How to pack furniture for shipping

As a go-to logistics partner for many a modern-day nomad, Eurosender possesses invaluable experience in helping people to move their belongings from one place to another. Combining a vast network of the most trusted shipping partners with high-end software solutions, we are able to offer reliable furniture removal services at some of the best prices on the market. To help you pack your furniture and book the service in just a few easy steps, we have put together this handy online guide with all the info you need.

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How to move furniture abroad or domestically

Whether you need to move household goods internationally or just to another part of town, good preparation is always crucial. You need to choose the most suitable type of shipping service as well as give your shipment the best possible protection.

Make sure you never forget about the most important details with the help of the below checklist:

  • The best way to pack and ship furniture always depends on the type and size of the items that need to be transported. If you need to ship smaller pieces of furniture that can be taken apart and packed in a box, you may be able to book the standard shipping service. In such cases, you need to first measure your package and use the shipment-size checker below to make sure the shipment does not exceed the standard dimensions.
  • If you have a box that exceeds the standard dimensions or a bulky and heavy piece of furniture, you can send it on a pallet or request an individual offer. In the latter case, our logistics specialists will prepare an offer that is specifically tailored to your requirements but still won’t break the bank. This is also the way to go if you are interested in storing furniture between moves.

Request an individual offer

  • When using standard services and choosing an address in Poland, Sweden or Spain as your pick-up location, you will need to print the shipping label yourself. You will receive it via e-mail. However, when shipping packages from other countries or booking freight transport, the courier will always take care of the label for you.
  • If you are moving or planning to leave the pick-up address very soon, make sure you place an order at least 2 days ahead of your departure and thus avoid any complications with the pick-up.

Check the most appropriate service for your package

Removals and relocations – ship multiple items to save time and money!

Are you moving to a new home or relocating an office? Do you need to ship several larger pieces of furniture at once? No problem. With the help of the removals and relocations service offered by Eurosender, you can have all your items picked up at the same time and transported to your chosen address together.

A removal van will be booked in your name while the courier driver will use special tools to safely load your furniture and secure the cargo. Therefore, this is by far the safest transport option while shipping in bulk is also more economical.

Contact our shipping experts to find out more.

Dedicated Van Delivery Service – the fastest solution to move furniture!

Whether you are heading for a new house or business premises, maybe leaving for a new life abroad or starting a new semester at a foreign university and are looking for the fastest way to move your furniture and other belonging, Eurosender offers a dedicated van delivery service.

Your items will be picked up at the same time and will be transported directly with no stop-over in hubs of different logistics service providers to the indicated address. This is a dedicated van for one customer only – you, which means no space sharing with someone else’s belongings in the transit.

The driver will make sure your items are well placed inside the dedicated van and secured for transport.

Contact our shipping experts to find out more.

After successfully booking the right service and packing your furniture, you can lean back and let Eurosender take over. Our specialists will arrange the transport as well as represent you in communication with the courier services. What is more, we only offer door-to-door delivery, thus offering the greatest level of convenience while still keeping your shipping costs low.

If you would like to know even more about our furniture shipping services or if you need help, simply get in touch with us. Our friendly customer service agents will be happy to guide you through the process while making sure you have all the right info and the best first-hand tips.

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While every shipment is covered by the standard insurance (200€), we highly recommend that you also choose one of our extra insurance packages (1000€, 2000€, 5000€), especially when shipping more expensive pieces of furniture. Additional insurance can be added at extremely low prices while giving you the necessary piece of mind.

We also recommend that you always keep the original invoice for the items you are going to ship. It serves as proof of their value and is therefore required by courier companies if you start a claim procedure.

It is also a good idea to photograph your furniture before sending it away. Thus, you make sure that you can support your claim in the unlikely event of a shipment being damaged upon delivery.

Appropriate furniture packaging

When shipping furniture internationally, good protection is of utmost importance. Therefore, you should never skimp on the packaging materials. Use the following list as the starting point:

  1. A sturdy cardboard box – it has to be strong enough to withstand the weight of the items. You can either buy a new box at a hardware or stationery store or get a used one at a supermarket. It is fine to use an older box, but only if it is in tip-top condition.
  2. Cushioning/protective materials – for internal cushioning of the package, but also to hold the items in the package in place. You can use bubble wrap, polystyrene chips, Styrofoam sheets, crumpled paper, foam, cardboard protectors etc. – For shipping furniture on a pallet, you can also use moving blankets.
  3. Plastic bags – for storing smaller parts. Ziploc bags are a great idea.
  4. Stretch foil and adhesive tape – to secure the protective materials.
  5. A pallet – for shipping larger and bulkier pieces of furniture. It can be a new or used one, but it has to fit the item you want to send.
  6. Bands – for strapping the cargo to the pallet.
  7. Foam wrap, moving blankets plywood sheets and/or corrugated cardboard – to protect the items on the pallet.

