How to Choose Shipping Envelopes and Where to Buy Them

Choosing the best envelope for your shipping needs

Save money on packaging materials and consider using an envelope instead of a box for your shipment, where possible. Learn about different types of shipping envelopes from padded to poly mailers and where to buy them cheaply. Whether you are mailing important documents, clothes, books or small items in envelopes, Eurosender has an easy and cost-effective shipping solution for you.


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Choosing the right envelope for your shipment

Envelopes used for mailing vary in terms of material and strength. It is important to choose a suitable envelope depending on the document or item you are shipping.

  • Standard paper envelope – the most common envelope, ideal for sending letters and documents.
  • Cardboard envelope – sturdy envelope, recommended for sending items such as books or CDs.
  • Padded envelope or bubble mailer – envelope lined with bubble wrap to protect small items.
  • Plastic envelope or poly mailer – lightweight waterproof envelope, often used for sending T-shirts and other clothes.


Different shipping envelope types and sizes

Shipping envelopes come in different types and sizes. The best envelope for your shipment will depend on the documents or items you are sending. The international standard sizes of the most commonly used envelopes are listed below:

  • C6 (11.4 x 16.2 cm): ideal for A6 sheets or small items such as micro SD cards;
  • DL (11 x 22 cm): ideal for mailing letters and documents (up to 4 or 5 sheets);
  • C5 (16.2 x 22.9 cm): recommended for greeting cards, invitations or small brochures;
  • C4 (22.9 x 32.4 cm): allows you to send A4 sheets without having to fold them;
  • B4 (35.3 x 25 cm): ideal for documents that cannot be folded, such as certificates or photographic plates;
  • C3 (32.4 x 45.8 cm): large envelope, ideal for posters or discs.


Where to buy envelopes for shipping

You can buy shipping envelopes in various stores and also online. It is also possible to reuse paper, cardboard or padded envelopes for your shipment as long as they are in good condition. You can buy shipping envelopes from the following places at cheap prices:

  • Stationery stores
  • Specialist stores
  • Amazon and other online stores
  • Post office


Shipping documents and other items in an envelope

Depending on the items to be sent and the urgency of your envelope shipment, you can choose from several shipping options to suit your needs:
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*Please note that with our Document Service you can only send paper documents. If you want to send other items in envelopes, you will need to select Express or Standard Services.


How to pack an envelope for shipping

Check our general guidelines below on how to pack documents or other items in an envelope:


Choose a suitable envelope for your item type and size.


If necessary, wrap the item or document in extra material for better protection.


Place the item or document inside the envelope.


Close and seal the envelope and attach the shipping label.


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FAQ on shipping with different types of envelopes

Can I ship any size of envelope with Eurosender?
If you select the Eurosender Document Service, you can send envelopes up to 35 x 28 cm and no heavier than 2kg.
Can I use a used envelope for shipping?
Yes, you can reuse envelopes and other packaging materials for your shipments as long as they are in good condition. Make sure that the envelope is sturdy and that previous addresses or labels are not visible.
Can I use an envelope to mail keys or other small items?
Yes, you can use standard or padded envelopes for mailing keys or other small items. Make sure you book our Standard or Express Services when shipping these objects. The Document Service is intended for paper documents and you should not select this service for keys or small items even if they are packed in an envelope.
Can books be shipped in an envelope?
Yes, you can ship books in an envelope if they fit comfortably inside. Padded or cardboard envelopes are ideal packaging for shipping a book by post or courier because of their small size and the protection offered by the envelope.
Can I send clothes in an envelope?
Yes, you can. Plastic, padded or large envelopes can be used as packaging for shipping clothes such as t-shirts by courier. Envelopes as a packaging material are cheap and efficient, just make sure you pack the clothes well inside, especially if you are shipping as an ecommerce. If you are shipping delicate or expensive items of clothing, we do not recommend using envelopes for mailing, as they do not provide the same protection as a cardboard box.
What kind of envelope should I use for a passport?
If you opt for postal services, you should use a registered envelope for sending a passport and other registered mail. This means that your envelope will be trackable and you can request proof of delivery for additional security, however you also pay for Priority Mail in this case. On the other hand, Eurosender makes shipping easy and affordable! Our Document Service is ideal for sending passports and other registered post as it already includes these features in the price. You can use a padded bubble envelope for maximum protection. Get an instant quote for the Document Service by inserting your shipping information in our booking tool below.


Other packaging materials

Visit our dedicated pages for tips and useful information on different packaging materials.