Move to Bulgaria: International Removals to Bulgaria

Moving to Bulgaria: How to immigrate to Bulgaria

Located in Southeast Europe with its coastline on the Black Sea, Bulgaria is a small nation with a variety of landscapes attracting foreigners from all over the world. Discover why more expats are moving to Bulgaria from the USA, UK and from other European countries, and find out the best low-cost solutions for international removals to Bulgaria to help you settle into your new life sooner.

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Living in Bulgaria – Basic facts about Bulgaria

Before you start to plan your costs of moving and booking international removals to Bulgaria, it is important to research your new home first. Whether you are moving to Bulgaria with kids and family, or have decided to immigrate to Bulgaria for employment, here are a few basic facts about Bulgaria to consider before you go:
UTC + 3
Lev (BGN)
7 million
Official Language
Dialling code
Emergency number
On the right side


The cost of moving to Bulgaria: International removals to Bulgaria

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Bulgarian visa requirements

For expats moving to Bulgaria from outside of Europe, there are 5 main visas for Bulgaria for which you may apply:

  • Work visa: Allows you to move to Bulgaria based on having secured employment through a Bulgarian or international company
  • Business visa: For those who wish to start a business or engage in commercial activities in Bulgaria
  • Student visa: Allows foreigners to live in Bulgaria while enrolled in a local university
  • Family member visa: Allows spouses, children and direct family members of citizens and residents to join them in Bulgaria
  • Foreign freelance professionals: Can apply for this specific visa which allows remote and freelance workers to live and work in Bulgaria

For those moving to Bulgaria from other European countries within the EU/EAA or Switzerland, you will not need to apply for a Bulgarian work permit, student visa or residency permit in order to live, study and work in Bulgaria. Instead, you will simply need to register yourself with local authorities once you arrive. For more information about Bulgarian visa requirements, please see the Bulgaria Immigration official website.

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Buying and renting an apartment – Property in Bulgaria

Whether you plan to buy property in Bulgaria or rent an apartment in Sofia, you will most likely find the price of accommodation very reasonable. Increasingly, more expats who are moving to Bulgaria long-term choose to buy a small house or apartment, which can range between 20 – 30.000 €, depending on the size and location.

If you are thinking of renting an apartment in Sofia, prices range between 300 – 500 € per month in the centre of town.

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Cost of living in Bulgaria

Due to the lower than average salaries compared to other countries in Europe, the majority of your living expenses will be spent on accommodation and getting yourself settled into your new life in Bulgaria. However, the prices for daily necessities such as groceries and transport are not very expensive. You could expect to pay around 2 € for a cup of coffee, and a one-way ticket on public transport in Sofia will cost you around 0.80 €.

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Jobs and employment in Bulgaria: how to find a job?

Despite the high unemployment rate, there are still plenty of opportunities for expats to find employment in Bulgaria. If you have qualifications in the engineering or medical fields, these jobs are in high demand. Otherwise, many job opportunities for foreigners and English-speaking jobs in Bulgaria can be found in their main industries, agriculture and tourism.

If you are planning to live and work in Bulgaria, the best way is to secure employment before moving, so that you can obtain a Bulgarian work permit much easier.

School and education in Bulgaria

If you are planning to immigrate to Bulgaria with kids who have no prior knowledge of the language, an international school in Bulgaria might be the ideal option to start. There are many international schools in Sofia offering English curricula, including St. George International School and Preschool, British School of Sofia and the American English Academy. You also have a range of different university programs which cater to foreign students if you are planning to enroll in a University in Bulgaria.

For those who wish to enroll in a public school, the Bulgarian education system is free of charge for all citizens and residents. The school system in Bulgaria consists of:

Age: 5 – 7
Compulsory: no
Elementary School
Age: 7 – 12
Compulsory: yes
Middle School
Age: 13-16
Compulsory: yes
High school
Age: 16-19
Compulsory: no

Healthcare in Bulgaria

Access to the public healthcare system in Bulgaria is funded equally by contributions by employers and workers, so if you are planning to work in Bulgaria, a small portion of your salary will go towards access to medical care.

You may also wish to take out private healthcare insurance to cover you for any additional extras, or for the time before you are employed. The private healthcare sector in Bulgaria has higher quality medical services and shorter waiting times.

Driving in Bulgaria – should I get a local driving license?

Many foreigners moving to Bulgaria ask, ‘what are the rules for driving in Bulgaria with a foreign license?’ Indeed, it is possible to drive with your local license, so as long as your license was issued by another EU country or by a country which falls under the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. In both cases, it is highly recommended to obtain an international driving permit, also.

The quality of the roads in many rural areas is quite poor, and you may find their driving style quite aggressive compared to at home. For this reason, many expats living in Bulgaria also choose to take a few driving lessons with a local instructor, to get used to the different road rules.

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What else to expect when living in Bulgaria

    • Businesses enjoy a lower tax rate than the rest of Europe, at just 10% – attracting many exciting new enterprises to Bulgaria.
    • Living in Bulgaria, you will enjoy a range of breathtaking landscapes – giving you plenty of opportunities for swimming, hiking and sightseeing.
    • Traffic and parking can be a challenge, especially in urban areas, so a good idea is to consider using public transport in Bulgaria to avoid congestion and headaches.

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The most popular countries from where people immigrate to Bulgaria

Moving to Bulgaria from the USA

If you are thinking of relocating from the USA to Bulgaria, you should first consider how much is shipping from the USA to Bulgaria and the best way to transport household items and personal belongings. Lucky, Eurosender takes the guess-work out of comparing different quotes for removals to Bulgaria. Through our network of world-renowned international removals services, you can get a quote for moving to Bulgaria in a matter of a few clicks. Whether you’re moving a whole household or just a few boxes, you can be sure to find the best service to suit your move, at the best price available.

Moving to Bulgaria from the United Kingdom

If you’re thinking of moving to Bulgaria from the United Kingdom, allow us to make this process simple, with our convenient range of low-cost international removals to Bulgaria. Whether you’re moving a few boxes, or an entire household, you can get a quote for the best-priced service to move to Bulgaria in a few simple steps. If you are still unsure which options are suitable for your move to Bulgaria, our team of experts are always on hand to assist you.

Moving to Bulgaria from Canada

Moving to Bulgaria might seem like an expensive venture, but with Eurosender’s low-cost international removals to Bulgaria, it doesn’t have to be! Eurosender offer the lowest cost solutions for international removals and will match you with the best moving service to Bulgaria for the best price. Whether you’re moving a few boxes, or an entire household, start calculating the cost of moving right now on our booking channel and save on your average moving costs to Bulgaria or anywhere else, with Eurosender.

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