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Relocating to Atlanta: Things you should know before moving to Atlanta

Home to one of the busiest airports in the world and originally designed as a final stop on the railway, Atlanta has always been an important city for new immigrants relocating to the city and other destinations in the USA. Atlanta’s welcoming atmosphere and sub-tropical climate are just some reasons many choose for relocating to Atlanta – find out the pros and cons of moving to Atlanta and discover the cheapest way to move furniture and belongings with international removals to Atlanta.

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What do I need to know when moving to Atlanta?

Named as ‘one of the best places for careers and business’ by Forbes Magazine, you are sure to find a world of new opportunities when you relocate to Atlanta. Whether you are thinking of moving to Atlanta from NYC, California, or even Europe, here are the basics you should know if you are thinking of living in Atlanta:
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Visa requirements when relocating to Atlanta

United States visa requirements can be quite tough to navigate when relocating to Atlanta or anywhere else across the country. Depending on how long you want to live in Atlanta and reside in the United States, there are two main visas for which you can apply:

Non-immigrant visas for those who want to live in the US temporarily for the following reasons and return home once their visa expires:

  • Student visas
  • Business and tourist visas
  • Specialist workers

Immigrant visas require a sponsor and are more difficult to obtain, but are the perfect choice for those who wish to live in Atlanta or anywhere else in the USA, permanently. You can apply for an immigrant visa on the following grounds:

  • Family reunification
  • Employment
  • Adoption
  • Investment

For more information on visa requirements when relocating to Atlanta or anywhere else in the United States, please visit their Japanese immigration website, or contact your local American embassy.

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Should I buy property or rent an apartment in Atlanta?

Expats in Atlanta will most likely rent an apartment before looking to buy property, however, the median rent prices are not cheap. To rent a one-bedroom apartment in the centre of Atlanta, you can expect to pay around $1.600 per month. In the suburbs, the prices are a little more affordable, dropping to just $1.000 per month for a single person dwelling. If you are looking to buy property in Atlanta, you can expect to pay around $3.000 per square metre downtown.

A good way to save on the cost to rent an apartment in Atlanta is to choose an unfurnished place and ship your belongings to Atlanta with Eurosender instead!

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The cost of living in Atlanta

Compared to a lot of other U.S. cities, Atlanta is considered quite affordable. Rent will take up the largest proportion of your budget, and most expats in Atlanta will tell you that the price of commuting comes in close second. Using the local public transport system (known as MARTA), might save you on the price of petrol if you live in downtown Atlanta, but if you live further out, a good way to save is to carpool and rideshare where you can. For other everyday items, Atlanta has a wide selection of different supermarkets with low prices. Your daily coffee might cost you around $4, and a meal for two in a decent restaurant will cost you around $50, but remember to leave a tip!

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Finding a job in Atlanta as a foreigner

There is no shortage of opportunities in Atlanta, so finding a job as a foreigner will not be difficult if you know where to look. Atlanta is home to multi-national companies and well-known brands such as Coca Cola, Delta Airlines and UPS.

In recent times, Atlanta has become a new home for aspiring actors. The state of Georgia has invested millions into media and film production to rival California, so you can find many studios across the city, with abundant opportunities for those moving to Atlanta to become an actor.
Other opportunities can be found in Atlanta for foreigners in the IT and Automotive industries. A great place to look is local online listings and employment agencies.

Schools and Education in Atlanta

If you are moving to Atlanta with kids, you have a few different options to choose from. Public schools take enrollments based on where you reside, so if you plan to send your child to a public school you will also need to do your research when looking for somewhere to live. Private schools offer a better-quality education, but can be quite pricey and competitive. There are also several international schools in the state of Georgia, offering International Baccalaureate curriculum. The public-school system consists of:

Age: 0-4
Compulsory: No
Elementary School
Age: 5-11
Compulsory: Yes
Middle School
Age: 12-13
Compulsory: Yes
High School
Age: 14-18
Compulsory: Yes

Healthcare in Atlanta

Healthcare in Atlanta for expats and citizens is the same as the rest of the United States, with world-class facilities but confusing and expensive to access. Healthcare is usually paid for, in part by your employer, but the coverage will vary between companies. It is especially important for expats to take out private insurance to cover any medical expenses during their stay in the U.S, and consider additional coverage even after you find employment, or risk paying huge amounts out of pocket each time.

Can I drive in Atlanta, Georgia with a foreign license?

Recently, the state of Georgia changed their laws and an international driving permit is no longer needed. However, you must always carry your foreign license and passport with you when driving in Atlanta or anywhere else in Georgia. When you move to Atlanta, avoid the highways if you are in a hurry, as traffic can be a disaster. Morning rush hour can start at 4am and continue until 10am, so it pays to invest in a good traffic app to avoid congestion. If you don’t wish to drive in Atlanta, be prepared to meet ‘MARTA’, Atlanta’s public transport system. Most locals will tell you to avoid her at all costs.

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What else can I expect when living in Atlanta?

  • When you relocate to Atlanta, you can look forward to southern hospitality. People are friendly, well-mannered and will never make you feel rushed – despite the size of the city.
  • The Chattahoochee River runs through Atlanta and is a popular destination for tubing. If you love water-sports, you will soon find out what it means to ‘shoot the hooch’.
  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is one of the busiest in the world with over 100 million passengers flying in and out of Atlanta, annually.

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See the most popular destinations from where people move to Atlanta

Moving to Atlanta from Canada

If you are thinking of relocating south to Atlanta from Canada, discover how you can ship your personal belongings and move furniture to your new home, reliably. Whether you need to move a few boxes, or an entire household, when booking through Eurosender, you will not only get low prices, but the best service available to handle your move to Atlanta, or any other destination. Start planning your move and save on the cost to relocate to Atlanta, in just a few clicks.

Moving to Atlanta from Chicago, NYC or Los Angeles

When you need to relocate to another city within the United States, trust Eurosender to handle your move. Book relocation services to Atlanta in a few simple clicks, and be matched with the right service at an affordable price. Whether you just to send urgent documents to help secure your new home, ship boxes or pallets of belongings to Atlanta, we have you covered. Simply select your route, and in just a few clicks you can start your move to Atlanta with Eurosender.

Moving to Atlanta from the UK

Moving from the UK to Atlanta does not have to be a headache with a range of international removals offered by Eurosender. Whether you are moving with a few boxes, or plan to move a whole household, you can start planning your costs of moving to Atlanta right now, by simply selecting your route on our booking channel. Benefit from expert advice and support in your own language, when you need it most, as well as basic insurance and online tracking updates included in the price.

Disclaimer: All information on this page is true and correct as of 11.03.2020 and is subject to change at any time. Eurosender is not responsible for any updates or changes to any information on this page or actions taken by parties as a result of outdated information. Nevertheless, we do our best to keep all information across our website as current as possible.