Shipping alcohol in Europe or overseas by post or courier

Are you an individual or a company looking for the best way to ship alcohol in Europe or internationally? At Eurosender you can get the best rates on the market and tips on how to pack and ship alcoholic drinks safely around Europe and overseas by mail or courier.

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Shipping alcohol internationally for businesses

Are you a licensed distributor, producer or reseller of alcoholic beverages? Register a business account for free on Eurosender platform and get access to shipping quotes for companies. Send champagne, wine, whiskey, rum or any other alcoholic drinks abroad by mail or courier.

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What services can you use to ship alcohol abroad?

Depending on the size and time-sensitivity of your shipment, Eurosender offers several options to choose from:

  • Standard shipping service: The best way to ship smaller quantities of alcoholic drinks.
  • Pallet delivery: This service is a cost-effective solution for shipping bigger loads of alcoholic beverages from distributors or producers to customers or resellers.
  • Express shipping service: If you are in a rush or your customer needs an urgent delivery, you can book the express service.

How to prepare alcoholic drinks for shipping?

For businesses using the pallet delivery service, suggest following the steps below:

  • Place some liner paper on the pallet and all your boxes or packs of alcoholic beverages on it.
  • Add liner paper directly between each layer, to decrease friction and spread the weight evenly.
  • Fix the shipment to the pallet with straps and secure it with stretch foil or bubble wrap.

For individuals, who plan to ship a small amount of alcohol or want to know how to pack bottles for shipping as a gift, check these tips:

1. Place each bottle in a plastic bag and into the bottle box. If you wish you can add one layer of bubble or foam wrap to each box for extra cushioning.

2. If you are sending bottles among other belongings in the package, fill the empty spaces between the bottles with other things in the box to add cushioning.

3. Close the box and seal all the flaps and edges with adhesive tape.

Regulations on shipping alcohol in the EU and internationally

Shipping alcohol in Europe and the UK

According to the European Union’s regulations, an authorised person or company can ship alcoholic beverages within the EU and the United Kingdom. Despite the fact that the UK has left the European Union, 2020 has been declared a transition period and therefore the EU regulations will still be valid for the current year.

Shipping alcohol within Europe is illegal for private individuals without a license. The good news is that a private individual can buy alcoholic drinks online from a reseller based in the EU or overseas. Also, it is allowed to receive shipments with alcohol from countries outside the EU, even if they are sent by individuals.

Shipping alcohol outside the EU

In the USA, licensed companies are allowed to ship alcohol beverages to other businesses or customers. But it is not legal for individuals to ship alcohol by mail or courier domestically or internationally. Still, the regulations may vary from state to state.

It is possible to ship alcoholic beverages within Australia. You can also legally ship alcohol from the EU or any other country to Australia but have in mind that packages that are worth less than AU$1000 must pay taxes and duties. More valuable packages will be accepted only with an Import Declaration.

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FAQs on shipping alcohol in Europe and internationally

Do people still send alcohol in the mail? Is sending alcohol as a gift allowed in Europe and internationally?

Packages containing one or two bottles of alcoholic drinks are still shipped through courier services. Shippers pack alcoholic drinks among other belongings. Many times, these are not discovered by the courier’s filter (scanning). Some rare beer or a bottle of good wine can be a great gift. That’s why many people ship alcohol drinks to a friend or family as a gift.

If you decide to ship alcohol, please keep in mind that you do it on your own responsibility, meaning that no reimbursement is guaranteed if the parcel is damaged.

Is shipping alcohol from Europe to the USA legal?

If you are a reseller or producer of alcoholic drinks, you can get an official license and export alcoholic drinks to the United States legally. Shipping alcohol from the EU countries or the United Kingdom to the USA is not allowed for individuals.

Can I buy alcohol online and order delivery in Europe?

If you buy wine, champagne, whiskey or any other type of alcohol online, the spirits can be delivered from the countries outside the EU or within Europe by post or courier legally. However, the seller must be authorized to ship alcohol.

Does insurance apply when shipping alcoholic beverages by mail or courier?

Licensed companies benefit from CMR insurance and can purchase additional insurance directly from the shipping company when using freight service. Private individuals and companies may ship alcohol at their own risk via standard service and therefore the shipment will not be covered by insurance.

Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping alcohol in Europe or overseas. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restrictions. In case you decide to ship alcohol, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.