Shipping a Bike Internationally – Packing Tips

International shipping services to transport a bike

Sending your bike by post or courier is the best solution for transporting your equipment when moving, travelling or selling it online. Profit from our knowledge and experience in logistics and find the cheapest way to ship a bike internationally with Eurosender.

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What to know when shipping a bike internationally

  • Disassemble the bike. The smaller the box you use for packing, the cheaper your bike shipping service will be.
  • Deflate the tyres. High air pressure on the tyres may increase the chances of damages due to friction with other parts or hits.
  • Find the perfect box. Look for a box big enough to fit the disassembled bike. You can check online or at sport equipment shops.
  • Choose reliable couriers. To avoid unpleasant surprises, find the best courier service on the market using Eurosender courier rate calculator.


How to pack a bike for shipping it in a package

Follow the steps below to send a bike safely by post or courier:

1. Disassemble the bike by taking apart the wheels, handlebars, pedals and saddle.
Pack each part separately by wrapping them with bubble wrap and securing them with tape.

2. Protect the bike frame and protruding parts, such as the wheel axel, by covering them in bubble wrap.
The bolts should be put into plastic pouches so they do not get lost.

3. Place the bike frame in first, followed by the protectively wrapped wheels, and then the smaller parts.

4. Make sure there is adequate padding between each part. Close and seal the box and reinforce the corners and edges.


Shipping a bike via courier with Eurosender

Find the right solution for shipping a bicycle abroad via courier, whether it is a mountain, road or electric bike. Here are our most common services:
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International bike shipping has never been cheaper

We offer shipping solutions to over 220 countries and territories around the world, so wherever you need to ship your bike, we can find an affordable solution for you!

All you need to do is check the regulations for shipping to your specific destination and prepare the bike for shipping according to our guidelines. With our door-to-door services, your bike will be shipped internationally safely.
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FAQ on shipping a bike internationally

Is my bike insured in case of damages during the transport?
Each shipment booked through Eurosender is covered by basic insurance, which is included in the price. For the best protection when shipping your bike internationally, we have great low prices for additional insurance – available to purchase during booking.
What is the cheapest way to ship a bike internationally?
The cheapest way to ship a bike internationally is by disassembling it and packing it in a box. After preparing the package, measure it and use our booking engine to discover the prices for shipping a bike internationally with the best courier providers in Europe and worldwide.
Keep in mind that the parcel dimensions will influence the final price, so we suggest you reduce the dimensions as much as you can.
Is it possible to ship a bike overseas without disassembling it?
It is not advisable to send a bike by courier or post without disassembling it. The first reason is that a bicycle is a delicate item with a lot of spare parts, and during transport there is a higher risk of damage if the bike is not adequately protected. Furthermore, a bigger parcel will lead to higher shipping costs.
If the bike you are sending is big and you can't disassemble it, check our page about shipping large parcels and find the best service for you.
Can I ship my bicycle in a bike bag?
Bike bags are not allowed as external packaging because they are soft and do not offer the same protection against bumps and collisions as a sturdy cardboard box. A box provides the best protection when sending your bike abroad by courier or post.
Please bear in mind that courier companies may refuse to transport your bike if it is not properly packed.
Is it possible to ship an e-bike internationally?
The regulations for shipping internationally an e-bike are different from those for regular bicycles because electronic ones have batteries, which may fall under the restricted section stipulated by most international couriers.
If you need specific information about shipping electric bikes overseas, do not hesitate to contact us using the chatbox or our contact form. Our specialists will be happy to assist you and discuss all the options available.