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At Eurosender, we understand how challenging it can be to find the right company to transport your personal belongings domestically or internationally. Thus, we developed an automated platform that allows anyone to arrange efficient shipping services within minutes at the lowest cost. We match individual shippers with the best courier services for their needs based on the price-to-performance ratio. All you have to do is book the delivery with us and let our experts do the heavy job of organising all the transport details for you.

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Benefits of using our private courier services

Shipping solutions for any type of shipment, with any size or shape

Access to affordable prices, regardless of your shipping volume

Enjoy the convenience of our door-to-door shipping services

Real-time assistance from our team of experts – just a phone call away


International personal courier services

With our private courier services, individual shippers can easily dispatch standard boxes or bulky and non-standard items to another city or country.
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Who can benefit from our personal courier services?

Athletes & Sports enthusiasts
Safe transport for your sports equipment

Affordable shipping service for musical instruments

Ship your personal belongings when studying abroad

Expats & Seasonal migrants
Ship all your personal effects with our removal services


Get additional benefits when organising private shipping services

Eurosender caters to all customers offering already negotiated quotes and first-class logistics solutions. Whether you are a regular private shipper or just use courier services from time to time, you can set up an account to unlock all the features our platform has to offer.

  • Keep all your orders in one place
  • Access details of your shipment instantly
  • Benefit from rewards and exclusive offers
  • Save your shipping details & preferences

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Different types of courier services for individual shippers

For luggage & boxes

When you need a delivery of personal packages that have regular dimensions and weight, we recommend the Standard Service for the most affordable prices. Insert the dimensions of your parcel in our size calculator to check which service is most suited for you. If you need an urgent private shipping service, you can opt for the Priority Express Service, where your parcel will be delivered in 24-72h. Make sure you safely pack your items for transport – check our comprehensive packing guide for instructions.

For cargo & removals

Individuals often require logistics services for transporting items that are too big or heavy for the standard service. With our pallet delivery service, we have made it easy for anyone to organise the transport of goods on pallets. Simply insert your desired route in our booking tool, and you will instantly discover the price for each service available. When organising a relocation, you can also book a Van Delivery for shipping all your personal effects at once to your new home.


Van delivery service
Price from only 0.48 EUR/km
Direct and fast delivery, same day pick-up possible
Safest mode of transport for packed or unpacked items

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FAQs on International personal courier services

Does Eurosender offer services for shipping personal effects from Australia to the UK or other global routes?
Yes. We collaborate with a vast network of global couriers to offer worldwide shipping services for private and business clients. It doesn’t matter if you need to ship personal belongings across the country or abroad, to the other side of the globe – we can always find the solution that best fits your needs.
What is the best service for transporting personal belongings internationally during a relocation?
Our Van Delivery Service is the ideal option for transporting personal belongings domestically or internationally during relocations. You will have an entire vehicle dedicated to you, that will go directly from the pick-up to the delivery address, without stop-overs. This is the most convenient service for relocations as it has less packaging and labelling requirements. Simply protect your personal items with cushioning and ship them abroad or domestically. Get an instant quote in our booking tool when relocating within Europe.
When organising a private courier service with Eurosender, is it insured?
Yes, every time you book a delivery service with us, basic insurance is already included in the price, whose coverage depends on the service used and the type of item being transported. If you need additional protection when shipping personal effects, you can purchase extra insurance at very low fees.
How can Eurosender offer such competitive prices for international personal courier services?
Due to the high volume of shipments organised daily through our platform, we are able to negotiate extremely competitive shipping prices and pass on the discounts to our customers. This way, businesses and individual shippers can benefit from affordable courier services powered by the most reputable logistics providers in the industry.