Moving to Taiwan. Get Ready to Immigrate to Taiwan

Immigrate to Taiwan. Things you should know before moving to Taiwan

Taiwan has been attracting international students and expats from all over the world, so there are many people immigrating to Taiwan from the USA or moving from other countries. With Eurosender international removals services you can send your excess baggage, furniture, music instruments, and other essential items to Taiwan stress-free. Keep reading to find out how to move to Taiwan and what you need to know about living in Taiwan as a foreigner.

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Things to know when moving to Taiwan

Despite a complicated political situation between China and Taiwan, the economy of this state is very strong. Thus, it attracts a great number of expats each year. If you are moving to Taiwan for work or study, check the basic information you need to know about living in Taiwan as a foreigner or expat.
New Taiwan dollar (TWD)
23.5 million
Official language
Mandarin Chinese
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The cost of moving to Taiwan. International removals to Taiwan with Eurosender

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Visa regulations for Taiwan

The citizens from the EU, USA and some other countries are allowed to arrive and stay in Taiwan for 90 days without a visa. There are five types of visa issued by Taiwan, but the following two are the most common among expats.

Visitor visa. A visitor visa can be given for a 2-weeks or 60-days stay in Taiwan. While the first option is not extendable, the second one can be subject to prolongation if a foreigner has a good reason to stay in Taiwan.

Resident visa. You can get this type of visa in case you obtained a work permit or were accepted by one of the Taiwanese universities. If you relocated to Taiwan on a visitor visa and want to change to a resident one, you will have to do that outside of Taiwan, in Hong Kong, for instance. Residence visa must be renewed annually.

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Cost of moving to Taiwan. Properties in Taiwan

Expats moving to Taiwan prefer renting accommodation rather than buying real estate properties. A one-bedroom apartment in Taipei will cost you around €360 per month. If you are moving to Taiwan with your family, a three-bedroom apartment will cost €1000 per month in the city centre, and €600 per month in the suburbs.

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The cost of living in Taiwan

Taipei is considered to be the largest and the most expensive city in Taiwan. The cost of living in Taichung and Kaohsiung, the other two big cities on the island, is a bit lower but still higher than in the rural areas. The average monthly expenses expats face when living in Taiwan are the following: the utility bills will cost you around €60, the Internet is €20, and a cup of cappuccino is €2.

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The job market in Taiwan

There are plenty of open job positions in Taiwan, most of them targeting mainly local specialists since the education system in Taiwan is one of the best in the world. Having this in mind, you may find very high competition when looking for a job in Taiwan as an expat. Consider that you must have at least basic knowledge of Mandarin Chinese if you want to immigrate to Taiwan and start working there.

It is better to secure a job in advance before moving to Taiwan. You can explore online websites with job openings in different companies in Taiwan. Currently, there are many job opportunities in the IT-sphere, engineering, management, finance and banking, and biotechnology. English teaching jobs are also common among expats living in Taiwan.

Education and schools in Taiwan

The education system of Taiwan provides high-quality schools to local and foreign children. The official language of instruction in Taiwanese schools is Mandarin Chinese. However, expats moving with children to Taiwan can easily find plenty of international schools in Taipei. The average yearly pay for private international school ranges between €3000 and €8000.

Education in Taiwanese universities is not free of charge. Both locals and expats moving to Taiwan to study at one of the universities have to pay for their education.

Age: 3 – 6
Compulsory: no
Elementary School
Age: 6 – 12
Compulsory: yes
Preparatory School
Age: 13-15
Compulsory: yes

Healthcare in Taiwan

Most Taiwanese nationals and expats report that they are satisfied with the healthcare system of Taiwan. Foreigners also report that those moving to Taiwan must get the national health insurance and the “Health IC” card from the first day of work. Those who have the “Health IC” card need to take it whenever visiting healthcare establishments in Taiwan.

The healthcare system of Taiwan is primarily funded by the taxes of the legal residents and citizens.

There are a number of private hospitals in Taiwan with English-speaking doctors as well as bills translated clearly into English. Also, many expats opt for private coverage to avoid waiting in line.

Driving in Taiwan. Should I get a driving licence for Taiwan?

Visitors and expats from the western countries might notice that driving in Taiwan is a bit chaotic. If you are going to drive in Taiwan, you should take your ID, driver’s licence, and car insurance document with you. Those who are planning to buy a car and drive in Taiwan on a daily basis can use their driver’s licence only for the first 30 days of stay on the island. Afterwards, you will have to get a Taiwanese driving license by passing the exam. This procedure can be significantly simplified if your home country has a reciprocal agreement with Taiwan.

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What to expect when living in Taiwan as an expat

  • Strong economy. Taiwan is one of the four “Asian Tigers” focusing on the development and innovation in the high-tech sector of the economy.
  • Isolation. Taiwan is an island country, but the matter of isolation does not concern only its geographical location. Informational isolation and censorship keep this country away from the recent news in the rest of the world.
  • Beautiful nature. If you move away from Taipei, you can explore the beauty of the tropical nature of the islands.
  • Natural disasters and unfavourable climatic conditions. Even though Taiwan is located in the tropical climate area, the amount of precipitation can be above the average rate. The situation gets even worse during the monsoon season. Furthermore, Taiwan is situated in the seismic zone, so earthquakes hit the country regularly.

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The most popular destinations from where people immigrate to Taiwan

Moving to Taiwan from the USA

When expats plan to move to Taiwan, they usually wonder what are the average moving costs. Those who relocate from the United States to Taiwan can benefit from the international removal services powered by Eurosender. We help you with your relocation to Taiwan and offer the cheapest way to move furniture and send other household appliances abroad.

Moving to Taiwan from Canada

If you are looking for the best way to move house from Canada to Taiwan, Eurosender is the right choice for you. You can easily ship motorcycles, coffee machines, musical instruments, and other items you use daily. With the international removals to Taiwan provided by Eurosender, you will get lower than the average moving costs to Taiwan.

Moving to Taiwan from India

When immigrating to Taiwan from India, turn to Eurosender and get the best shipping solution. Arrange everything with our experts and get the most affordable cost of moving house to Taiwan by booking freight shipping services or requesting an individual offer. Our professionals are always ready to help you and estimate the average moving costs to Taiwan for you.

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