How to Pack and Ship a Fireplace?

The best way to send a fireplace abroad and across the country

Are you looking for the most suitable courier service for fireplace transportation to your clients or for its relocation? With Eurosender, you will find the best way to send a fireplace abroad and across the country in just a few clicks. You can also order firewood delivery by courier at low rates through our platform. Get expert advice for shipping electric, gas, and other fireplace models. Learn how to pack a fireplace for shipping and book reliable door-to-door services.

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Ship fireplaces nationally and internationally to your clients with Eurosender!

At Eurosender, we can accommodate all your transportation needs. Join thousands of companies that have chosen Eurosender as their permanent shipping platform. Have access to a wide network of reputable international logistics providers. Ship fireplaces internationally to your clients and resellers at pre-negotiated rates. Have all relevant shipping information in one place. Enjoy security, reliability, and flawless delivery.


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At Eurosender, we know exactly what courier services are suitable for fireplace transportation:

Express shipping

The fastest delivery to your client’s doorstep: 24h-72h worldwide
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Individual offer

Get a tailor-made shipping offer from our experts within 2h
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Pallet delivery

Send multiple fireplaces directly to your clients or resellers
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Van delivery

A van can fit more than a fireplace inside. Available in Europe
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How to pack a fireplace for shipping?

  1. If you need to send an electric fireplace abroad or across the country, ship it in its original box.
  2. Disassemble the fireplace.
  3. Protect every item separately with bubble wrap.
  4. Use moving blankets for bigger parts.
  5. Make sure that all edges are well-protected.
  1. Prepare a cardboard box (if applicable) and fill the bottom with packing peanuts, crumpled paper, or any other cushioning material.
  2. Put the fireplace inside.
  3. Close and seal the box.
  4. Prepare the pallet and stack the items one onto another.
  5. Secure the items with straps.


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FAQs on shipping fireplaces domestically and internationally

How much will it cost to ship a fireplace?

The quotes for sending a fireplace across the country or abroad will depend on the transportation method, the distance, as well as on the shipment dimensions and weight.

Our logistics experts will gladly assist you if you have any specific requirements or questions on how to pack and ship an iron fireplace insert or any other fireplace type.

How to ship a bubble fireplace?

The recommendations for packing and shipping bubble fireplaces internationally are the same as the ones listed above. Disassemble all the components, pack them separately and use our size and weight calculator to determine the appropriate courier service for fireplace transportation.

How to take a fireplace with you when moving houses?

The guidelines for dismantling specific types of fireplaces can be found on the web. If you are planning to relocate your fireplace, you will need to tear out both the insert and the frame. Relocating a wood burning fireplace may be impossible if it is made of stone or brick. Relocating a wood-burning fireplace can be quite hard, not to mention the high price of the service. Gas models and wall-mounted electric fireplaces can be easily relocated.

If you are looking for the best courier service for fireplace transportation when moving houses, with Eurosender you will get a highly competitive price for a dedicated van and alternative freight shipping options. We can accommodate any shipping needs depending on the moving volume.

How to book firewood delivery by courier with Eurosender?

Use our booking tool to order door-to-door firewood delivery by courier through the Eurosender platform. Here are some useful tips on how to pack firewood for shipping:

  • If firewood is in bags, it most likely applies for Standard Shipping services. Wrap the bag in bubble wrap and place it in a box filled with crumpled paper. Close and seal the box.
  • When it comes to courier delivery of firewood and chimney accessories on a pallet, you can directly staple the firewood on the pallet. We recommend building a Plywood crate around the pallet. If it is not possible, use enough stretch foil to stabilize the firewood.

How to import fireplaces?

If your company is interested in importing and distributing contemporary, antique, or designer fireplaces, you will need to check the import and export regulations in the pick-up and the destination countries. Shipping fireplaces internationally outside the EU will involve a customs clearance procedure. If you need additional information on how to send a certain type of fireplace abroad, feel free to contact our friendly Customer Support Team.

Is there any insurance for transporting fireplaces and chimneys with Eurosender?

We got you covered! We never compromise on safety. Every shipment sent through the Eurosender platform is covered by insurance. Its amount will depend on the type of the shipping service selected for your order. For additional protection of your goods, we offer extra insurance at a very low fee. You will be offered several options during the order process.