Moving to Atlanta: Things you should know before you immigrate to Atlanta

Originally designated as the final stop of a huge railway route, Atlanta actually became a central railway hub. Nowadays ATL City is the biggest city in the state and one of the biggest metropolises in the entire USA. The city has always attracted many new immigrants, especially compared to the surrounding states of Alabama and Tennessee. This creates a welcoming atmosphere for new arrivals and a dynamic cultural life that has much to offer to these newcomers. Add to that the fact that Atalanta enjoys a subtropical climate and who doesn’t want to get their suitcases ready to move to A-town?

International removals to Atlanta with Eurosender

Forbes Magazine named Atlanta one of the best places for careers and business and that is not really surprising when you come to think of it. Atlanta has plenty of businesses ranging from small local ones to huge multinational companies. In this city, there are opportunities for every professional no matter what profession you have. It is one of the main reasons that people are driven to the unofficial capital of the South. So when you are thinking of moving to Atlanta from NYC, or from any other place in the world, join us when we explore all the ins and outs of moving to Atlanta.

When you relocate to Atlanta it could be a big or a small step depending on where you come from. No matter where you were born, you should know at least the basic facts below before you arrange your relocation.

Population486.000 inhabitants
TimezoneIn Atlanta, there is one time zone: UTC-5
Currencythe United States dollar (USD)
CountyFulton County
How do you call someone from Atlanta?Atlantan
Official languageAt federal level, there is no official language in the USA. However, in Atlanta and the rest of the USA, most people speak English. However, due to the many immigrants, you can hear more than 140 languages being spoken in Boston.
International dialing codeCountry code: +1 Area code: 406/678/470/770
Emergency number911
DrivingRight side
TippingIt is standard to tip between 15-20% just as elsewhere in the USA.
Unusual factAtlanta is home to the world’s largest drive-in restaurant where also more Coca Cola is served than anywhere else on the planet.

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Living in Atlanta

There are many upsides to living in Atlanta. Let’s take a look at some of the things that make The Big Peach stand out from all those other American cities.

  • Atlanta is what they call a car city. Public transport will take you too much time to be a reliable option, so make sure you have a license and the means to buy a car. Would you like to take your own car with you? Contact our experts of the logistics team and see what the possibilities are.
  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) is one of the busiest airports in the world. 100 million passengers are annually being flown to all directions of the world, from this airport. The abbreviation ATL is also one of the most popular nicknames for Atlanta.
  • When you haven’t experienced Southern Hospitality, Atlanta is for sure the place to find it. Folks are genuinely friendly around these parts. Even though Atlanta is a big city, it never feels like you are in a constant rush. Being well-mannered, ready to give a helping hand and always in a positive mood, people from Atlanta know how to make someone feel at ease.
  • The Chattahoochee River, which runs right through Atlanta, offers 400 miles of rapids and is a popular spot for tubing. It has become so popular on the Chattahoochee River that it is now nicknamed “Shoot the Hooch”.
  • Atlanta is known for its fine dining culture. With a wide range of restaurants, ranging from traditional southern cuisine to any other cuisine you can think of from around the world, all of them serve the finest food and offer you service with that Southern Hospitality we mentioned before.

Visa Regulations for Atlanta

The visa regulations for Boston are the same as for the rest of the USA and can be quite tough. We recommend contacting your local American embassy to see for which exact visa you can apply and which documents you need for that. Below you can find a brief overview of the American visa system.
Before you can determine what kind of visa is appropriate for you, you need to make a decision about how long you want to stay in the USA. There are two main differences:

  • Non-immigrant visa: These are issued for people who don’t have intentions to settle in the USA. For these visas, you will have to be able to show that you are not considering to settle in the USA permanently and that you will return to your home country when the visa expires. Among others, the visas below belong to this group
        • Student visa
        • Tourist visa (When your country is listed in the visa waiver program, you won’t have to apply for a visa)
        • Business visa
        • Specialty workers who can show that they only wish to reside in the USA for a certain period of time
  • Immigrant visa: For this variant, you need a sponsor, for example, a relative or employer. These visas include:
        • Family visa
        • Employment visa
        • Adoption visa
  • Investor Visa (be ready for a minimum initial investment of no less than $500.000)

Healthcare in Atlanta

Healthcare in Atlanta is the same as in the rest of the USA. That means that the overall quality is outstanding but that the fees are also sky-high. When you are relocating to Atlanta, make sure that paid healthcare insurance, for you and your family, is one of the things your employer takes care of.

School and education

One of the most important things to take into consideration for every expat with children are the education facilities. When relocating to Atlanta this is not something you have to worry about as the general quality of education is satisfying. That doesn’t mean you should send your children to just any school because there are differences between individual schools, both public as private.

  • The majority of children in Atlanta attend public school and also many expats send their offspring there. Please note that expat children are only allowed to attend the public school which is located in the area they live in. This is often one of the major concerns when choosing an area for accommodation.
  • Charter schools are similar to public schools. However, they provide more flexibility when it comes to things as the curricula and the academic programs. Admission to charter schools is possible when you live in the designated area for the school or when you win a lottery.
  • Private schools are widely available in Atlanta and in general offer better education than public schools. However, this comes at a price and admission is not guaranteed. There could be preliminary tests and interviews which are mandatory for being admitted. Another thing to keep in mind is that there are a limited number of places available, so be sure to start the application process in time.
  • International schools provide the International Baccalaureate curriculum and there are several in Atlanta and several more in the state of Georgia. Just like private education, this is a pricey matter.

