DPD vs GLS Comparison: Which Courier Is Better?

Comparing DPD and GLS – Which company should you choose?

Check our DPD vs GLS comparison before you decide which courier company to choose for your business or individual logistics needs. Explore the differences between DPD and GLS regarding their eCommerce solutions, shipping rates, delivery speed and more. Instead of checking with each courier individually, get a quote at Eurosender and have your shipment delivered by either DPD or GLS or another one of our trusted logistics partners.

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Compare DPD and GLS shipping rates and delivery speed

Check our tables to compare the shipping rates offered by DPD and GLS on domestic and international transport within Europe. Have in mind that the final costs may vary depending on the dimensions of the parcel, the distance and speed of the delivery. In our shipping cost estimation, we have used Germany as the representative for domestic shipping since GLS itself does not perform deliveries in the UK (Parcelforce is their partner responsible for doing so).

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DPD vs GLS for domestic shipping in Germany

Compare DPD and GLS shipping rates for sending a 30 kg package from Berlin to Munich:

Shipping servicePriceDelivery time
DPD Classic with Drop off at Parcel Shop€ 16.471-2 business day
DPD Classic€ 23.401-2 business day
DPD Express Delivery€ 33.141 business day
GLS Send@Home€ 18.701 business day
GLS Send@ParcelShop€ 18.701 business day
Eurosender Standard Delivery€ 9.783 business days

DPD vs GLS international shipping from Germany to Slovenia

Compare DPD and GLS shipping rates for sending a 30 kg package internationally:

Shipping servicePriceDelivery time
DPD Drop off at Parcel Shop€ 21.942 business days
DPD Pickup from Home€ 30.422 business days
GLS Send@Home€ 30.003 business days
Eurosender Standard Service€ 30.992 business days
DPD and GLS domestic and international delivery services presented above may not be available for all locations. The prices presented above are the result of online research conducted in January 2021.
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DPD vs GLS: Which one to choose for freight?

The only option DPD has for shipping heavier cargo is DPD Heavyweight Service, which provides air or ocean transport for loads of up to 300kg. Still, this service is only available within specific European routes.

On the other hand, GLS performs freight shipping services through its extensive logistics network around Europe and in the USA/Canada. The only downside is that this service is only offered to businesses and users need to send a request to receive a quote. Nonetheless, when comparing DPD and GLS exclusively, the latter is the preferred choice for freight transport.

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DPD vs GLS: Which one is faster?

According to a shipping test that compared nine different parcel delivery services in Europe, GLS had the best performance when it comes to delivery speed. Parcels were delivered on time in 93% of the cases by GLS and 82% by DPD. GLS also offers express shipping solutions for national and some international shipping services, which are subject to an additional fee.

On average, we can conclude that GLS is faster than DPD. If you want to compare the delivery speed for GLS and DPD domestic and international services, check our tables above.

DPD vs GLS: which is safer?

There’s no correct answer as to which company is safer, but we can analyse the insurance options offered by both to compare DPD and GLS in terms of reliability. Please bear in mind that the conditions may vary for different countries and services.

  • Every shipment sent with DPD from Germany is automatically insured for up to €520 per parcel (except for forbidden items for shipping).
  • GLS insurance options vary according to the country and the selected service. When the parcel is departing from Germany, for instance, they are liable for up to €750 per parcel.


GLS vs DPD – Which one is the best fit for your business?

Both companies may look very similar but take a closer look, and you will see some of the differences between DPD and GLS that may be crucial for your business. To help you make the correct decision, we have put together a list of advantages of both DPD and GLS:

Feature DPDGLSEurosender
Express solutions
Real-time tracking
Free door-to-door deliveryFor some services
Service dedicated to envelopes XX
Free address correctionX
Free signature upon deliveryFor some servicesFor some services
Instant online quotes Depends on the routeDepends on the route
Warehousing servicesX
Deliveries in over 220 countriesXX
Freight solutionsX

DPD vs GLS e-commerce solutions

When choosing which one is better for your business, DPD or GLS, you should compare their performance for your most recurrent shipping needs, such as geographical reach, time-sensitivity, size and weight of the shipments. Here are some of the solutions DPD and GLS offer for e-commerce:

  • One of the greatest advantages of DPD is that your customers will be able to choose the specific time slot for delivery, which can be at their own address or a Pickup Point. With DPD API, e-commerce and online businesses can integrate key functionalities of the booking process into their systems.
  • GLS business solutions include not only parcel delivery, but also freight, groupage and warehousing options. One of the main benefits of GLS for e-commerce is that they offer deliveries on Saturday. To simplify your business’ logistics, you can integrate the GLS booking system via API to your online shop.


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GLS vs DPD Comparison Summary – which one to choose?

On one side, we have the French-based courier company DPD, that represents the 2nd largest parcel delivery network in Europe, together with the other transporters that are also part of the DPD Group. They have now been conquering the online shipping market with their Predict Service that helps customers know precisely when the collection or delivery will take place. On the other side, the British-owned courier company GLS, one of the leading European couriers with their own logistics network also in the USA and Canada.

To determine which courier is better for your company, DPD or GLS, you should consider what type of shipping service does your core business depend on. Businesses that have strong environmental policy tend to choose DPD for their recurrent and voluntary efforts in carbon offsetting. They are also preferred by stores that depend a lot on Parcel Shops since they have an enormous availability of them around Europe. On the other hand, GLS is the first choice for businesses that frequently need to organise shipments between Europe and the USA and that require freight or storage solutions. They have a broader portfolio of services compared to DPD, which makes GLS more appealing to bigger companies.

But why choose one single courier company if you have the option of using multiple providers based on the price/quality they offer for each route? At Eurosender, we work with numerous couriers, including DPD and GLS, to match you with the best fit for each shipping request. Get a quote online or sign up for additional discounts and benefits.

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Disclaimer: The information is the result of online research conducted in January 2021. For more information about GLS and DPD domestic and international delivery services or updated data for comparing GLS and DPD shipping rates, we strongly recommend checking the official websites of the logistics companies.