How can I transport a quad abroad by courier?

You’d like to spend your weekend with touring with a quad or you would like to try out your new quad in the field? The safest way to transport your quad to the off-road tracks is an ATV shipping by a reliable courier company. But how do you pack an ATV for shipping? At Eurosender, we take the transport of a quad abroad very seriously and have therefore compiled useful tips in this article to make your ATV shipping by courier safe and fast!

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How to book a shipment with Eurosender to ship an ATV on a pallet?

For shipping an ATV by courier with Eurosender you need to complete the next 4 easy steps:

Filling out a form for an individual offer by mentioning important details about your shipment and shipping needs.

Our team of experienced logistics specialists will process your request and find the best available solution for you in the form of a quote.

Our logistics experts agree all the details about the transport of your quad domestically or abroad. Here you also pay for the service by preferred payment method.

Packing your ATV for shipping according to our instructions.

Eurosender works together with only reliable logistics companies, ensuring that every shipment arrives undamaged and smoothly at its destination. We have an extensive network of renowned logistics companies, both known internationally like DHL and Kuehne + Nagel. Since a quad is usually regarded as a bulky good, it is often difficult to find a suitable offer for shipping an ATV by courier. Eurosender can help you to find the best price to ship an ATV on a pallet.

Shipping insurance

Each freight shipment is covered by insurance according to the CMR Convention. If you want to send your quad by courier with more safety, additional insurance options (up to 1000€, 2000€ or 5000€) are available at great prices. We recommend our customers to purchase additional insurance for their vehicle. The final price will hardly change, but now, you can be sure about your quad.

What should I know for a safe ATV shipping by courier?

If you transport a quad abroad, it should be well prepared for transportation. In addition, to properly pack an ATV for shipping to protect it from possible shocks during transport, there are a few important points to keep in mind to avoid unwanted problems and delays.

  • Ship your ATV on a pallet in a wooden crate. It gives the best protection and it is the most affordable option.
  • Since a quad is a large and heavy item, you will have to request an individual offer. We ask you to give the dimensions of the crate and the weight of the quad and pallet combined. Also, state clearly the addresses where the quad has to be picked up and where it has to be delivered.

Request a quote

  • When you ship an ATV on a pallet by an individual offer, the courier will call ahead to schedule a pick-up. They will ask for a pick-up date and time.

  • When you ship a quad by courier, always make sure someone hands the vehicle over to the courier on the pick-up date. This also applies when the quad arrives at its destination – it must be received by someone.
  • Remove accessories and loose parts. This reduces the risk of damage to removable parts and accessories during transport.
  • Wash your quad before transport. If you ship an ATV on a pallet, make sure your vehicle is not too dirty, the selected courier may refuse to transport the quad otherwise. To avoid this, clean the vehicle prior to packing.
  • Document condition before you pack an ATV for shipping. Document the current condition of your ATV to be able to initiate a complaint procedure in an unlikely case of damage during transport. Take also some pictures prior to the shipment so you can prove the damage was not there before.
  • Before you send a quad by courier, extract the fuel. Do not refuel your quad before you send a quad by courier and make sure that there is no fuel left in the tank.

How to send a quad by courier in a crate?

To transport a quad abroad in a crate, proper preparation of the quad is of utmost importance. It is not difficult to pack an ATV for shipping if you use the right materials and protect the vehicle well. You can buy the following materials at any hardware store:

  • A pallet. Make sure that a selected pallet can be driven under and loaded with a pallet truck.
  • A shipping crate that fits the pallet.
  • Edge protectors. In this way, you avoid damage to fragile parts on your ATV.
  • Cable ties and adhesive tape. The first is necessary for tying cables, the second for fixing some loose parts.
  • Tension straps. To fix the quad onto the pallet.
  • Cardboard sheets and plastic foil to protect the general exterior of the quad.

Preparing to ship a quad by courier

  1. Remove all removable parts. To avoid losing or damaging removable parts during transport, remove them from the vehicle and package them separately.
  2. Tie cables and protect sensitive parts. Tie all cables with cable ties. Use edge protectors and cardboard plates to protect your quad. Wrap the ATV in protective foil and fix it with adhesive tape.
  3. Fix the quad onto the pallet. Use tension straps to secure the vehicle to the pallet.
  4. Cover the quad. If you have a quad case, use it to ship your quad. You can also wrap the vehicle in several layers of a protective film.

Dedicated van delivery service

Are you looking for a fast, reliable way to send multiple packages or items at the same time? Then we can help you arrange a delivery van so that your packages reach their destination as quickly as possible. This service means that the shipment takes place directly, your package does not first go to a depot where it is consolidated with other packages, but it goes directly to your chosen final destination.

Especially when you consider shipping an ATV by courier, and you are looking for the safest and fastest way to transport your quad abroad, our dedicated van delivery service is most suited to you. Contact and that you are looking for a dedicated van delivery as well as the address of pick-up and delivery, the dimension and the weight of the ATV.

If you have further questions on how to send your quad by courier or how to pack an ATV for shipping, our friendly team of logistics experts is at your disposal. We answer all your questions and will be happy to help!