Immigrate to Bali. Get ready for moving to Bali

Moving to Bali. Things to consider before you immigrate to Bali

If you want to escape from the urban hassle, then moving to Bali could be the right option for you. As a rule, people do not think of how to immigrate to Bali and live there for a long time, they rather prefer staying there for several months only. Foreigners are moving to Bali from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, and Asian countries not only to enjoy the atmosphere of this paradise island but also work remotely (especially those working with digital technologies, in the IT industry, online services, etc.). If you are planning a move to this place, then you should also consider international removals to Bali to move your personal belongings with courier services safely and fast.

International removals to Bali with Eurosender

Before you start relocating from the USA to Bali or immigrate from overseas for either temporary or permanent stay there, you should learn at least some basic facts about this place. This will help you to feel the vibes of this place before you plunge into the reality of the island life. You can find some essential information about Bali in the table below.

LocationBali is the province of Indonesia which is in Southeast Asia.
Capital cityDenpasar
ClimateGiven that Bali is located in the Southern hemisphere close to the equator, it has a year-round summer with the average temperatures of about 30 °C. There are wet and dry seasons in Bali. The rainy period starts from October and lasts till April usually.
CurrencyIndonesian rupiah (IDR)
PopulationThe population of Bali is constantly growing. For now, there are about 4.5 million people living on this island, while about 50 thousand of those are expatriates.
LanguageIndonesian and Balinese languages are widely used across the island. English is also common in business and education spheres.
TimezoneUTC +8
Surprising factBali is completely dependent on tourism because it makes about 80% of the country’s GDP.

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Living in Bali

Expats and foreigners are moving to Bali because this Indonesian island has high chances to meet the demands of those relocating from Europe, Australia, and the USA. It has a very well-developed infrastructure and offers numerous facilities for both immigrants and visitors. However, you will still have to accept local rules and traditions to avoid any issues while living in Bali. We have also contacted some expats and immigrants who once moved to Bali and explored this place from inside. They have shared many interesting facts with us and reported what are the advantages and disadvantages of living in Bali.


  • Climate. Many people find the climate of Bali comfortable and favourable.
  • Nature. As Bali is located in the equatorial zone, it has very diverse natural landscapes, flora, and fauna.
  • The style of life. Local people and expats moving to Bali are not in a rush because the atmosphere of the island is relaxing.


  • The quality of the internet connection. Those who are moving to Bali to work remotely or do some freelance tasks are often not satisfied with the speed of the internet connection. Nevertheless, Bali authorities are constantly implementing new technologies and tools to resolve this kind of problems and create a more convenient ambience for expats.
  • The cost of living. Even though Bali was a very cheap place to live in several years ago, it is not the same now. The influx of tourists and immigrants causes an increase in prices, especially in tourist cities.
  • Difficulties with the long-term stay. The process of getting a visa is not tough, but the period of a possible stay is really short. That is why expats have to re-enter the country from time to time and get a new visa at the place.

Cost of living in Bali

The cost of living in Bali has risen over the past several years, but it is still affordable for expats and foreigners relocating from other countries. Depending on your particular needs, you will spend about $500 and $1500 per month. Those who prefer a modest lifestyle would need even less than $500, while people opting for a luxury lifestyle would obtain many opportunities to spend money there. In the table below, you will find basic monthly expenses and average prices expats encounter in Bali.

Apartment rental$200-1000 (depending on the city and the apartment size)
Utility bills$80-150 (depends on how intensively A/C is used)
A meal of the day$2-15
A cup of cappuccino$2


Visa regulations for Bali

The island of Bali attracts millions of tourists annually, and some of those want to stay there for a long term. To control this situation, the authorities have decided to make the regulations stricter and decided to implement a limited stay permit for almost any type of visa.

  • Tourist visa. There are two available options for getting a tourist visa. The first one is free of charge – you simply get a stamp at the airport which allows staying on the island for up to 30 days. Another option is a paid visa with a fee of $35, but it has a minor privilege as it could be prolonged for other 30 days at an extra fee.
  • Social/cultural visa. This type of visa is issued to those who participate in exchange programs, want to study or take courses, and for family visits. It grants only a single entry with the maximum possible stay of 180 days.
  • Business visa is for those who are planning to explore business opportunities in Bali. However, a business visa does not grant a work permit.
  • Working visa. Those who are employed by an Indonesian-based company and plan to work in Bali have to apply for this type of visa by providing all the necessary documents. Working visa is issued for a period of 6 months and can be extended for another 6 months.

