Shipping Dimensions

Why are the shipment size and weight important?

Indicating the right weight and dimensions for shipping is key to determining the optimal transportation service and calculating its cost. Thus, it helps the shipper avoid any unpleasant surprises during the pick-up and delivery. Measure your envelope, package, or pallet and insert the shipment size directly in our specialised tool to see the best service for your shipping needs at once. Proceed with booking and get an unbeatable price-quality ratio for the relevant service within seconds!


Standard envelope and parcel sizes

Check the applicable envelope and parcel sizes for small and medium-size shipments that can be booked through the Eurosender platform:


Parcel sizes for shipping via Eurosender Standard service

Weight up to 30 kg (40 kg on some routes),
Maximum length of 175 cm,
Length (in cm) + 2x width (in cm) + 2x height (in cm) < 300 cm (length plus two times width plus two times height should be less than 300 cm or 3 m altogether).


Dimensions for shipping via Eurosender Envelope service

Maximum size: 35 x 28 cm
Acceptable weight: up to 2 kg


Parcel sizes for shipping via Eurosender Express service

Maximum size: 300cm (a single dimension can exceed 120cm)
Acceptable weight: up to 70 kg


How to ship an oversized or an overweight package with Eurosender?

If your shipment size and weight exceed standard parameters, Eurosender offers a variety of cost-effective logistics solutions to choose from.
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What happens if the customer indicates the wrong weight and dimensions for shipping?

If the shipment size exceeds the parameters indicated during the order process, the following three scenarios may take place:

Pick-up refusal
The courier company representative may refuse to collect the parcel or pallet exceeding the established weight limits and dimensions for the shipping service booked by the client.
Return to the pick-up address
Even if the pick-up takes place and the shipment arrives at the courier company’s depot, it may be sent back to the collection address. As a result, it will cause delivery delays and no refund will be granted to the sender, as he bears the sole responsibility for checking the shipment size and weight prior to ordering the service.
Extra fees can apply if the pick-up and delivery of an oversized or overweight package take place. According to the courier companies’ rules, such surcharges may occur even after the order completion. If you are unsure about the restrictions regarding parcel sizes and weight when booking your shipments through the Eurosender platform, contact our Customer Support team.


Insurance included in the price of every shipment!

Every shipment organised through our platform is covered by basic insurance. To ensure optimal coverage for your items, we also provide additional insurance formulas, which can be added to your shipment during the order process.