How to pack furniture for shipping

It does not matter what you send or where you send it, proper packaging is crucial for a successful delivery. Not even the most reliable shipping service will not be able to guarantee a safe delivery of an improperly packed and poorly protected shipment. Closely follow the packaging guide and you will not have to worry.

How to pack furniture for standard shipping?

  1. If you can take it apart, do it. Take as many things apart as you can. Take special care of moving parts and remove as many of them as possible to avoid damage.
  2. Protect any sharp corners. Cover sharp edges with bubble wrap, foam or cardboard protectors.
  3. Flat-pack the items in the box. Cover the floor of the package with the cushioning material of your choice. Then wrap every individual part in bubble wrap and stack the items flat in the box. Make sure that there is enough cushioning in the package to prevent the parts from moving around. Any empty spaces should be filled with packing material.
  4. Tape screws to the items they belong to. Put screws or any other small items in a plastic bag or wrap them in bubble wrap. Then tape them to the furniture parts they belong to, so that you do not lose them and can reassemble the individual pieces without searching for the right parts.
  5. Store cushions. Pack any cushions or soft covers in ordinary plastic bags. You can also use them for padding purposes.
  6. Seal well. Apply several layers of adhesive tape on each side of the package. You can even use stretch foil and wrap the box completely.

How to pack furniture for transport on a pallet?

  1. Place the item on the pallet. Put some cardboard on the pallet surface, then carefully place the item on the pallet.
  2. Remove any moving parts. Place these in a well-protected cardboard box, but only after wrapping them in bubble wrap and filling the box with enough cushioning material. Strap the box to the pallet individually.
  3. Use several layers of protection or simply build a crate around the item. Wrap the furniture with foam wrap, moving blankets and some corrugated cardboard and use some stretch foil and adhesive tape to keep the protection in place. Make sure that the items are completely covered. However, an even safer option is to simply use some wood boards or plywood sheets to build a crate around the furniture. If you do not know how to build a crate, ask a friend for help or contact our logistics specialists to gather some first-hand tips.
  4. Strap well. Always make sure that all the boxes and other items are securely loaded. Use strong bands to strap all the items or boxes to the pallet. Wrap these around the cargo in all possible directions as well as in several layers. If there are boxes with furniture stacked on a pallet, further strengthen the construction with stretch foil.

How to pack household items when ordering a removal service

If you book the removal service offered through our trusted partners, an experienced courier driver will load your cargo and protect it in a way that will ensure safe transport. Therefore, all you need to do is to safely pack smaller items in padded boxes or protect larger pieces of furniture with moving blankets or foam wrap. Do make yourself available for some help, though.

Reliable furniture removals at a fraction of usual prices

At Eurosender, we are proud to support everybody who needs to move a piece of their world to a new town or country. We strongly believe that everyone should be able to ship their belongings wherever they go in an easy and affordable way. However, our services can help you move furniture abroad or domestically in so many more situations. Here are only a few examples:

  • Relocating a business. Need to ship a table, a few cupboards, some chairs or other furniture items to your new headquarters? Don’t waste time waiting for the offers and looking for the cheapest option. Eurosender’s specialists will find the most reliable as well as an affordable option in minutes and organize everything for you. Storing furniture between moves is an option too.
  • Selling furniture. Eurosender supports the efforts of new or smaller businesses creating unique furniture or renovating some vintage pieces and selling them online. Use Eurosender to Ship Etsy furniture to your clients and gain an advantage by keeping the delivery costs low.
  • Shipping furniture from Voga. Voga only ships the furniture to the warehouse in Ireland, whereupon the buyer must organize the transport to their address themselves. By using Eurosender, this process is taken over by us.
  • Buying used furniture. Have you just bought a rare piece of furniture but have no idea how to get it to your address? We can help!
  • Furniture restoration. When in need of shipping a piece of furniture to a skilled master to repair or restore it, turning to Eurosender is by far the most practical solution.

Is there a piece of info we forgot to mention? Reach out to us and help us make this page even more informative. Call us or send us an e-mail and we will be most happy to provide additional information for you and all the other furniture shippers out there.

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Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping furniture. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship furniture, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.