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Eurosender, the leading European platform for booking logistics services, has a wide network of well-known shipping partners. General Logistics Systems, known as GLS, is one of them. You can book shipping services easily through our platform. All you have to do is to insert the pick-up and delivery countries along with your shipment details. Afterwards, our smart engine will search for the best solution in terms of the price-to-service ratio thanks to the embedded proprietary algorithm which compares prices of different courier companies and selects the lowest one considering your route and the type of shipping service. It means that your packages or freight will be processed either by GLS shipping services or by any other logistics partner. Anyway, you will get the most affordable offer by booking shipping services on Eurosender platform.

How can we offer better prices for you? The answer is simple. There are many parcels and pallets sent through our platform. As a bulk buyer, Eurosender can negotiate better prices with the logistics service providers and later pass them onto you or any of our customers. You can book shipping services with Eurosender easily and reduce your shipping costs!

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You can book the service either as a visitor on our website or as an individual/business account holder. We recommend you to chose the latter option and create a user account on our website free of charge. That way, you will obtain access to special prices, extra payment options, loyalty programmes, and many other benefits. Furthermore, you will have an opportunity to set up your individual preferences concerning shipping services, including those related to courier companies. In case you are not willing to cooperate with a certain logistics service provider, you can mention that right away. Your preferred options will be saved and you will be able to book the service even faster!

About GLS courier | GLS parcel services

GLS (General Logistics Systems) is one of the most popular shipping service providers in Europe. The company is almost 20 years old since it was founded in 1999. It is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, but it is a subsidiary of the British postal service Royal Mail. Apart from the 41 European countries it operates in, it provides services in eight states in the US.

In 2017/2018, GLS delivered 584 million parcels to over 270.000 customers worldwide. Also, there are more than 50 GLS hubs and over 1.000 GLS depots and agencies around the world. Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that in many countries GLS has founded its own companies. Some of them have complete networks, which are already operating.

GLS tracking

If your shipment is processed by GLS shipping service booked through Eurosender, you will be provided with a tracking number. This can be found in your confirmation e-mail and you can use it as soon as you handle the shipment to the GLS driver or the driver of the logistics provider you ship your items with.

How to track your GLS package

You can insert the tracking number either on:

  • GLS tracking page or;
  • Our tracking engine below.

GLS Express delivery services

GLS offers three express services for those who are in need of fast deliveries:

  1. GLS ExpressParcel for national parcel deliveries. The delivery is done the next working day or earlier.
  2. GLS EuroExpressParcel for deliveries within Europe. The delivery is done the next working day or earlier.
  3. GLS GlobalExpressParcel for international deliveries. The delivery is done within a few days.

GLS parcel redirection

No one likes unsuccessful deliveries. That is why GLS has introduced GLS parcel redirection. In Germany and in the Netherlands, GLS customers can request a parcel redirection in case the first delivery attempt is unsuccessful. The recipient can basically decide and specifies online or via the hotline what should happen next to their parcel. Their choices are:

  1. A second delivery attempt to the original address.
  2. Delivery to a different address.
  3. Delivery to a GLS ParcelShop.
  4. The issue of a release authorization.
  5. Refuse of acceptance (the parcel is returned to the sender).
  6. A parcel collection at the depot.

GLS Parcel Shops & GLS depots

GLS has several GLS parcel shops and GLS depots that the customers can visit to receive or send a parcel. However, keep in mind that, when booking GLS parcel delivery services with Eurosender, there is no need to find such a shop. All of our services are door-to-door; your shipment will be picked up at your door and delivered to another address.

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