How to pack furniture for shipping overseas

Eurosender makes your furniture shipping easy and stress-free, whether you are sending pieces of furniture to your customers or relocating. Let us take over your logistics processes for sending your furniture abroad or across the country so you don’t have to worry about it. Get the best couriers and the most reliable shipping services for small or heavy furniture pieces.

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International shipping services for furniture stores

Save up on logistics efforts: with Eurosender you can organize any furniture shipment, from small items to freight deliveries, in just one place. Grow your client base by offering reliable and affordable shipping services directly to their door, wherever they are. Get started and set up your own logistics control panel.


How to move furniture domestically or abroad

Choose Eurosender as your shipping partner and match any shipment requirement your furniture has:

Standard shipping

Affordable rates and fast delivery for shipping a single piece of small furniture
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Pallet delivery

Safely ship bulky and heavy furniture to your customers or resellers
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Van delivery

The best transport option for organising an international move within Europe
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Individual offer

Our logistics experts will organise a custom-made offer that fulfils all your needs
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What to know before shipping furniture domestically or internationally?

Follow these steps to have a smooth and successful delivery of your household items.

  • Choose the right shipping service for you. After packing the piece of furniture, measure the package and insert the dimensions into our dedicated tool.
  • Check whether you are required to print and attach the shipping label for your parcel. This information will be sent to you via email.
  • Estimate the time of delivery for your route using our online tool and plan your shipment in advance.
Your furniture shipping is insured!

When shipping with us, every shipment is insured! We never compromise when it comes to safety. The insurance value will vary depending on the service chosen. Additional insurance packages are also available at low rates. We strongly advise to always keep the original invoice for your items since it serves as a proof of value if needed.

How to pack furniture for shipping?


Follow the packing guidelines below when shipping furniture internationally with the standard service.

  • Separate the removable parts, wrap them individually and add cushioning to protect all sharp corners.
  • Flat-pack the items in the box previously lined with cushioning materials and fill in the voids with extra padding.
  • Put screws and other small items in a plastic bag and tape them to the furniture parts they belong to make reassembly easier.
  • Pack any cushions or soft covers in plastic bags.
  • Seal the box with several layers of adhesive tape on each side of the package.


Recommendations on how to pack furniture for freight transport on a pallet.

  • Put some cardboard on the pallet surface and place the item on the pallet.
  • Remove any moving parts, wrap them individually in bubble wrap and place these in a well-protected cardboard box that should be later strapped to the pallet separately.
  • Build a crate around the item or wrap it with foam wrap, moving blankets or some corrugated cardboard and use stretch foil and adhesive tape to keep the protection in place. Make sure that the items are completely covered and securely loaded.
  • Fix the items and boxes to the pallets using strong bands and further wrap them with stretch foil.


Van delivery service

Price from only 0.48 EUR/km
Direct and fast delivery, same day pick-up possible
Safest mode of transport for packed or unpacked items

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How much does it cost to ship furniture abroad?

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How to pack furniture and other household items when ordering a removal service

When moving furniture abroad, use our Dedicated Van Delivery service. It is the most cost-effective and fastest solution for relocations within Europe. These are the advantages of booking the Van Delivery service for organizing your furniture removal:

  • Move all your belongings at once. You will have the entire van or truck reserved to you. It is ideal for shipping larger pieces of furniture when moving to a new home or relocating an office.
  • The fastest way to move your furniture. All of your items will be picked up at the same time and will be transported directly with no stop-over.
  • Simple packing requirements. An experienced courier driver will load your cargo to the van or truck and protect it to ensure safe transportation. All you need to do is pack smaller items in padded boxes and protect bigger and heavy furniture with moving blankets or foam wrap.


FAQs about shipping furniture

What is the best way to ship furniture from IKEA or Voga?

For recommendations about shipping furniture from IKEA or Voga, please read our dedicated articles with detailed packing instructions and experts’ tips for shipping.

Can I ship multiple furniture items on a pallet?

Freight shipment is very useful when shipping furniture, not only because it can withstand heavier loads, but because you can arrange the pallet to fit multiple items. If the furniture is properly packed, one can transport multiple items at once using a pallet.
Pallets are also very useful for shipping large furniture items that cannot be disassembled in very small pieces, such as a sofa or a wooden table. All you need to do is protect the item following our recommended guidelines above and your sofa can easily be shipped on a pallet.

What is the cheapest way to ship furniture overseas?

The cost of the shipping service always depends on the dimensions and weight of the item. When shipping furniture overseas, the cheapest option is to dismantle the household item and pack it in the most compact way possible. Thus, your shipment will have less volume and, depending on its size, can even be shipped with the standard delivery service.

Why use a courier service for shipping furniture?

These are a few situations where our clients have used our services to move furniture abroad or domestically:

  • Buying or selling furniture. Whether you are selling furniture on eBay, Etsy or any other platform, you can use our platform to organise safe transport for your products.
  • Shipping furniture from Voga or IKEA. Even though such stores have limited delivery options, with Eurosender you can ship your Voga or IKEA furniture anywhere you want.
  • Relocating a business. Ship your office table, cupboards, chairs and other items with us, and we will arrange all the details of your transportation for you.