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At Eurosender, we have developed a long-term partnership with DPD and other renowned international courier companies. DPD is one of the brands of DPDgroup along with SEUR in Spain, Chronopost in Portugal, and BRT in Italy. DPD operates all over Europe as it already has local representations in many European countries and focuses on extending the operations at the intercontinental level. If you are looking for the cheapest way to ship with DPD, book shipping services through our platform which analyses the offers of different logistics companies and selects the most suitable and affordable solution for you. It means that your shipment will be operated by one of our trusted partners, which can also be DPD.

Eurosender works with a wide variety of logistics providers, ranging from world-famous international courier companies, to the most trusted companies on local markets. Check the prices for international shipping with our tool below.

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Last time i had bad experience with eurosender. I tried to send one bag ending up delivered to me. Nd yes I didn’t got money also back. Let’s see how it goes this time. Hope you won’t Disappoint me this time.

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Great service and really easy to book the sending.

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Benefits of shipping with Eurosender

Get an immediate price for your shipping and make a free simulation on the website;

Real-time support through our online chat;

Documented articles that serve as a guideline for packing and shipping different articles;

Possibility of creating a free account on the website and get fast access to the shipping information you need;

Customer service ready to assist you in your local language;

Different methods of payment for the services.


How to ship a parcel through DPD and its alternatives

Through Eurosender, you can get access to different types of logistics services, carried out by the most trusted logistics providers. See below the shipping services you can book on our platform:

Standard shipping: anything that fits within the dimension and weight limits specified on this page, can be sent using via standard shipping.

Freight Shipping: palletized shipments, bulky items or oversized and overweight boxes fit into this category;

Dedicated Van Delivery: suitable for relocation and another shipment that have to be sent with no delay, therefore no stops during the transit.

Individual offer: If you don’t find the right service for your type of shipment, our logistics experts will find it and prepare a tailored offer to your needs.


Common questions about DPD shipping services

  • Will I receive a DPD tracking number for each parcel I sent?

Yes. If you booked the services through Eurosender and the assigned courier company is DPD, you will receive a tracking number for every package. The DPD tracking numbers will be listed in the confirmation email you will receive from us.

To check the transit of the parcel sent via DPD, you can simply use our tracking tool below or head to the DPD website directly.


  • What shall I do in case my DPD tracking number is not working?

First, read all the necessary information about the parcel tracking, on our dedicated page. It is important to understand that the updates in the tracking system will happen only when the parcels are scanned in the local depots.

However, if you notice that there are no updates for more than 48 hours or your DPD tracking number returns an error (which many times happens because of the utilization of a combination of digits and letters which don’t constitute the tracking number itself), don’t hesitate to contact us and we will advise you on the actions to take.


  • What shall I do in case my parcel with DPD is lost?

Lost parcels are quite rare situations. If your DPD parcel is lost, there are a few steps to take in order to recover the losses.

If the services were booked through Eurosender, we will carry out the entire claims procedure and act on your behalf. For this, we will request a few documents:

  • The date of shipping;
  • Parcel number;
  • Details concerning the parcel, such as its dimensions and weight;
  • Address information;
  • Description of the content;
  • Your contact information;
  • The invoice of the shipping service as an attachment to the e-mail.

Please note that you can only start a claims procedure after DPD courier company officially declares the parcel as being lost. You can also discover the general reasons why parcels get sometimes lost and what else you can do when you face a situation with DPD lost parcel and what your legal rights are. Contact our logistics experts and check the dedicated page on how to file a claim.


  • Do I need to print a label when shipping with DPD?

As a rule, a courier takes care of shipping labels when collecting your shipment from the indicated address. However, customers will have to take care of labelling their packages in the following cases:

Shipping internationally from Romania. When your pick-up address is in Romania and your order is operated by DPD, then you will have to print out and attach a shipping label by yourself.

Shipping internationally from Poland. When your pick-up address is in Poland and your shipment is operated by DPD, you will get a confirmation e-mail with a shipping label to be printed.

If you have a business account with Eurosender and want to use “First possible pick-up date” service in Romania, Croatia, Poland, or Slovenia, you will also have to take care of labelling.


  • How can I get DPD promo code for my next delivery?

You will be able to find DPD promo code and special discount codes on various websites online. As an alternative, discover the cheapest way to ship with DPD or other logistics company by booking shipping services on our platform. Eurosender has high bargaining power for negotiating affordable prices with renowned courier companies such as DPD.


  • Are there any DPD surcharges for oversized or overweight parcels?

When shipping through Eurosender, we strongly recommend making sure that your parcels don’t exceed the dimension or the weight provided. If they do, the courier might refuse the collection of the parcel or DPD surcharges might apply as well. The surcharges will be calculated and communicated to you.


  • What is the “DPD in transit” meaning?

As you check the parcel status in the tracking tool, you will be able to notice how it changes as your package is transported. DPD in transit meaning might be a bit confusing as it does not necessarily signify that your shipment is in the van as it may be in one of the depots of the courier company waiting for being delivered to the final point of destination. Depending on the route of your shipment, you expect a parcel to arrive on a certain date. However, if the status of your package remains as ‘in transit’ for longer than expected, check what are the reasons in our article. In such cases, we strongly advise you to contact our team for clarifying the DPD in transit meaning in your case and they will figure out what happened.


  • Does DPD deliver on Saturday and Sunday?

Weekend delivery was already launched in some countries covered by DPD services. As DPD deliver on Saturday and Sunday, you can arrange delivery with your local depot.


  • What does DPD missed delivery mean?

If a courier comes to the delivery address and finds nobody to convey a shipment to, then, the tracking system of DPD will show a missed delivery. Generally, in such cases, the courier will try once again to deliver the parcel during the next working date. Alternatively, you can also choose to agree directly with DPD to collect the parcel from the DPD local depot.


  • What shall I do in case of service disruptions?

If DPD experiences service disruptions and you encounter delivery problems when shipping with DPD, most of the time, the service will be retaken in one of the following working days. If your order was processed through Eurosender, please get in touch with us and our team will inform you about the steps to follow.


  • What are DPD drop-off points and pick-up shops?

These are local parcel shops where shippers can drop off their packages or pick-up them up in case no one was at home when the delivery attempt was made. When deliveries cannot happen, for different reasons, packages are stored for a few days in the parcel shop from where the consignee will have to collect them.


  • Where can I find DPD local depots and pick-up points?

The best way to find a local depot or a pick-up point is to surf the DPD website and insert your postal code in the appropriate section. Afterwards, you will get a list of local storage facilities. Meanwhile, Eurosender offers convenient door-to-door services for you as there is no need to go to a drop off point. Just take advantages of the cheapest way to ship with DPD or other reputable logistics company and send a package to your nearest and dearest, to a crew member, and even to a campsite.


  • What items are forbidden from shipping with DPD?

DPD has a thoroughly crafted list of prohibited items that cannot be transported when using their services. You can check them out here. If you still place some restricted items inside the package, note that any subsequent events (such as parcel damage) will be the client’s sole responsibility and you will not be compensated for any damages occurred during transit. To avoid any inconveniences or package damage, check detailed instructions on how to pack different kinds of items and ensure their safe transportation to the point of destination.

Our courier services providers:

Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research. When looking for accurate information, such as complete lists of DPD forbidden items, DPD restricted items, DPD packing instruction and information about the cost to ship with DPD, always check the official website of DPD.