Immigrate to Chile. Get ready for moving to Chile

Moving to Chile. Things you should know before you immigrate to Chile

Chile is a wonderful country in South America which attracts many tourists and expats. Visitors usually come to Chile to explore the diversity of nature in the country, while immigrants may enjoy numerous job and business opportunities along with the high quality of life. If you are moving to Chile from the USA, Canada, or Europe for some reason, then this guide will be exactly for you. Those who want to immigrate to Chile will find all the necessary facts about the country, information about visa, education, and healthcare system, and explore the best services for international removals to Chile.

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Before moving to Chile, it is essential to explore some basic facts about this country to get ready for life in a totally new environment.

LocationChile is the narrowest and the longest country in the world which lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes.
Capital citySantiago
ClimateThe climate of Chile is diverse throughout the country. It ranges from the tropical in the north to the oceanic in the south.
CurrencyPeso (CLP)
PopulationThere are about 17.5 million people living in Chile. Most of them are of mixed ancestry as indigenous people got married to European immigrants previously.
LanguageSpanish is the official and the most widely spoken language in Chile. Some indigenous languages, including Quechua, Aymara, and Rapa Nui are also prevalent in certain areas.
TimezoneFrom UTC -5 to UTC -3
Surprising factsChile is the home of the Atacama, the driest desert in the world.

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Living in Chile

In fact, Chile is among the best countries for immigration in Latin America because it has a strong economy, high standard of living, and many opportunities for expats. However, immigrants moving to Chile report that there are both advantages and drawbacks of living in Chile. That is why we have outlined the major ones below for you to check and decide whether it is worth immigrating to Chile.


  • The economy of Chile is gradually developing. Currently, Chile has one of the strongest economies in the Latin America region.
  • High standard of living. Expats relocating from the USA to Chile or coming from other developed countries would notice the difference. However, when comparing Chile with other countries in the region, it is safe to say that Chile can boast the highest standards of living in the region.
  • Favourable climate for investors. Chile has many appealing programs for investors and businessmen.
  • Diversity. Owing to its geographical location, Chile can offer lots of opportunities and unique natural spots for its visitors and expats. Travelling from north to south is easy due to a well-developed infrastructure.


  • Pace of life. People relocating from the USA, especially from busy metropolises, will certainly notice that the pace of life in Chile is moderate. People do not tend to hurry in everyday and professional life.
  • You need to speak Spanish. Before you immigrate to Chile, it is necessary to acknowledge that less than 10 per cent of local people speak English. Thus, it is highly recommended to learn basic Spanish to feel comfortable after the relocation.
  • Earthquakes. Chile is located in the Ring of Fire area as it has more than 1000 volcanoes. Therefore, earthquakes are a common phenomenon in the country.

Cost of living in Chile

Chile is characterized by high standards of living, but the prices are not that high in the country. The average salary rate in Chile is $800, but everything depends on the industry and your qualification. The most expensive cities in Chile are Santiago, Valparaiso, and Concepcion.

Expats report that the main items of expenditure include apartment rental, utility bills, and food. Check the table with average monthly spendings of expats living in Chile.

Apartment rental$450
Utility bills$100-150


Visa regulations for Chile

Depending on the purpose of your visit and stay in Chile, you need to apply for an appropriate type of visa in advance. If you already signed a contract with an employer, you can apply for a work visa or work permit. Otherwise, you can come to Chile as a tourist and search for a job locally.

The most popular types of visa to Chile are the following:

  • Tourist visa. Whatever the reason of your stay in Chile, you will need to apply for a tourist visa first. It is highly recommended for immigrants to come under a tourist visa first and then apply for a status change locally in Chile. Citizens of many countries do not need to apply for this type of visa in advance because it is possible to obtain it in the airport upon arrival.
  • Work visa. If you already signed a work contract or agreement with a Chilean employer, you can apply for this type of visa.
  • Temporary residency visa. This type of visa is granted for those who are going to stay in Chile for various reasons during a certain period of time. Thus, it is usually granted to those who immigrate to Chile for work, professional activity, family reunification, and investment purposes.
  • Permanent residency visa. You can apply for this type of visa only after you lived under temporary residency in Chile for at least 180 days within 1 year. The permanent residency visa is usually issued for a 5-year period. Afterwards, you can directly apply for Chilean citizenship or dual citizenship.

