Shipping Dimensions and Size of Packages

Parcel shipment size and weight & why are they important

Indicating the right weight and dimensions for shipping is key to determining the optimal transportation service and calculating its cost. Thus, it helps the shipper avoid any unpleasant surprises during the pick-up and delivery. Measure your envelope, package, or pallet and insert the shipment size directly in our specialised tool to see the best service for your shipping needs at once. Proceed with booking and get an unbeatable price-quality ratio for the relevant service within seconds!


Standard envelope and parcel sizes

Check the applicable envelope and parcel sizes for small and medium-size shipments that can be booked through the Eurosender platform:


Parcel sizes for all our package shipping services

Regular & Flexi
Weight: up to 30 kg (40 kg on some routes)
Maximum length: 175 cm
Length (in cm) + 2x width (in cm) + 2x height (in cm) less than 300 cm
Regular Plus


Weight: up to 30 kg
Dimensions: Up to 210 cm total (maximum length of one side is 120 cm)
Regular Plus


Weight: up to 70 kg
Dimensions: Up to 230 cm total (maximum length of one side is 120 cm)
Weight: up to 70 kg
Maximum size: 300 cm (a single dimension cannot exceed 120 cm)

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Dimensions for shipping via Eurosender Document Service

Weight: up to 2 kg
Maximum size: 35 x 28 cm

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How to ship an oversized or overweight package with Eurosender?

If your shipment size and weight exceed standard parameters, Eurosender offers
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What happens if the customer indicates the wrong weight and dimensions for shipping?

If the shipment size exceeds the parameters indicated during the order process, the following three scenarios may take place:

  • Pick-up refusal
    The courier company representative may refuse to collect the parcel or pallet exceeding the established weight limits and dimensions for the shipping service booked by the client.
  • Return to the pick-up address
    Even if the pick-up takes place and the shipment arrives at the courier company’s depot, it may be sent back to the collection address. As a result, it will cause delivery delays, and no refund will be granted to the sender, as he bears the sole responsibility for checking the shipment size and weight prior to ordering the service.
  • Surcharges
    Extra fees can apply if the pick-up and delivery of an oversized or overweight package take place. According to the courier companies’ rules, such surcharges may occur even after the order completion. If you are unsure about the restrictions regarding parcel sizes and weight when booking your shipments through the Eurosender platform, contact our friendly Customer Support team using the chat button on the bottom right corner.


Insurance is included in the price of every shipment!

Every shipment organised through our platform is covered by basic insurance. To ensure optimal coverage for your items, we also provide additional insurance formulas, which can be added to your shipment during the order process.


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FAQ – Shipping dimensions and weight of a package

Why do dimensions matter when shipping?
In the logistics industry, the price of the shipping services is usually calculated based on the size and weight of each shipment. Most couriers and postal companies around the world have adopted this pricing method because it is an efficient way of charging for the space in the truck – the bigger your package is, the more space it takes and the more expensive it gets.
When booking any shipping service with Eurosender, you will be asked to provide the dimensions and weight of your shipment to calculate the delivery price. Please try to be as accurate as possible when providing the shipment details in order to get the most accurate pricing.
What are the standard shipping parcel dimensions?
Every courier company has their own limitations regarding maximum parcel size and weight. At Eurosender, you have two shipping options within the Standard Service: Regular and Regular Plus. The biggest difference between the parcel dimension limitation of each service is that the first allows packages of up to 30kg, while the second allows heavier parcels of up to 70kg.
Check the section above for all the shipping dimensions details of each parcel service.
What is the girth of a package?
The girth is the distance around the thickest part of the package, perpendicular to the length. It is used by some couriers to determine how much a package will cost to ship.
How to calculate the girth of a package?
To calculate the girth of a regular package box, follow these steps:
  • Measure the width of the package (the shortest side of your package).
  • Measure the height of the package (the second shortest dimension).
  • Use this formula to calculate girth: 2 x (height + width).
For more information on this topic, check our blog about how to measure the girth of a package.
If you are shipping irregularly shaped items and cannot pack them into a box, you may need to use a different formula. For triangular-shaped packages, you should calculate the sum of three sides. For cylinder-shaped items, use the formula for finding the circumference of a circle. For more detailed information, visit our dedicated page about how to pack and measure oddly shaped items.
How to calculate the parcel shipping dimensions without a scale or measuring tools?
If you do not have access to any measuring equipment or a scale, we recommend using other objects with known weights and sizes to estimate the size of your parcel. For instance, you can use flour bags or milk packages that have known weights to compare to your package and discover its approximate weight. A similar strategy can be used for estimating the parcel shipping dimensions with everyday house items that have known size. For more details on how to do this, please read our blog about shipping without a scale.
Please note that you should always provide the shipping dimensions information as accurately as possible. If in doubt, we recommend sizing up because packages that are overweight or larger than the order are subject to additional fees.