The job market in Atlanta

Atlanta is an economic giant in the modern world and many multinationals, such as Coca Cola, Delta Airlines and UPS all have their headquarters in the city. Let’s take a brief look at some perspective industries for expats.

  • We’re living in the age of information technology and Atlanta is one the driving engines of that development. Nicknamed “Silicon Peach” after Silicon Valley in San Francisco, Atlanta is the area where the IT industry is developing faster than anywhere else in the world.
  • Traditionally Atlanta has always been a car-making town. Unfortunately, Ford and General Motors have closed down a lot of their operations in recent years, However, the gap they left behind is partly filled by KIA, that started assembling cars here. Experts expect that there will be many jobs related to the car industry for the years to come.
  • Atlanta these days is a media production hotspot. With many production studios spread all over the city, media has become a major source of employment for the residents of the city. Atlanta has also been named the “zombie capital of the world” as many zombie movies and series have been shot in or around the city. Some examples include The Walking Dead, Zombieland, Halloween 2 and Scream 2.

These are just a few areas where you can easily find employment. Because of the growing economy in Atlanta, the sky is the limit and there are opportunities for everyone. When you are looking for a job in Atlanta, just visit one of the many online job boards and find a job that matches your skills and your salary expectations.

Property information

Like in many modern cities, the cost of accommodation takes up the biggest part of your expenses. With the price of a one-room apartment going for a little under $1.400 and a two-room for about $1.800, rent prices in Atlanta are no joke. As these are the median prices, you will also have ample opportunity to find something cheaper. In the suburbs of Atlanta, you can easily find a more budget-friendly option. The only downside to that could be your commute as there is a lot of congestion on the roads in Atlanta.

One way to easily save money is to rent an unfurnished apartment and let Eurosender ship your inventory to Atlanta. Whether it is a table, chairs, a piano, a fireplace or your gym equipment, using the services of Eurosender you will feel at home in Atlanta in no-time.

Cost of moving to Atlanta

Atlanta is booming and loads of people are drawn to this fast developing city. This also means that housing prices are soaring. A great way to save on your monthly expenses is to rent unfurnished living space. Nowadays the cost of moving house Atlanta is so budget friendly that you don’t have to think twice about relocating your household. When using the services of Eurosender, you can easily save money and time, which you can then use to organize your new life in Atlanta.

We often get the question: How much is shipping from the USA to Atlanta? To find the answer to this, you should think of three things:

  1. The dimensions of your shipment.
  2. The details of the pick-up and delivery address.
  3. The preferred delivery date for your goods.

Some other things that are part of shipping through Eurosender are :

So, when you are looking for the cheapest way to move furniture to Atlanta, contact us today and our logistics experts will prepare you an individual offer, providing the lowest average moving costs to Atlanta.

Cost of living in Atlanta

Compared to American cities of the same size, Atlanta is an affordable city. The cost of living is relatively low but still higher than in cities such as Paris or Toronto. Let’s check out how you can easily save money when you start your new life in ATL.

  • Share your living space. Nowadays there are many options online to find shared living space at low prices. Besides saving money, this is also a great way to meet new people.
  • There is a wide range of different supermarkets around town, all with their own price range. Besides that, you can find a lot of good deals at the farmer’s markets that are frequently kept.
  • The public transport system in Atlanta is called Marta, which is a combination of buses and trains. A monthly pass costs $95 and could be a cheap option when your commute allows it.
  • Another way to save on transport is to use one of the many carsharing and carpooling apps. This way you will cut down on your transport costs, be faster than using public transport, and on top of that, you get to meet new people.

Driving in Atlanta

Just like in the rest of the USA you need an International Driving Permit (IDP). When you have a driving license you can obtain an IDP at your local driving authority.

Even though driving in Atlanta is similar to the rest of the USA, there are some specifics about driving from point A to point B in Atlanta. Let’s take a look at what both expats and locals experienced.

  • Plan your route well ahead and once more before you are about to set off. A common joke in Atlanta is that Friday’s rush hour starts on Thursday morning.
  • To prove that point: morning rush hour starts at about 0400 and can go on until 1000. In the evening traffic gets even worse and the peak hour then takes off at about 1530 until 1930. When you don’t have anywhere specific to be, it is best to stay off the road during these times.
  • To avoid traffic jams, get yourself a good traffic app. This kind of app will also inform you about accidents and roadwork.
  • Natives of Atlanta like to cross the roads wherever they please. So, pay attention to pedestrians near the side of the roads as they might have intentions to jaywalk.

The most popular destination from where you can move to Atalanta

United Kingdom

Every year a fair number of people are moving to Atlanta from the UK. With Atlanta having roughly the same size as Liverpool and English being the local language, the British easily feel at home here. And for those who don’t, you can always take “home” with you. With the help of Eurosender, you can easily ship your cricket equipment, your favorite painting or your local beer to your new address in Atlanta.

Other destinations?

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