Courier services for individuals

Shipping services for individuals

Eurosender services are dedicated to any person in need of shipping services, regardless of the size of the shipment and the volume.

We offer not only the access to quality shipping services provided by top international logistics companies, but also our expertise in shipping and guidance on choosing the most appropriate solution for your needs.

Eurosender, the perfect platform for your shipping needs
For large and small, heavy and light parcels - access to different types of shipping services that can accommodate loads from only 2kg to even 4.000kg
For sports equipment and household goods – access to tailored services for bulky goods and items of an irregular shape
Tracking tools available – monitor the transit of your shipment
Free account setup – no monthly fee, all your shipping details saved in one place
Expert advice – we identify the best solution based on your needs and we give you advice on how to package the item
Reliability - we work only with top logistics providers in Europe

Skip the lengthy research for the lowest prices and get an immediate price for your shipping.

By booking with Eurosender, you gain access to some of the lowest shipping rates at only a few clicks.

Eurosender works for you
Eurosender serves individuals looking to send or receive parcels from abroad.

  • Travellers – make your travel easy and don’t compromise on the number of suitcases you take along;
  • People temporarily or permanently relocating abroad – we offer services for relocation and removals;
  • Business travels – cheaper transportation because, compared to air travel, international shipping is more convenient and less restrictive in terms of weight and dimensions;
  • Students – special discounts for students participating in an exchange programmes, such as Erasmus;
  • Expats – if you have purchased goods in a different country, send them home at low prices.

Eurosender provides you with an easy way to find shipping services for parcel and pallet shipping provided by the most renowned logistics service providers in Europe. You will benefit from the same low prices regardless of the volume of shipping and we will be your single point of contact for any inquiries related to your shipping.