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What is last-mile delivery? | The importance of last-mile delivery logistics solutions

With the incredible performance of Amazon, IKEA, Michelin, Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, and the likes, quality fulfilment and fast delivery from the retailer’s storage facility to the end consumer, be it B2B or B2C, has become the top priority of many businesses. This is what last-mile delivery logistics solutions are all about. Final-mile transportation is a short way of describing the long product’s journey from the distribution hub’s shelf to the buyer’s doorstep. At Eurosender, we can organise almost any type of last-mile transport scalable to your business needs.

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Why is last-mile logistics important for e-commerce and other businesses?

Organising last-mile transport helps companies enhance their reputation, as it improves customer satisfaction through speedy and adaptable delivery.
Reliable last-mile logistics providers greatly contribute to the company’s profitability.
Last-mile delivery solutions based on technological advancements help entrepreneurs bring down their operational costs.
Rising to the challenges of last-mile delivery enables companies to get a remarkable competitive advantage in the market.


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Eurosender solutions for last-mile delivery of your goods

With our extensive network of logistics partners across the globe, through the Eurosender platform, you will be able to find the optimal last-mile carrier in no time. Choose one of the options below or let our logistics experts recommend the most suitable option for your business.
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Why do I need to find a last-mile carrier for my business, and why is last-mile delivery so important?

Efficient last-mile delivery is a substantial competitive advantage, especially with the advent of online shopping. If not the same day, most customers expect their delivery on the next day at the latest, which is only achievable for online stores having several warehouses in different locations. Failure to provide quality last-mile delivery logistics solutions is one of the main reasons why businesses lose customers.


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FAQs on organising last-mile transport

How does final-mile delivery work?

Last-mile delivery is an integral part of the order fulfilment process. Most of the retailers opt for outsourcing their logistics processes through the help of third-party logistics companies (3PL) which are the last-mile logistics providers. Once the company finds a last-mile carrier, it can expect the order fulfilment process to be completely automated, as its 3PL contractors rely on top-notch specialised tools, as well as a developed distribution infrastructure.

Last-mile logistics providers integrate storage, distribution, and transportation operations. They collect the customer’s package at the nearest warehouse and deliver it to the end-user.

What is Amazon last mile?
Amazon has recently made a serious move towards organising its own last-mile transport network. The e-commerce giant now aims at controlling every link in the supply chain in an effort to bring customer satisfaction even higher.
How much does a last-mile delivery cost?

Your final-mile transportation expenses per delivery will depend on the route and the service selected.

If you intend to organise last-mile transport for your business, you need to know that the cost of last-mile delivery logistics solutions is related to high involvement of human resources in the process. Last-mile delivery services are more expensive than standard door-to-door courier delivery.

How long does last-mile delivery take?

When organising last-mile transport, you need to keep in mind that the delivery speed varies from one last-mile logistics provider to another. That is why it is crucial to find the last-mile carrier with the most optimised working scheme. The 3PL delivery time also depends on the service selected for the transportation of your goods. As a rule, it takes several business days. While the economy service can take up to 8-10 business days, the express service will take up to 2 business days on average.

If you need an urgent logistics solution for a big load, with Eurosender, you can book a dedicated van for the direct transportation of your goods from the warehouse to the destination point. The service is available in Europe. Possible same-day pick up will help you save even more time. Opt for our Express service for delivering smaller time-sensitive parcels to your clients.

How do I track my last-mile delivery?

Last-mile delivery logistics solutions are based on powerful integrated software tools. Last-mile logistics providers use two types of tracking technologies: the one is designed for their B2B clients, and the other one is the tool for customers. Use the tracking software provided by the carrier to get real-time information about your shipment.

If you have booked last-mile delivery with Eurosender, you can follow your shipment online anytime by using our tracking tool.

How to improve last-mile delivery?

Take a look at our brief rundown of the measures that could be taken to decrease last-mile delivery costs and optimise the customer experience:

  1. Keep your customers informed of any unforeseen circumstances that have occurred during last-mile delivery.
  2. Invest in management solutions, as well as the route planning and tracking software.
  3. Follow the planned delivery schedule.
  4. Find multiple last-mile carriers to address any delivery-related challenges in future.
  5. Invest in several distribution centres to reduce last-mile delivery costs in the long run.
What makes Eurosender last-mile delivery logistics solutions convenient?
  • Full transparency and real-time tracking.
  • Pre-negotiated rates.
  • Wide geographical coverage.
  • Customer service offered in 15 languages.
  • Consolidated invoices upon your request.
  • All types of shipments.
  • Extensive network of logistics providers.

Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research. When looking for accurate information about last-mile delivery logistics solutions offered by certain last-mile logistics providers, always check their official websites.