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Reserve a direct van courier service with express transit times in Europe. Choose our direct transport solution without any stop-overs or unloading along the way to save time on your shipments. Request a tailored quote for fast and direct van delivery services.

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Direct courier solutions we offer

Booking direct van or truck deliveries internationally throughout Europe is easy with Eurosender. Below are the direct courier services you can choose from:


Differences between the direct courier services

The most suitable direct delivery service will depend on what you need:

FeatureVan DeliveryFull Truckload (FTL)
Door-to door delivery
Same-day pick-up availableX
Real-time trackingX
Available for individuals and businessesX
Packaging requirementsX
Load capacity (pallets)8 pallets*33 pallets

*This number is just for reference; you are not required to pack your shipment in pallets when booking the Van Delivery Service. If you are unsure which courier service to use for your direct delivery, contact our team using the chatbox at the bottom of the screen.

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How does our direct van courier service work?


  • Our direct courier services operate on local business days, but you can request collections on weekends or non-working days for an additional fee.
  • Same or next-day collection may be arranged if you book early, depending on availability.


  • You get a direct delivery service in the shortest time possible, without stop-overs.
  • Goods are delivered in 24-48 hours, depending on the distance from the pick-up to the delivery addresses.


Choosing your direct courier delivery service

Our direct Van Delivery service offers the following options:

Box van

465 x 165 x 180 cm or 13 cubic metres and 1,000 kg capacity

Curtain-side van

410 x 210 x 230 cm or 19 cubic metres and 1,000 kg capacity (with tail-lift only 700 kg)

If you need a larger truck to perform a direct-to-door delivery in the shortest possible timeframe, you can request a quote for a Full Truckload (FTL) service. With this option, you will get an entire truck dedicated to your load without having to worry about sharing space with other shippers or unnecessary detours along the way.

Unlike the direct Van Delivery service, which has no packaging requirements, you will need to prepare a palletised shipment if you book FTL transport.

Urgent transport with a direct van delivery

For transporting urgent cargo shipments directly to your recipient, book the Van Delivery service with collection on the same day. This direct shipping service is suitable for almost any type of item, as long as it fits in the van. Performed by reliable European van couriers, your load will be transported directly from pick-up to the final destination, with average delivery times ranging between 24-48h.

Read more about urgent cargo solutions.


Direct van delivery services for businesses

At Eurosender, we offer a wide variety of direct transport solutions in Europe and worldwide. We serve businesses with all types of needs through a vast network of trusted carriers. Getting a shipping quote for our direct van services is always fast with Eurosender. Once you send us your request, we will provide you with a quote within 15 minutes only!

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FAQ about direct van delivery services

What is direct delivery in logistics?
Direct delivery is the fastest type of shipping service, as the goods are transported directly to the consignee. It is faster than standard courier services, in which items are first sent to sorting warehouses and then transported to another distribution hub before delivery to the final destination.
Will there be any stop-overs during a direct van delivery service?
No, this is a direct van delivery service, which means your load will not stop in any warehouse or depot along the way. However, bear in mind that the driver’s working conditions include a rest every 9 hours of driving.
How long would a direct van courier service take to reach the destination?
The transit time for direct van services within the same country is usually less than 24 hours. For international shipments, this can be between 24-48 hours. Other factors such as distance, weather and traffic conditions, as well as operational delays, may affect the transit time. When arranging a direct delivery with us, you will get an estimated delivery time for your direct van courier service during the booking phase.
How do I track my direct courier?
We will send you instructions for tracking your direct courier service via email. When the driver is on the way to the recipient's address, the live location will be updated every 15 minutes so that you always know where your goods are.
If I book a direct van courier service, will the driver help me load and unload?
Loading and unloading are not included in the booking price but can be added as an additional service. If you need assistance or special equipment, please request this upfront. You can choose between partial and full assistance when booking a direct van courier service with Eurosender.
Is insurance included in a direct van courier service?
Yes, shipments with our direct Van Delivery Service are covered by CMR conventions, and extended liability is also available. The Van Delivery Service is one of the most secure modes of transport since your load is transported in one vehicle only. If you need more information or assistance, please contact us to discuss the options available when booking the service.
If I book an international direct van delivery service, will the van have to stop at borders?
This depends on the shipping route. If you are shipping across borders within the same free trade zone, e.g. within EU borders, the van should not have to stop. However, customs clearance procedures will apply for shipments that cross international borders. For example, shipments crossing the EU-UK border will have to go through regular customs procedures. Make sure to prepare all the necessary shipping documents in advance when booking a direct van delivery service to or from the UK to avoid delays.