DPD Parcel Delivery: International Shipping and Prices

DPD International shipping: delivery rates, parcel shops & more

DPD is one of the brands of the DPD Group, along with SEUR in Spain, Chronopost in Portugal, and BRT in Italy. DPD offers affordable parcel deliveries all over Europe. Get to know all about DPD international delivery services, tracking statuses and quotes. At Eurosender, we cooperate only with vetted logistics providers, including DPD, to offer parcel and pallet deliveries worldwide at the best prices. Start shipping internationally with DPD or another of our trusted logistics partners using the booking tool.

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DPD is one of the brands of the DPD Group, along with SEUR in Spain, Chronopost in Portugal, and BRT in Italy. DPD offers affordable parcel deliveries all over Europe. Get to know all about DPD international delivery services, tracking statuses and quotes.At Eurosender, we cooperate only with vetted logistics providers, including DPD, to offer parcel and pallet deliveries worldwide at the best prices. Start shipping internationally with DPD or another of our trusted logistics partners using the booking tool.


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Alternatives to sending parcels internationally with DPD

Use our platform to find the best international shipping solution to send a parcel with DPD or any other vetted logistics company:
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DPD international tracking and statuses

One of the most important pieces of information when shipping internationally with DPD is the DPD tracking number and the tracking statuses. Once you have booked a shipping service with DPD, you will receive a number to track your shipment. You can enter the DPD tracking number on their website or use our tracking tool (if you booked the shipment with us) to find your parcel’s delivery status. Some of the most common DPD tracking statuses are:

  • DPD transit status – means that your parcel is being moved between two warehouses or to a DPD pick-up or drop-off point.
  • DPD consolidation scan – when parcels are shipped to a far destination, they will be sorted after being scanned by a process called consolidation.
  • DPD parcel on delivery – parcel is in transit to the delivery address.
  • DPD delivery attempt failed – the delivery could not be performed due to incorrect information or because no one was present at the delivery address.

If your DPD delivery status hasn’t changed or you can’t track your parcel for some reason, you should contact the respective DPD agency or, if you booked the shipping service with Eurosender, you can contact us via email, phone or live chat. Our experts will be more than happy to help you. Visit our dedicated page to find out more about tracking statuses and how DPD international tracking works.


DPD shipping quotes: domestic and international deliveries

DPD shipping quotes depend on the weight of the parcel and the selected route. For international parcel shipping, DPD divides the shipping destinations into different zones. The price of shipping with DPD depends on the zone your parcel is to be delivered to and the weight tier it belongs to: letters, parcels between 0-10 kg and parcels between 10-20 kg. If you want to ship parcels weighing more than 30 kg, you will have to contact DPD for a specific offer. Furthermore, there are price differences when shipping to a home address or shipping to a DPD pick-up point.

DPD UK domestic delivery quotes

WeightDPD Door 2 doorDPD drop off at shop
5 kgFrom €7.79From €6.39
10 kgFrom €11.12From €7.89
20 kgFrom €14.49From €10.39

DPD quotes for shipping from Germany to Ireland

Size (shortest + longest side)DPD home collectionDPD drop off at shop
XS (up to 35 cm)€41.20€35.00
S (up to 50 cm)€41.20€38.00
M (up to 70 cm)€47.20€43.80
L (up to 90 cm)€62.50€56.00
XL (max 3 m length + girth)€74.20€65.50
Alternatively, you can get an instant quote with Eurosender and ship with DPD or any other of our trusted logistics partners. All of our shipping prices are pre-negotiated, meaning that you will always get the most affordable option for your route. And by creating an account, you can access additional payment types that grant you even more discounts.

Promo Codes for shipping with DPD and many other couriers

Additionally, through our cooperation with different student and expat organisations as well as affiliate programs, you can also find Promo Codes to insert during the order process and benefit from special discounts when shipping with DPD, SEUR, Chronopost or any other courier company.

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FAQ: DPD tracking, deliveries and international shipping services