Healthcare in Bali

The quality of medical services is more than acceptable in Bali, but if you will still need to go to Jakarta or Singapore in case of very serious issues. The Sanglah Public Hospital in Denpasar is the main public hospital on the island. However, expats could enjoy private British and American clinics that are very common especially in the tourist areas.

You will also have to think of healthcare insurance policy before moving to Bali either for a short or long period of time. Given that visa regulations could be tough in terms of the duration of stay and the necessity of regular visa extensions, foreigners usually opt to choose international healthcare insurance companies.

School and education

The Balinese education system is functioning under the state regulations of Indonesia. The quality of education services is below the average compared to other OECD countries, but everything depends on the particular school certainly. Moving to Bali with a family is associated with choosing the most appropriate schooling for children. For those who are ready to pay large tuition fees may consider a private school option for their children.

The job market in Bali

The tourist industry is the main in the country, but Bali conceals great potential in the agriculture sector as well. Anyway, those who immigrate to Bali are usually working as self-employed professionals in the IT sphere mostly or have an agreement with an Indonesian-based company. If you plan to work in the tourist industry as it offers many opportunities for the hospitality sector workers, you need to make sure that it would be legal. Working under tourist, social, or business visa is not allowed. In case you are caught by local police as an illegal worker, this might end up in a steep fine, trial, and even deportation.

Property information

Those who are about to immigrate to Bali first think of affordable accommodation options on the island. As a rule, foreigners tend to rent rather than buy an apartment in Bali. There are many options for expats and tourists to choose from depending on their budget. Long-term rentals are more common among expats, which means that they have to pay the whole amount up front but get a reasonable discount as an advantage in that case.

Those who are not willing to spend much on a dwelling can rent a small room in a guest house for about $150-250 per month. This is a convenient option because one does not have to pay extra for utilities. Renting a small house usually with 2 bedrooms at about $300-500 is a good option for a family with kids. Those who prefer comfort and want something luxury can choose a house with the prices starting from $600 per month. Consider that prices may vary across different cities in Bali and the time of the year.

Driving in Bali

If you plan to drive in Bali, you have to remember the following rules and tips:

  • Drive on the left side of the road
  • Motorcycles are more common than cars in Bali
  • Road signs are old and small
  • Get to your place of destination before it gets dark
  • Keep your personal belongings protected while riding a motorcycle
  • Traffic on the roads is rarely faster than 70 km\h
  • Beep sound does not meet a warning only, it helped people to identify themselves on the road especially when there is a limited visibility

Cost of moving to Bali

When expats are planning a move, they are usually wondering about the average moving costs to Bali. Those who relocate from the United States are eager to estimate how much is shipping from the USA to Bali. We at Eurosender would help you with relocation by offering the cheapest way to move furniture to Bali and sending other household appliances. Furthermore, you can easily ship motorcycles, coffee machines, musical instruments, and other items you use daily. With international removals to Bali provided by Eurosender, you will get lower than the average moving costs to Bali.

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Moving to Bali from Australia

Australia is located very close to Bali, but still, it will take you time and effort while relocating. Obviously, only the air and sea transportation means are available for shipping personal belongings and other essential items to Bali. To assure that moving to Bali from Australia is convenient and easy, you may opt to order shipping services on Eurosender platform. It will take you only several minutes for placing an order, our professionals will make necessary recommendations for you, while the smart engine will choose the most affordable and fastest transportation option for you.

Moving to Bali from the United Kingdom

If you are moving to Bali from the United Kingdom soon, we offer an effective solution to transport suitcases and an affordable cost of moving house to Bali. Door-to-door shipping services are advantageous because you do not need to take your heavy packages and pallets to drop them in the local post office. Just wait for a courier who will pick up all your packages and get ready for relocation.

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