Immigrate to Taiwan. Things you should know before moving to Taiwan

There is uncertainty whether Taiwan is an independent state or a province of China. Even though the legal status of this territory remains ambiguous, Taiwan has many characteristics of a sovereign independent state. The structure of the Taiwanese economy is different from the Chinese one as the main focus is dedicated to the high-tech industry. Expats are moving to Taiwan from the USA, Japan, China, and other countries to work primarily in this sector of the economy. However, there are job opportunities for expats in other industries as well. If you are moving to Taiwan for the employment reason or you have any other grounds to immigrate to Taiwan, get ready for the relocation by reading this article.

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Whether you are relocating to Taiwan from the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, or from elsewhere, it is necessary to take care of three primary things. The first is to get to know more about the country of your future residence, the second concerns the preparation of documentation and plenty of paperwork before moving to Taiwan, and the third one is about choosing the right services for international removals to Taiwan. Therefore, we have prepared some basic facts about Taiwan in this section to start exploring this country.

LocationTaiwan is located on the island which is 150 km far from the south-eastern coast of China.
Capital cityTaipei
ClimateTaiwan has a mix of tropical and subtropical climates.
CurrencyNew Taiwan dollar (TWD)
PopulationThere are about 23.5 million people living in Taiwan.
LanguageMandarin Chinese is the most widely used language in Taiwan. However, Hakka and Matsu also have the status of the national languages.
TimezoneUTC +8
Surprising factAfter World War II, Taiwan became known for great economic growth and industrialization.

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Living in Taiwan

China considers Taiwan as its own breakaway province and still hopes to get it back. However, Taiwan’s leaders claim that Taiwan is a sovereign state and it has enough characteristics of the independent country. Taiwan has its own constitution, democratically-elected leaders, and about 300,000 people in the armed forces.

Despite such a vague political situation, the economy of Taiwan is very strong. Thus, it attracts a number of expats each year. People immigrate to Taiwan for different reasons, but all of them acknowledge that each country has both positive and negative sides, so Taiwan is not an exception. Therefore, let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of living in Taiwan.


  • Organization of urban space. The cities of Taiwan are planned in a proper way. It is always clean in the streets.
  • Beautiful nature. If you move away from Taipei, you can explore the beauty of the tropical nature of the islands. The picturesque landscapes of Taiwan have everything ranging from rivers, lakes, mountains, to emerald green trees and turquoise beaches.
  • Strong economy. Taiwan is one of the four “Asian Tigers” focusing on the development and innovation in the high-tech sector of the economy.


  • Isolation. Taiwan is an island country, but the matter of isolation does not concern only its geographical location. Informational isolation and censorship keep this country away from the recent news in the rest of the world.
  • Homogenous society. There are not so many foreigners living in Taiwan, but expat communities tend to be strong. While local people seem to be friendly and welcoming, it is not always easy to establish strong friend relationships with them because they prefer communicating with the people of the same nation.
  • Natural disasters and unfavourable climatic conditions. Even though Taiwan is located in the tropical climate, the amount of precipitation can be above the average rate. The situation gets even worse during the monsoon season. Furthermore, Taiwan is situated in the seismic zone, so frequent earthquakes hit the country regularly.

Cost of living in Taiwan

Taipei is considered to be the largest and the most expensive city in Taiwan. The cost of living in Taichung and Kaohsiung, the other two big cities on the island, is a bit lower but still higher than in the rural areas. We have prepared a table with national average prices and typical basic monthly expenses of expats living in Taiwan.

Apartment rental$250-500 (1-bedroom apartment)
Utility bills$65
A meal of the day$4
A cup of cappuccino$2.5
International school$650

Visa regulations for Taiwan

If you wish to immigrate to Taiwan, you can come there as a tourist. The citizens of some countries can get a visitor visa upon arrival, while others will have to apply for a visa in their home country. As the China-Taiwan relationship is tense, it is possible to get a visa only in Taipei Economic and Cultural Centre.

There are five types of visa issued by Taiwan, but two of those are the most common among expats.

  1. Visitor visa. There are actually two types of visitor visa: 2-weeks and 60-days visas. While the first option is not extendable, the second one can be subject to prolongation if a foreigner has a good reason to stay in Taiwan. If you really need to extend your visa, you will have to prove this to the officer by providing the documents or other credible facts that give proof of your necessity to stay on the island.
  2. Resident visa. You can get this type of visa in case you obtained a work permit or were accepted by one of the Taiwanese universities. If you arrived in Taiwan on a visitor visa and want to change to a resident one, you will have to do that outside of Taiwan, in Hong Kong for instance. Residence visa must be renewed annually. Moreover, expats have to pay taxes in Taiwan, have specific vaccinations, and obtain health insurance under a residence visa.

