Electronics and High-Tech Logistics Solutions

Electronics transportation and logistics solutions

The electronics industry demands dynamic logistics solutions to face the time pressure. Both consumer electronics and high tech sectors require on-time and safe deliveries at a reasonable cost. At Eurosender, we offer specialised courier services for the electronics industry to connect you with suppliers and customers at the right time, whenever you need it. We ensure secure transportation, warehousing and fast distribution of electronics within your supply chain. Opt for customised high-tech logistics solutions to guarantee the performance and agility of your business.

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Benefits of our electronics logistics solutions

We offer various courier services for the electronics industry, ranging from global freight transportation to time-critical international shipping. We understand the complexity of the electronics industry, so we provide additional logistics solutions and benefits which will help to streamline your production flow and gain transparency:

Real-time tracking of your shipments

Electronics warehousing

Insurance options for different needs

International shipping services


High-tech and electronics logistics solutions for your company

Our wide range of services and tailor-made logistics solutions makes us an ideal partner for the high-tech, electronics and telecommunication sectors. We have a deep understanding of your industry’s specific needs and will gladly help you optimise the logistics processes in your company. Some examples of the clients we have helped:

  • Electronics distributors
  • Electronics manufacturers
  • Online shops
  • Telecom companies


High-tech logistics services we offer

Transportation solutions to consider depending on the size and time-sensitivity of your shipment:
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Consumer electronics logistics solutions

Reach the desired satisfaction of your end customers with reliable consumer electronics logistics solutions. We arrange the complete logistics process to deliver high tech appliances and electronic devices to your customers safely and on time. We have developed a courier network that will manage order volume and logistics needs in the electronics industry, even during peak seasons. Serve your customer needs better by offering a choice between different shipping methods using our consumer electronics logistics solutions and let them benefit from door-to-door deliveries.

Some examples of electronics you can ship through Eurosender:

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Electronics warehousing and distribution solutions

We provide end-to-end logistics support for the electronics and high tech industries including courier services and warehousing solutions. You can use our couriers’ global network of facilities and technology to store your inventory and speed up the distribution of electronic products. When booking our warehousing solutions for storing electronics, we will contact the transporter and arrange the service for you according to the specified needs. The same courier will transport inventory to the facility and provide electronics distribution to your customers.

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FAQs about electronics and high-tech logistics solutions

Does Eurosender offer time-critical logistics solutions for the electronics industry?
Yes. We understand the necessity of fast electronics transportation and logistics management in your industry. That is why we offer various courier services for different needs of your industry.
  • When exporting/importing, or transporting electronics to warehouses in Europe, you can use our Van delivery service to move all the equipment and accessories in 24-48 hours.
  • With Priority Express service, you can have fast global electronics distribution. Delivery times vary from 24 to 72h, depending on the route.
How do I provide accurate delivery times to customers?
In the electronics industry, the competition is high, so short and accurate delivery times mean a lot. Using our consumer electronics logistics solutions, you can see the estimated delivery times before booking the service. To provide precise delivery time, calculate the time needed for packaging and preparing your electronic products and add the delivery time shown during the booking process. Please, note that the courier companies do their best to deliver packages on time, but there may be delays especially during, peak seasons.
Can I monitor shipments when using high-tech logistics services?
Yes! Each shipment booked through Eurosender has a unique tracking code that allows you to know where your goods are at any time. With real-time tracking, you will have supply chain transparency in the electronics industry. While it is vital in consumer electronics, tracking shipments can also help you plan production and maintenance operations in other high tech sectors.
Does Eurosender include insurance in the courier services for the electronics industry?
We cover all the shipments with basic insurance, whose value depends on the selected service and the items shipped. For extra protection, you can use one of the additional insurance options with higher coverage. Keep in mind that when using our courier services for shipping used electronics, insurance may not apply.
Can I manage returns with Eurosender high-tech and electronics logistics solutions?
Yes, you can. The return rate for consumer electronics can be up to 20%. We are here to provide you with logistics solutions that will help you to reintegrate products into the supply chain as quickly as possible and maintain profitability. All the courier services we offer for the electronics industry are door-to-door. The courier will pick up a package at the address of the client and deliver it to you. Please, inform your customers about the proper packaging since it is their responsibility to make sure the electronic device or component is appropriately packed and ready for pick up.
Are Eurosender’s logistics solutions for the high tech and electronics sectors available globally?
Yes! With our high-tech logistics solutions, you can ship globally and expand your business. Our partners deliver to more than 220 countries and territories. Moreover, it is possible to organise electronics transportation even to remote areas. Rest assured your products will reach the destination, wherever it is.
What solutions does Eurosender have for cargo shipping in the electronics industry?
We can offer you all the modes of transportation and different solutions within each of them. It can be unimodal transport by air, rail, road or sea or multimodal depending on your needs. We also offer fully customisable freight forwarding solutions for specific needs, such as for transporting telecommunication equipment. If you are not sure what service is the most optimal for your case, contact our experts, and they will gladly assist you.
Do I need to prepare any customs documents for electronics transportation?
When using our logistics solutions for the electronics and high tech industries globally, you will need to prepare documents for the customs dispatch and pay duties. Make sure you are compliant with local and international regulations and prepare all the documents correspondingly.
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