What should I do in case my DPD tracking number is not working?
First of all, read all the necessary information about parcel tracking on our dedicated page. It is important to understand that the updates in the tracking system will happen only when the parcels are scanned in the local depots.
However, if you notice that there are no updates for more than 48 hours or your DPD tracking number returns an error (which many times happens because of the usage of a combination of digits and letters which don’t constitute the tracking number itself), don’t hesitate to contact us via chat and we will advise you on the actions to take.
What does DPD missed delivery mean?
If a courier comes to the delivery address and finds no one to accept the shipment, then the tracking system of DPD will show a missed or failed delivery.
Generally, in such cases, the courier will try once again to deliver the parcel during the next working date.
Alternatively, you can also choose to agree directly with DPD to collect the parcel from the DPD local depot.
What is the meaning of DPD in transit?
As you check the parcel status in the tracking tool, you will be able to notice how it changes as your package is transported.
The meaning of “DPD in transit” might be a bit confusing as it does not necessarily mean that your shipment is in the van; it may be in one of the DPD international depots waiting to be delivered to the final destination.
Depending on the route of your shipment, you expect a parcel to arrive on a certain date. However, if the status of your package remains “in transit” for longer than expected, we strongly advise contacting our team to clarify the specific meaning of “DPD in transit” in your case, and we will figure out what happened.
Will I receive a DPD tracking number if I book through Eurosender?
Yes. If you booked a service through Eurosender and the assigned courier company is DPD, you will receive a DPD tracking number for every package sent out.
The DPD tracking number will be listed in the confirmation email you will receive from us. To check the transit of the parcel sent via DPD, you can simply use our tracking tool below or head to the DPD website directly.
Input tracking or order number
What shall I do in case my parcel with DPD is lost?
Lost parcels are quite rare situations. If your DPD parcel is lost, there are a few steps to take in order to recover the losses.
If the services were booked through Eurosender, we will carry out the entire claim procedure and act on your behalf. For this, we will request some information such as:
  • The date of shipping;
  • Parcel number;
  • Details concerning the parcel, such as its dimensions and weight;
  • Address information;
  • Description of the content;
  • Your contact information;
  • The invoice for the shipping service which is sent as an attachment to the email.
Please note that you can only start a claim procedure after the DPD courier company officially declares the parcel as lost.
Want to know more? Read more about what to do about parcels lost by DPD or other couriers.
Why is it cheaper to ship through Eurosender?
Due to the large volume of shipments we process daily, we can negotiate the lowest possible rate with the best courier providers. Additionally, if you are a student or an expat, get in touch with your student or expat organisation and ask for a discount at Eurosender.
We cooperate with hundreds of organisations throughout Europe, helping thousands of people to send packages or even relocate.
Read more about our services for students.
How can I get a DPD promo code for my next delivery?
You will be able to find DPD promo codes and special discount codes on various websites online. As an alternative, find out the cheapest way to ship with DPD or other logistics companies by booking shipping services on our platform.
What are the DPD pick-up and drop-off points?
DPD pick-up and drop-off points are stores or businesses which collaborate with DPD. These parcel shops allow shippers to drop off parcels that need to be sent instead of waiting for the collection at their address. At the same time, by picking up their package at a DPD parcel shop, they avoid waiting for the courier to deliver it.
If you happen to get shipping services with DPD through Eurosender, you will benefit from our door-to-door shipping services at low prices. The courier will take the parcel from the pick-up address and will deliver it to the receiver's address, ensuring a hassle-free delivery. We can organise shipping from an island, a rural or remote area or even a hotel.
Where can I find DPD local depots and pick-up points?
The best way to find a local depot or a pick-up point is to surf the DPD website and insert your postal code in the appropriate section. Afterwards, you will get a list of local storage facilities.
What are the working hours of DPD parcel shops?
DPD parcel shops are open following the usual working hours of each country. In the UK, some DPD parcel shops and pick-up points in bigger cities are open from 7 am to 9 pm from Monday to Saturday and from 8 am to 6 pm on Sundays, but some others can have shorter working hours.
Most parcel shops in Europe are open from 9 am to 6 pm. You can find the closest DPD parcel shop and its opening hours on the DPD webpage.
Does DPD ship to Spain?
Yes, you can send a package with DPD from the UK to Spain, Portugal or Italy without any trouble. The DPD group operates as SEUR in Spain, Chronopost in Portugal, and BRT in Italy. DPD offers courier services in all of Europe.
The DPD tracking number for Spain will be sent to you in an email after you book a service with DPD international. This tracking number works just as the standard DPD tracking number.
Does DPD offer international shipping services anywhere in the world?
Through their DPD Classic service, the courier company offers package deliveries anywhere in Europe. If you want to ship worldwide, DPD offers the International Priority Express service for urgent shipments that need to be delivered overnight anywhere globally.
Are there any DPD surcharges for oversized or overweight parcels?
Standard shipping with DPD is limited to parcels of up to 31.5 kg. When the courier driver picks your parcel up, and the dimensions or weight are bigger than expected, the courier might refuse the collection of the parcel.
Furthermore, your parcel could be stuck in a warehouse, and you may need to pay DPD surcharges for it to be processed or returned.
Does DPD deliver on Saturday and Sunday?
DPD delivers on Saturdays and Sundays for selected routes. If you need to book a weekend delivery, please send us a message so we can arrange this service for you. With our Priority Express Service, you can have your items delivered by a selected courier within 24h in Europe and 48-72 worldwide.
What shall I do in case of DPD service disruptions?
If DPD experiences service disruptions and you encounter delivery problems when shipping with DPD, most of the time, the service will be restarted in one of the following working days. If your order was processed through Eurosender, please get in touch with us, and our team will inform you about the steps to follow.
Where can I find a DPD prohibited items list?
DPD has a thoroughly crafted list of prohibited items that cannot be transported when using their services. Some of the DPD prohibited items include:
  • Ammunition
  • Batteries
  • Dangerous goods
  • Delicate items
  • Firearms
  • Food
  • Perishable goods
  • Liquids
You can check the full list on the DPD webpage if you need more information or read our list of most common prohibited and restricted items for shipping. If you still place some restricted items inside the package, note that any subsequent events (such as parcel damage) will be the client’s sole responsibility, and you will not be compensated for any damages that may occur during transit.
To avoid any inconvenience or package damage, check detailed instructions on how to pack different kinds of items and ensure their safe transport to the point of destination.
How do I return a parcel with DPD?
If you want to return a parcel with DPD, you can book a return service online and print the shipping label. Then you can drop your parcel at one of their parcel shops and send it back to the sender. Find out more about how parcel return services work.
Does DPD offer e-commerce solutions?
Yes, DPD has several shipping services for e-commerce and businesses. You can book shipping services as a regular shipper and create return parcel labels for your customers. If you are interested in shipping solutions for your business, you can find out more about logistics for e-commerce.
Can I still send parcels with DPD to the UK, even after Brexit?
Yes, you can send a parcel with DPD to the UK, even after Brexit. Brexit has heavily affected shipping and logistics. Parcels from the EU to the UK now have to go through customs and may be subject to VAT or other import charges. If you want to learn more about DPD parcel and freight shipping after Brexit, you can read more in our Brexit shipping guide.
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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in November 2023. For more information about DPD tracking number, DPD international shipping prices, DPD customs brokerage procedures or DPD parcel lockers, we strongly recommend checking the courier company’s official website.