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Reliable marine industry logistics solutions

At Eurosender, we are committed to providing logistics solutions for the marine industry to keep your vessels afloat. From urgent delivery of ship spares to multimodal freight transport for your marine parts, we offer reliable services for each need of your business. Trust our logistics partners with a global network to arrange shipment of your boat parts and benefit from fast on-time deliveries to your chosen location, be it the warehouse, port or remote area. Explore how you can benefit from our flexible and intelligent logistics solutions in the marine industry.


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Benefits of our marine logistics solutions

Our specialised staff provides high-quality solutions combining international shipping and warehousing services to ensure that your marine parts will be transported to the chosen destination and stored in safe conditions whenever needed. But when choosing our logistics services for sending your ship spare parts, you get more:

Door-to-door boat parts shipping

Real-time tracking of your shipment

A dedicated team of logistics experts

Basic transport insurance included


Marine parts transport services for your business

We serve the entire marine industry providing logistics solutions according to the needs of each company. At Eurosender, we are helping to deal with the industry’s complexities regarding freight transport and critical deliveries of ship spares. Examples of companies we have helped already:

  • Spare parts suppliers
  • Marine parts manufacturers
  • Shipowners
  • Ship management companies


Shipping services for marine parts

Transportation solutions to consider depending on the size and time-sensitivity of your shipment:
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Ship spares logistics: express shipping for marine parts

Time and money are on the line when the vessel stops. At Eurosender, we understand the importance of timely deliveries and have experience handling the time-critical business of ship spare parts logistics. In collaboration with vetted courier companies, we organise urgent shipping of marine spare parts to the needed location. For small parts, on board courier can be arranged on request. For bigger components, such as engines, we offer fully dedicated vehicles that will transport your marine parts in the shortest possible time without stopovers. Benefit from our secure and quick logistics services to avoid supply delays.


International shipping and warehousing solutions for marine parts

We are global! Thanks to a vast network of courier companies that covers more than 220 countries and territories, we can offer logistics solutions for the marine industry across the world. We will find the optimal solution for shipping your boat parts to the fabric, port, dock, or other destination. Warehousing solutions suitable for short- and long-term marine parts storage are also available on the global level. Check more about our warehouse and distribution solutions or talk to our experts to request this service.

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FAQs about marine logistics solutions

How can I optimise my marine supply chain with Eurosender?
Eurosender is a one-stop platform that offers a wide range of logistics solutions for the marine industry. You will get access to an extensive variety of shipping services for small and large marine parts, warehousing solutions and professional assistance, all at one place. No need to check several websites to find the right service and the best price – we negotiate this for you in a timely manner. When creating your own logistics department on our platform, you will get automatised solutions with the possibility of repeating orders, getting consolidated invoices and tracking all the shipments history at any time. Register for free to streamline your logistics processes in the marine industry.
What service should I book for quick delivery of ship spares?
The fastest way of shipping small boat spare parts both nationally and internationally is the Express service. Delivery will be performed in 24-72 hours, depending on the chosen route. However, if your vessel needs parts in even greater hurry, you can also request our premium hand-carry delivery services. Check our dedicated page for more details.
How do I organise the delivery of ship spares to a port?
You can easily send your marine parts directly to the port by using our logistics platform. The process of booking is the same as for other destinations, the only difference is that you should include the address of the port as the consignee. Head to our booking engine, chose the pick-up and delivery countries, and fill the form with all the details, specifying in the name and surname camp the name of the port and the receiver’s name. The marine parts will be picked up from the warehouse or shop and delivered directly to the port.
What freight services does Eurosender offer for transporting marine parts?
Combining the capabilities of international logistics providers, we provide several solutions for freight transport in the maritime industry:
  • Airfreight, the fastest option for delivering urgent ship spares;
  • Sea freight, cost-effective solution for transporting large quantities of marine parts;
  • Road freight, the most flexible solution for moving cargo of different sizes;
  • Rail freight, economical service for long-distance transport.
If you are not sure which option is the best fit for your needs or have any questions about our services, get in touch with our experts and they will provide all the information about our logistics solutions for the marine industry and find the best option according to your specific needs.
How can I send an outboard engine?
The recommended service will depend on the size of the engine you want to ship. Small engines and other small marine parts can be shipped in the box through our standard or express services. For sending a bigger engine, we recommend using pallet transport or booking a dedicated van, depending on its size. Please, have in mind that the client is responsible for packing the shipment. Before packing and shipping an outboard engine, always make sure you drain the engine from fuel and lubricants.
Can I track my shipment when sending marine parts?
Whenever you use our marine logistics solutions to send ship spares, you can track your shipment online during transit. For each shipment, you will receive a tracking code via email. Insert this code in our tool to follow your shipment in real-time or contact our specialists to get information on the progress of your delivery. Note that tracking information will be available as soon as the shipment is collected and the barcode is scanned.
Does insurance apply when transporting marine parts?
Yes, insurance applies and is included in the price of the service. The amount of coverage will depend on the selected service and the type of article being transported. When shipping marine parts with our freight services, your goods will be covered by CMR insurance. For extra protection, we offer additional insurance options at very low rates.
Do I need to prepare any documents for customs?
When shipping marine parts internationally, you may need to prepare documents for customs clearance and pay taxes. Meanwhile, we cooperate with trusted logistics providers to make sure your cross-border shipping goes smoothly.
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