International bike shipping | Immediate quotes and packaging tips

Send your bike by courier when going on active holidays or selling bikes and accessories online. Profit from Eurosender’s knowledge and experience in logistics and find the cheapest way to ship a bike in Europe or internationally with us. Let us help you organise the safest bike or biking accessories shipping overseas. Check our tips on how to properly pack a bicycle for shipping.


Bicycle shipping services for businesses

Are you an online seller, a specialised bike shop or even a sports shop that sells accessories such as helmets, locks and lights for bikes? Set up your own digital logistics department and have all your operations summarised in one place. With Eurosender you can send bikes by courier directly to your clients’ door anywhere in the world.


How to ship a bike within Europe or internationally

Find the right transport for sending a bicycle abroad, whether it is a mountain, road or electric bike. Discover the available shipping options below.

Standard shipping

A quick, easy and affordable option for shipping a dismounted bicycle

Pallet delivery

An efficient solution for businesses that ship multiple bicycles to retailers

Express shipping

Your customers are requesting an urgent delivery? We’ve got you covered

What to know before shipping a bike internationally?

  • Pack your bike, measure its dimensions and find out what is the right shipping service for it. The cheapest way to ship a bike is by dismounting it as many bicycles can fit the standard dimensions.
  • Verify if you need to print and attach the shipping label to your parcel. Such information will be sent to you via email.
  • Book your shipment in advance to avoid any inconvenience. Use our online tool to estimate the time of delivery and make sure someone is present at delivery and pick-up locations.

How to pack a bike for shipping

Shipping a bike in Europe or internationally can be very easy if you just follow these simple steps:

  • Disassemble the bike by taking apart the wheels, handlebars, pedals and saddle.
  • Pack each part separately by wrapping them with bubble wrap and securing them with tape. The bolts should be put into plastic pouches, so they do not get lost during transit.
  • Carefully place the parts into a cardboard box previously lined with cushioning materials. Use a string to tie the items together and add more cushioning materials to make sure everything is immovable.
  • Use tape to seal the box and reinforce the corners and edges.

The most popular reasons for bike shipping amongst our clients

  • Sending a bike to a repair shop. Your bike deserves the best possible care, and not always will you have a specialised mechanic near you. Send your bike for repair with Eurosender and rest assured it will be safely transported.
  • Buying or selling a used bike online. Whether you are the buyer or the seller, you can choose to ship your bike internationally with Eurosender and benefit from affordable shipping rates.
  • Going on holidays or competitions. Ship your bike directly to your hotel to avoid the high costs of extra luggage and have your favourite equipment with you.
Transport bike with insurance

Every shipment organised with us is covered by insurance. The amount of which depends on the shipping service selected. Extra insurance can be added at a small price during the ordering process. Whether you are shipping a new or used bike, it is highly recommended to keep the original invoice as it serves as a proof of value for your item.

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Shipping a bike internationally – Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to ship a bike without disassembling it?

It is not advisable to ship a bike by courier or mail without disassembling it. The main reason for that is because a bicycle is a delicate item with a lot of spare parts and, during transport, there is a higher risk of damage if the bike is carried altogether. Hence, all couriers strongly advise the clients to disassemble their bikes before shipping – which is even cheaper as the final package is more compact.

What if even dismounted my bicycle is too big for the standard service?

A bicycle frame may be too big for the standard shipment. If this is your case, all you have to do is ask for an individual offer. One of our logistics experts will get the details of your item and prepare a personalised offer that suits your needs.

Do I have to ship a bike in a box, or can it be transported in a bike bag?

A box provides the safest protection when sending your bike abroad. Another good alternative is to transport your bicycle in a specialised shipping case which is hard and has the right dimensions to fit all the bike parts. Bike bags are soft and do not offer the same protection against bumps and collisions. Please note that the courier has the right to refuse to transport your bike if it is not in the recommended package.

Where can I find a proper box to ship a bike?

When packing your bicycle, you should use a box with the correct size to assure bigger protection and cheapest transport. The best place to find a box with the right dimensions is in a sports store. When shipping your bike with the standard delivery service, please make sure that the box is within the dimensions limit.

How to transport a bicycle on a plane?

Most of the airline companies have similar packaging requirements when it comes to bicycles. Even though some allow clients to ship their equipment in bike bags, they strongly advise the use of cardboard boxes or protective cases. To avoid the excess charges associated with carrying your bike in the plane with you, book your courier service with us and ship it directly to your hotel.