Pack and Ship a Baby Stroller

How to ship a baby stroller or a pram internationally

Are you a young mum or dad willing to travel abroad with less luggage? Or a company selling baby products? Check how to ship a baby stroller or a pram safely and cost-effectively with Eurosender. Learn how to pack such items to prepare them properly for transportation.

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What services can you use for sending a stroller or a pram abroad?

Depending on the size of your shipment, Eurosender offers several options to choose from.

Standard shipping service

Ship compact-folding pushchairs across the country or internationally at low rates
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Priority Express service

Fast expedition of baby strollers with deliveries in 24h in Europe and 48-72h worldwide
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Freight shipping

Optimal solution for shipping large 2-in-1 strollers: instant quotes, no hidden costs
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Individual offer

Custom offers to accommodate all your shipping needs. Get an offer in less than 2 hours
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Van delivery service
Price from only 0.48 EUR/km
Direct and fast delivery, same day pick-up possible
Safest mode of transport for packed or unpacked items

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How to pack a pram or a stroller for shipping?

  • Take all detachable items apart and pack them separately.
  • Secure your pram or stroller with bubble wrap.
  • Place the stroller in the box.
  • Place wrapped detachable items in the same box.
  • Fill in empty spaces with cushioning materials.
  • Seal the box.


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FAQs about the best way to ship a stroller, a pram or a baby carrier

How much does it cost to ship a pushchair?

The shipping costs depend on the dimensions of your stroller, as well as on the transportation method. If you want to ship a baby stroller or a pram at a low price using Eurosender platform, carefully measure your pushchair in its packaging and insert these parameters in our Size Calculator.
It will indicate the appropriate shipping service, as well as the price.

Are there any specific requirements regarding sending prams and baby strollers internationally by post or by courier?

The only country having strict rules regarding shipping baby strollers and prams from abroad is Canada. You can check detailed information about packing a stroller for shipping to Canada by clicking on the link.

How to pack and ship a baby carrier internationally?

The packaging instructions for shipping baby carriers and backpacks are similar to the ones for sending clothes:

  • Protect the item with bubble wrap;
  • Put it in the box;
  • Fill empty spaces with cushioning materials
  • Seal the box.

Is there any insurance for shipping baby strollers and prams?

Any shipment booked through Eurosender is automatically insured up to 200€. However, if you want to safely ship an expensive pram or baby stroller, we recommend opting for an additional insurance formula available on our website.