TNT Prohibited and Restricted Items updated in 2024

Complete list of TNT prohibited and restricted items for shipping

Before you book an international delivery with TNT, it is important to check their shipping restrictions and the list of prohibited and restricted items for shipping. Get familiar with the applicable regulations to make sure your shipment is fully compliant and that it will be delivered without issues. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of prohibited and restricted items that cannot be shipped with TNT.


TNT List of prohibited items

The following list contains all items prohibited for shipping by TNT, considering the courier’s shipping regulations in various EU countries. Items are deemed prohibited either because they are potentially dangerous or because local laws and conventions forbid their handling and delivery.

  • Antiques, works of art
  • Cytostatic drugs
  • Dangerous goods, in particular radioactive materials, explosive goods, weapons, munitions and goods that could cause harm to other goods, the environment or people, or in respect of which the transportation, import or export is prohibited by applicable law
  • Live plants and live animals, excluding invertebrates, provided that the sender takes all measures to ensure safe, animal-friendly transportation without special handling
  • Money, coins, securities
  • Perishable goods and temperature-sensitive goods, as well as mortal remains
  • Precious metals, jewellery, precious stones
  • Shipments whose content, external appearance, transportation or storage contravene a statutory or official prohibition, or which would require special equipment, safety measures or authorisations
  • Stamps or other tokens
  • Biological substances such as blood samples, live or dead animals, fur, human organ or remains
  • Other items such as asbestos, porn, ivory, passports, endangered plants, tobacco and alcohol
  • Unique items and other goods of exceptional value


TNT List of restricted items

The following items are considered restricted by TNT because they fall under specific shipping regulations imposed either by the carrier or the local country laws, but it is still possible to transport them under specific contracts. The complete list of restricted items depends on the quantity of goods being shipped and countries of origin, transit and destination of the shipment. Here are a few examples:

  • Awkwardly sized goods such as agricultural equipment, vehicles, furniture
  • Biodegradable items such as food, perishable items, organic and industrial waste
  • Dangerous goods such as dry ice, perfume, lithium batteries
  • Items of high value such as jewellery, precious metals, antiques, fine art, gemstones and currency

Restricted vs prohibited items by TNT

The list of TNT prohibited items contains the articles that the courier company cannot carry. However, there are several items that, even though they are strictly regulated, it is still possible to organise a transport service in certain conditions. Such items are the ones contained on the restricted list. To get approval for transporting restricted items, the shipper must provide documents and certificates that prove they are entitled to move and store these items without danger. In most cases, business clients are the ones benefiting from this special transport after establishing contracts directly with TNT to deliver their restricted goods.

TNT Shipping restrictions – Countries not covered

Besides following the TNT shipping restrictions, the shipper should also be aware of any regulations imposed by the country’s laws. We recommend checking the rules applicable to the countries of origin, transit and delivery of your shipment. Even though this courier company offers transport services in over 220 countries and territories around the world, according to the TNT shipping restrictions, these are the locations where they do not operate:

  • Crimea
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Sudan
  • South Sudan
  • Somalia
  • Syria
  • Yemen


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Shipping with TNT via Eurosender

At Eurosender, we work with a vast network of logistics providers, including TNT and several other international couriers. To ensure your delivery goes as planned, we strongly advise you to make sure your shipment is fully compliant with the TNT list of prohibited and restricted items and any other shipping restrictions. Once everything is checked, use our booking tool below to instantly check the shipping price provided by multiple courier providers and schedule your delivery right away!


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FAQs – TNT Shipping restrictions for prohibited items

Are TNT shipping restrictions applicable for all types of transport services?
Since TNT operates with different types of transport methods, including road and air freight, the company’s shipping restrictions may slightly differ to adapt for each service. For example, when shipping via air freight, the courier company is obliged to follow IATA’s shipping regulations in addition to their own. To be on the safe side, we always recommend sending us or the courier company a message before you book your delivery to confirm if your item is allowed to ship.
What happens if you ship a prohibited item with TNT?
If a TNT prohibited item is discovered in your package upon collection, the courier may refuse to take on the package, and you will have no right to a refund. If a TNT prohibited item is found during transit, the parcel may be returned to the sender, destroyed, or the prohibited article may be removed. It is important to note that the shipper may be charged for additional handling fees by the courier company and applicable duties/charges by the customs authorities during the import/export procedures. If this situation occurs during your delivery, you will be contacted.
Is there any insurance when shipping prohibited or restricted items with TNT?
Shipping TNT prohibited items is not allowed, and, therefore, the courier company offers no form of liability or insurance towards the shipment. The same rule applies to restricted items being shipped without the necessary documents or authorisation. The only exception for this rule applies to clients who have a special contract with TNT for shipping restricted items. If you are a business that wishes to get a dedicated contract, you should contact TNT directly.
Can I ship restricted or prohibited items through Eurosender?
To ensure your shipment will go through without any issues, we strongly advise against including any restricted or prohibited items inside the package. Please have in mind that any shipment that contains prohibited or restricted articles is automatically excluded from insurance, which means that you will be sending it at your own risk.
Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in July 2021. For more information about TNT shipping restrictions for prohibited and restricted items, we strongly recommend checking the courier company’s official website.