delivering smaller time-sensitive parcels to your clients.
How do I track my last mile delivery?
Last mile delivery logistics solutions are based on powerful integrated software tools. Last mile logistics providers use two types of tracking technologies: one designed for business clients and the other for customers shipping privately. Use the tracking software provided by the last mile carrier to get real-time information about your shipment.
If you have booked last mile delivery with Eurosender, you can follow your shipment online anytime by using our tracking tool above. If you need additional assistance, please contact our team.
What is Amazon last mile delivery?
Amazon has recently made a serious move towards organising its own last mile transport network. The e-commerce giant now aims at controlling every link in the supply chain in an effort to bring customer satisfaction even higher. Read more about Amazon FBA in Europe and how it can benefit your business.