There are other types of visas for investors, businessmen, and freelancers who plan to immigrate to Chile and start a business or be self-employed there. For more detailed information, contact your local embassy or consulate. As we have already mentioned, it is better to come to Chile as a tourist and apply for a chosen type of visa locally in Santiago.

Healthcare in Chile

Both citizens and legal residents of Chile are provided with an opportunity to access national health service FONASA (Fondo Nacional de Salud) which is funded by the government and subsidized by taxes deducted from employees’ monthly salaries. There are plenty of public hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country offering medical services of acceptable quality.

Expats moving to Chile might also consider private healthcare coverage because it fully covers healthcare services, while the quality of care is way much more comprehensive. Unlike many European countries and the USA, it is not necessary to register with a general practitioner because you can attend any medical specialist upon necessity without an appointment. Furthermore, it is possible to buy a variety of medicines over the counter in Chile without any particular prescription.

School and education

Expats moving to Chile with children of school age need to take care of their education. If you are a student who wants to immigrate to Chile and study there, it may be challenging for you.

Children need to obligatory attend school starting from the age of 6. Given that the quality of education in Chile is not high in public institutions, many Chilean nationals choose private schools for their children. This could be a perfect option for expat families as well because most private schools stick to the national curriculum but offer bilingual classes and language courses at the same time. Consider that some private schools could be really expensive, so you need to choose the most affordable option in advance.

All higher education institutions in Chile require obligatory tuition fees. The cost of education in universities and colleges is very high, while its quality of education is honestly poor. For those who want to enrol in universities, the Chilean government offers loan programs with appealing interest rates. Nevertheless, this option is still not affordable for Chilean nationals and legal residents. That is why many students decide to study abroad, especially in neighbouring Argentina where the educational services are free of charge while the standards are very high.

The job market in Chile

The Chilean economy is prosperous and one of the strongest in Latin America. It is on par with Poland and Turkey in terms of GDP per capita. Expats will find most of the job opportunities in the services and resource-based sectors, particularly mining and forestry. Furthermore, Chile is actively attracting medical and engineering specialists, but it would be necessary to legitimize your diploma if you got it in another country.

The average salary rates in Chile depend on the industry and may range from $450 to $3500 depending on your qualification. You can apply for a job either online through various websites or ask a friend if there are any open vacancies at his or her company. It is also necessary to consider the mindset of local people as your job application may be reviewed for more than a month.

Property information

Literally a half of Chilean population lives in the area of Santiago or in the cities near the capital. Expats moving to Chile also prefer residing in Santiago or Valparaiso because those cities offer decent job opportunities, have private schools for children, and comprise large communities of different immigrant groups. The average rental cost will be about $400 per month for a 1-bedroom apartment. Apparently, the prices for apartments will be higher in prestigious regions of Santiago and lower in the suburbs of the city. If you want to buy a personal house or an apartment, the average price for 1 square meter would be about $200.

Driving in Chile

If you prefer renting or buying a car in Chile as your primary transportation means, then you should follow the following rules:

  • Drive on the right side of the road.
  • The minimum driving age is 17, the minimum age which allows renting a car is 21.
  • Do not exceed the speed limits: 50 km/h in built-up areas and 120 km/h on highways.
  • Blood alcohol level should not be higher than 30 mg.
  • The traffic in Santiago can be really tough during rush hours in the morning and in the evening.

Cost of moving to Chile

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The most popular destinations from where you can move to Chile

Moving to Chile from the United Kingdom

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Moving to Chile from Canada

If you are moving to Chile from Canada and looking for an affordable solution to send your packages, suitcases, or pallets, Eurosender can offer you access to a wide network of international logistics companies and affordable cost of moving house to Chile. By using our online platform, you can automatically see the cost of your shipment and the estimated delivery time of shipping services from Canada to Chile.

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