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Moving to Toronto: How to relocate to Toronto

Toronto is one of the most popular destinations in Canada which expats choose to relocate to, and it is easy to see why. Being one of the top 10 most livable cities, year after year, more and more people are looking for low-cost ways to immigrate to Toronto from the UK, USA, Australia and all over the world. Eurosender can help you move your furniture, personal belongings and more to Toronto with our solutions for international removals. Check the costs of moving and to ship your urgent documents and belongings to Toronto.


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Facts to know before moving to Toronto

Newcomers and expats generally adapt well to life in Toronto. Owing to its nickname ‘the city of neighbourhoods’ you will soon feel at home in Toronto, with over 240 districts to choose from, each with its own history and unique qualities. Before you start thinking about where in Toronto you might move to, you should get to know the basic facts about your new home:
Ontario, Canada
Canadian Dollar (CAD)
2.9 million
Official Language
Dialling code
Emergency number
On the right side


The costs of moving to Toronto | Relocate to Toronto with Eurosender

Discover how Eurosender can help you save on your average moving costs with low-cost international removal services to Toronto. Whether you need to ship household furniture, or just a few boxes to Toronto, you can choose the right service for the job, at the best price available:

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Which visa do I need to immigrate to Toronto?

Skilled workers are highly sought after in Canada and the immigration process is quite straight forward compared to many other countries. If you wish to immigrate to Toronto permanently, there are three visas for which you can apply:

  • Work visa: allowing you to live and work in Canada
  • Student visa: allowing international students to relocate to Vancouver to study
  • Business visa: for start-ups, investors and self-employed people

For more information about which visas you need to immigrate to Toronto, visit the Canadian immigration website.

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Rent an apartment in Toronto

The cost to rent an apartment in the centre of Toronto can be quite expensive, so a great way to save on your living expenses in Toronto is to reach out to other expats who might be willing to share your living space. You can also look for apartments to rent in Toronto through a real-estate agent, but bear in mind that they do charge commission and fees. If you are relocating to Toronto alone, you could expect to pay around $2.200 per month, whereas a one-bedroom apartment outside the city centre will cost $1.800.

Prefer to ship your furniture to Toronto and save on the cost of apartment rental? Eurosender has got you covered. Get a quote for relocation to Toronto now and book low-cost international removals in a few easy steps.

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Living expenses in Toronto

Your cost of living in Toronto as an immigrant will depend on the lifestyle you are used to at home. While Toronto is not exactly a cheap city, it compares well with many major cities throughout Western Europe. Because Toronto is known for its harsh winters and hot summers, you will need to invest in decent heating and cooling for your living space, which will increase the price of your utilities. For everyday things like a cup of coffee out, you could expect to pay around $4 and for an inexpensive meal for two, you are looking at spending around $20.

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Expat jobs in Toronto

Toronto has a thriving job market and there are plenty of expat jobs to choose from. However, as more businesses move to Toronto, more people are deciding to relocate and competition can be quite tough. Opportunities for expats who are looking for jobs in Toronto can be found in the financial sector, entertainment and manufacturing. Toronto is a great place for new start-ups, so if you fancy yourself an entrepreneur, why not try out your new business venture in Toronto?

Schools for expats in Toronto

Just like most of Canada, Toronto offers a superb school system. Public school is free for all citizens and residents and the curricular is taught in English and French. If you are looking for different types of schools for expats in Toronto, there are also private schools which teach exclusively in French and international schools are available as well. The school system in Toronto consists of:

Elementary School
Age: 6-12
Compulsory: Yes
Junior Secondary School
Age: 13-15
Compulsory: Yes
Senior Secondary School
Age: 16+
Compulsory: No

Healthcare in Toronto for expats

Residents in Toronto and Ontario province enjoy access to free medical services through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan and Ontario Healthcare Card. When you first relocate to Toronto, you will need to arrange private healthcare to cover you before you qualify for public healthcare. Public healthcare in Toronto is available to expats once they have been employed in Ontario legally for 6 months and resided in Canada for 153 days out of 183. Bear in mind there is a waiting list, so you should keep your private healthcare for as long as possible, in case of an emergency or longer than expected wait.

Driving in Toronto with a foreign license

You are permitted to drive in Toronto with a foreign license accompanied by an International Driving Permit (IDP) for the first year until you have received your permanent residency. After this time, you will need to change over your foreign license to a Canadian one in order to drive in Toronto or anywhere in Canada. If you choose to live in the centre of Toronto, you might not even need to drive at all, as the public transport is excellent.

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Relocating from the USA to Toronto

It is only a short drive away, but moving furniture to Toronto from the USA or anywhere else can be a logistical nightmare in the wrong hands. Eurosender takes the hassle out of moving with low-cost solutions for international removals to Toronto . Discover how you can save on the cost of relocation to Toronto! For any specific request you may have, reach out to our team who will prepare a tailor-made offer in no time at all.

Immigrating to Toronto from the UK

Immigrating to Toronto from the UK, you might have a few important questions to answer: ‘What is the fastest way to ship furniture and household goods to Toronto?’ Or, ‘How much will it cost to relocate a household to Toronto?’ Eurosender has all the answers and more. Book our reliable shipping services to move your furniture and household items to Toronto in a few easy steps. For any unanswered questions, reach out to our team who can help you plan your relocation to Toronto in no time at all.

Moving to Toronto from Australia

Australians and Canadians have long been likened to one another for their up-beat and friendly attitudes, which is why so many Aussies are deciding to relocate to Toronto. You can too, with our unbeatable rates for international removals to Toronto. Ship your furniture, belongings and documents to Toronto with Eurosender and discover how you can save on your moving costs. Still not convinced? Find out the cost for relocating to Toronto now, on our booking tool.

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