How to cheaply ship a fireplace

Who doesn’t like snoozing away in front of a cosy fireplace on a cold winter’s day? The romance and relaxing atmosphere associated with a fireplace is a deep wish for many homeowners to create the house of their dreams. On the other hand, sometimes when you are moving to a new house, you have to leave your old fireplace and all the memories around it behind. Whatever the reason may be, when you want to ship a fireplace internationally to improve the cosiness of your home, Eurosender helps you do that. With our network of famous and well-known courier companies, we can offer you the cheapest and most reliable service out there. When you are interested in how to cheaply ship a fireplace, join us when we review all the details of fireplace delivery by courier. We will also discuss the courier delivery of firewood and many other things.

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General tips for fireplace delivery by courier

Before we begin about the packing instructions for a fireplace, we first have to look at some basic advice. When you are well prepared, you will easily avoid issues when you ship a fireplace internationally.

  • Determine which shipping service is suitable: Even though some smaller electric fireplaces may qualify as standard shipping, most bigger fireplaces are better off using pallet delivery. Are you not sure if a pallet is suitable for the fireplace you want to ship? Don’t worry and ask for an individual offer of one of our logistics experts. When you are relocating abroad, you might also be interested in our removal page.
  • Shipping label: In most countries, the shipping label is printed and attached to the shipment by the courier company. However, when the pick-up address is in Spain, Poland or Sweden, you have to do this by yourself. When you are not sure what to do, check the instructions on shipping labels and other details regarding pick-up and delivery.
  • Insurance: You want to have the right insurance for the right delivery. Every shipment with Eurosender is covered by our standard insurance of up to €200. Nevertheless, it is recommended to add extra insurance, which is available at low rates.
  • Instructions for pick-up: It is essential that you are present at the pick-up address. If you are leaving the pick-up address for any reason, make sure that you place the order 2 working days before your planned departure date.

Packing materials for shipping a fireplace internationally

As the fireplace might go by standard service or by pallet delivery, the instructions and materials differ a bit when you ship a fireplace internationally. With the packing materials below you can go both ways.

For Standard Delivery:

  • Big, sturdy cardboard box.
  • Plastic bag: For the smaller details.
  • Bubble wrap: Use the thicker kind as it gives better protection to heavier items.
  • Cushioning material: At Eurosender we always go for packing peanuts, but you could also opt for shredded paper, towels or even bubble wrap.
  • Tape: Duct tape or any other tape.
  • Knife or scissors: You will need these to cut and size the materials when you ship a fireplace internationally.

For Pallet Delivery:

  • Pallet: You can use both new and used pallets, as long as they have the right dimensions and they are not damaged in any way.
  • Wrapping materials: Bubble wrap, moving blankets, foam wrap, these are just some the materials you can use to wrap the fireplace you want to move. Corrugated cardboard is also a good option.
  • Bands or straps: To attach the fireplace to the pallet.
  • Stretch foil: To seal the pallet in the end when you ship a fireplace internationally.
  • Optional: Plywood boards or other plates for building a crate as extra protection.

Packing instructions for a fireplace

As with the packing materials, the packing instructions for a fireplace are different for standard delivery and pallet delivery. No matter which option you choose, with the quick guide below, you pack your fireplace in no-time. Fireplace delivery by courier has never been so easy.

For standard delivery:

  1. Remove all parts: Disassemble all parts and put them in bags. It’s a good idea to write the names of the items on the bags for when you put it back together.
  2. Wrap the fireplace in bubble wrap: You probably need an extra set of hands to do this. Make sure that all corners and edges are well-protected and that you cover each side at least several times. When done, seal with tape.
  3. Prepare the Cardboard box: Open the box and cover the bottom evenly with packing peanuts or another cushioning material. Then place the fireplace (already covered in bubble wrap) in the box.
  4. Cushioning: Fill the sides and top of the box with additional cushioning material. Make sure that the fireplace cannot move in the box.
  5. Close and Seal: Close the box and seal it thoroughly with tape. When the pick-up address is in Poland, Sweden or Spain: Remember to print and attach the label to the package by yourself.

For Pallet delivery:

  1. Prepare: Make sure that the fireplace is empty, clean and that all parts have been removed. As for the pallet, remove any old labels (when it is a used pallet) and make sure it is intact.
  2. Wrap the fireplace: You may need assistance from 1 or 2 people when doing this as some fireplaces could be a bit heavy. Wrap the fireplace in one of the above-described wrapping materials and seal with tape.
  3. Place the wrapped fireplace on the pallet: Use the straps and band to install the fireplace on the pallet. The fireplace should not be able to move after you confirm all the straps.
  4. Optional: With the Plywood plates you can build a crate around the pallet to give it maximum protection.
  5. Seal with stretch foil: Cover the pallet and the fireplace numerous times in stretch foil. This will give it extra protection while being transported. When the pick-up address is in Poland, Sweden or Spain: Remember to print and attach the label to the package by yourself
Courier delivery of firewood

When you can ship your fireplace, why not ship your firewood as well? If you are looking for fast shipping of firewood, Eurosender has the best solution for you. With a courier delivery of firewood, you enjoy the firewood you desire. The packing instructions for firewood are pretty much the same as for the fireplace. We sorted them into two kinds.

Bags of firewood

When your firewood is in bags, it most likely applies for Standard Shipping services. These are the packing instructions for firewood: Wrap the bag in bubble wrap and place it in a box with cushioning material. Finally, close and seal the box.

Pallet of firewood

When you make a courier delivery of firewood on a pallet, you can directly staple the firewood on the pallet. We recommend building a crate around the pallet with Plywood plates. If this is not possible, use enough stretch foil to stabilize the firewood.

Related areas of fireplace delivery by courier

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