Can I Ship Liquids Internationally by Post or Courier?4 min read
shipping liquids

Liquids, gels and pastes are popular items for mailing internationally, yet they can pose a problem if anything goes wrong in transit. Find out what you need to know about sending liquids in the mail or by courier.

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Can you mail packages with liquids internationally?

Strictly speaking, liquids are restricted or prohibited for sending by most postal and courier companies. This means that liquids are not covered by shipping insurance, at least in the case of individuals.

In spite of this restriction, many people use standard shipping services (road freight) to send liquid items such as perfumes, shampoo or other toiletries since they are nice gift ideas.

What you should bear in mind is that if you decide to mail packages that contain any liquids internationally, you do so at your own risk and will not be entitled to compensation if the parcel gets lost or damaged in transit.

Liquids are prohibited for shipping internationally on express services (air freight). Parcels booked with express are x-rayed and inspected before loading onto the aircraft. If any liquid or prohibited item is discovered, the item may be removed or the package returned to the sender without a refund.

How to pack liquids for shipping internationally

It is important to pack the liquids properly for shipping to prevent the risk of leakage or breakage. Avoid the unpleasant experience of receiving a messy parcel with the contents soaked and damaged by getting good-quality packaging materials and carefully packing the liquids for shipping.

You can follow our general guidelines below for shipping liquids overseas:

• If possible, use waterproof and leakproof containers.
• Make sure the containers are closed and sealed well.
• Add padding materials such as bubble wrap and packing peanuts for better protection.
• Use a sturdy cardboard box, as this is the standard form of packaging for shipping parcels.
• You also add a sign “Fragile” or “Handle with care” on top of the box but make sure that the packaging itself is sufficient without signage on how to handle the parcel.

Why are liquids not allowed to be shipped by courier?

The reason that liquids are not allowed to be shipped by most couriers is that some of these liquids contain alcohol or flammable substances. They can cause serious harm to the carrier and are therefore considered hazardous materials, regulated by ADR.

If you need to ship liquid items that have corrosive or poisonous properties locally or internationally, you need to provide proper packaging and all relevant paperwork required by the carrier and destination country. This process is normally easier for licensed businesses than for individuals.

There are approved carriers for transporting hazardous liquids and other dangerous goods, although the cost is much higher.

Examples of hazardous liquids:

• Alcoholic beverages
• Paint
• Acetone

If you need to ship hazardous or other liquid items overseas, contact our logistics experts to discuss your options.

What if I want to ship non-hazardous liquids by courier?

Even if you intend to ship liquids that would not cause injury, these are still classed as restricted and can only be sent at your own risk without insurance coverage, particularly if you are shipping as an individual.

Examples of non-hazardous liquids:

• Juice
• Olive oil
• Liquid soap

Is there any courier that ships liquids, like DHL or UPS?

Since mailing liquids internationally is heavily regulated, couriers may impose restrictions on shipping liquid items in parcels. That being said, it can be possible to send liquids with couriers such as DHL or UPS if you meet all of the criteria and follow the rules of the destination country.

If you plan to ship liquids internationally, you should ask yourself the following questions:

• What kind of liquid are you shipping?
• Do you need a license to import this liquid to the destination country?
• Do you need special packaging?
• Which courier would be the best and most cost-effective for you?

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Does Eurosender have a solution for shipping large quantities of liquid internationally?

If you plan to ship liquid in large quantities, you can consider different freight transport options.

The delivery may take a bit longer but it could actually be the most efficient solution for you, particularly if the liquids are hazardous.

Find out what Eurosender services are best suited for shipping liquids internationally. Our logistics experts will be happy to discuss your shipping requirements and see the available options to provide you with a tailored solution.