Healthcare in Taiwan

Most Taiwanese nationals and expats report that they like the healthcare system of Taiwan. Foreigners also admit that those who are moving to Taiwan obligatorily need to get national health insurance and a card “Health IC” from the first day of work. As a rule, this is done by your Taiwanese contractor, but self-employed individuals have to take care of that on their own. Those who have this “Health IC” need to take it every time when visiting healthcare establishments in Taiwan.

The healthcare system of Taiwan is primarily funded by the taxes automatically deducted from the salaries of the legal residents and citizens. The national healthcare system is aimed at providing 99% coverage for medical services. Meanwhile, there is a system of co-payment that does apply in some cases so that the patient needs to partially compensate for the cost of treatment with out-of-pocket payments.

Unlike the healthcare system of the UK or the US, the Taiwanese one does not have general practitioners as such. If you want to visit a certain specialist, you can go directly to a public hospital and consult a doctor you need. However, you will have to wait in a live queue as some hospitals have a lack of medical workers. If you are concerned about whether a doctor speaks English, then it is better to call a hospital beforehand to clarify that. Anyway, many doctors working in Taiwan have obtained a degree outside of Taiwan, so their English-language skills are pretty decent.

School and education

The education system of Taiwan provides high-quality services to local children and those of expats. There are three main stages of schooling in Taiwan: 6 years of primary education, 3 years of junior high education, and 3 years of senior high education. The first and the second stages are obligatory, but the authorities of Taiwan prompt to introduce a law which states that 12 years of schooling are obligatory.

The official language of instruction in Taiwanese schools is Mandarin Chinese. However, expats can easily find plenty of international schools in Taipei. The average yearly pay for private international schools ranges between $3000 and $8000.

The competition among Taiwanese children is very high, so all students study really hard at school. All of them are aimed to pass graduation exams perfectly and enter the university with excellent grades. Most students in Taiwan opt to proceed with 4 years of bachelor’s education, but only half of those decide to proceed with the master’s degree afterwards. Education in Taiwanese universities is not free of charge. Both locals and expats moving to Taiwan to study at one of the universities have to pay for their education.

The job market in Taiwan

There are plenty of open job positions in Taiwan, but most of them are targeted at local specialists. As the education system of Taiwan is one of the best in the world, there are many qualified specialists and fresh graduates in Taiwan. Thus, you will experience great competition as an expat. Consider that you will also have to have at least basic knowledge of Mandarin Chinese if you want to immigrate to Taiwan and start working there.

It is better to secure a job in advance before moving to Taiwan. You might explore online websites with vacancies in different companies in Taiwan. Currently, specialists in the IT-sphere, engineering, management, finance and banking, and biotechnology are in demand. English teaching jobs are also common among expats.

Property information

If you are going to buy a dwelling upon your arrival in Taiwan, it is better to consult with a real estate property agent. Another option is to rent an apartment, which is typical for almost all expats moving to Taiwan. The cost of accommodation usually depends on the city you plan to reside in. In the table below, check the prices for apartments in different Taiwanese cities.

1-bedroom apartment2-bedroom apartment3-bedroom apartment

Driving in Taiwan

Visitors and expats from the west might notice that driving in Taiwan is a bit chaotic. Overall, the condition of the roads is pretty fine. If you are going to drive in Taiwan, you should take your ID, driver’s license, and car insurance document with you. Those who are planning to buy a car and drive in Taiwan on a constant basis can use their driver’s license only for the first 30 days of stay on the island. Afterwards, you will have to get a local one bypassing the exam. This procedure can be significantly simplified if your home country has a reciprocal agreement with Taiwan.

Cost of moving to Taiwan

When expats are planning a move, they are usually wondering about the average moving costs to Taiwan. Those who relocate from the United States are eager to estimate how much is shipping from the USA to Taiwan. We at Eurosender would help you with relocation by offering the cheapest way to move furniture to Taiwan and send other household appliances abroad. Furthermore, you can easily ship motorcycles, coffee machines, musical instruments, and other items you use daily. With international removals to Taiwan provided by Eurosender, you will get lower than the average moving costs to Taiwan.

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