Moving to Dubai: Get Ready to Immigrate to Dubai

Immigrate to Dubai: Things you need to know before moving to Dubai

Dubai is one of the youngest megalopolises in the world, with 80% of its population are expats from all over the globe. So how do expats ship belongings to the UAE when immigrating to Dubai and where can you find low-cost international removals? The answer is with Eurosender! Check the costs of moving a house to Dubai or shipping a few boxes in a few simple steps, and start planning your move to Dubai.

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Learn how to migrate to Dubai – with Eurosender

Whether you’re moving to Dubai for work, for a long-term period, with family, or simply wish to explore a new life in this mega-city, we have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you get ready to immigrate to Dubai. Let’s start with a few facts about Dubai:
United Arab Emirates
UTC +4
UAE Dirham (AED)
Official Language
Dialling code
Emergency number
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The cost of moving to Dubai – International removals to Dubai

With our easy to use booking platform, expert advice, and reliable shipping services, you can organise international removals to Dubai at the click of a button. We have solutions for any sized shipment – so, moving to Dubai from the United Kingdom, Canada or anywhere else is affordable and stress-free.

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Visa regulations for Dubai

United Arab Emirates has an agreement which allows other members of GCC countries to immigrate to Dubai for employment without a visa. For everyone else, including those who wish to move to Dubai from the USA, Australia and Europe, obtaining a visa for moving to Dubai is quite easy, and most of the paperwork can be submitted online.

There are several types of tourist visas and work permits you can obtain, depending on your length of stay and purpose for immigrating to Dubai.

To check which type of visa will apply for your move to Dubai, please visit the UAE immigration website.

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Property in Dubai

If you plan on moving to Dubai for a long-term period, investing in property is a great way for foreigners to secure a residence permit for at least 2-3 years. Considering that Dubai is still growing, more and more housing in Dubai is available, but at a cost of around $2000-$3000 per square meter.

The price of renting in Dubai is also quite high, and you can expect to pay around $950 – $1500 per month for a one-bedroom apartment. If you are moving to Dubai with family, a three-bedroom apartment can cost between $1800 – $3200 per month.

A good way to save on costs of living in Dubai is to rent an unfurnished apartment and ship your furniture and personal belongings to Dubai instead. Eurosender offers convenient low-cost international removals to Dubai, carried out by some of the most renowned logistics companies. You can check the cost of moving to Dubai right now, through our easy-to-use booking engine and start saving on your average moving costs to Dubai.

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The cost of living in Dubai

Dubai is a very expensive city to live in. Foreigners moving to Dubai from places like USA, Canada and Europe will need at least $2,000 to live a comfortable life you used to have in your home country. If you are moving to Dubai with your family, then $4,000 might be sufficient to satisfy all the basic needs of your family members and cover the rental cost of a modest apartment. For a basic meal of the day, you can expect to pay around $12, and a cup of coffee can cost from $4 or more.

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The job market in Dubai

Job opportunities in Dubai for foreigners and high salaries that go with them have been slowly declining over recent years, but that is not to say there are no opportunities at all. Highly qualified experts in many fields such as IT and healthcare are always in demand, and jobs in Dubai for English-speakers can be found in industries like hospitality, retail, digital marketing, construction and legal. Many expats moving to Dubai tend to already have employment in international companies based there, and this also makes it easier to apply for a work visa through your employer.

School and education in Dubai

With such a huge expat community, there are plenty of international schools and English-speaking schools in Dubai to choose from. Although the cost of education in Dubai is quite high, primary and secondary education is compulsory in Dubai and UAE.

Age: 3-4
Compulsory: No
Primary School
Age: 6-12
Compulsory: Yes
Secondary School
Age: 13-18
Compulsory: Yes

Healthcare in Dubai

Access to public healthcare in Dubai is only for locals, so expats moving to Dubai should obtain adequate private health insurance before arriving, as the price of healthcare is very expensive. However, the quality of healthcare in Dubai is extremely good, with most healthcare professionals are English-speaking.

Driving in Dubai

Unfortunately for those moving to Dubai from the UK, USA, Europe or anywhere else, it is not possible to drive in Dubai just with a foreign license. You will need to obtain an international driving license for Dubai or one which is locally issued. It is also important to remember that the legal alcohol limit while driving in Dubai is zero. You should pay extra attention on the roads, not only because of the desert sandstorms but also, many expensive sports cars exceed the speed limit quite frequently, making driving in Dubai quite unpredictable.

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What else to know about expat life in Dubai

  • Some important advantages of living in Dubai are that there are no income taxes, and the salaries are much higher than in most places.
  • Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world, with almost no crime rate.
  • Some disadvantages of living in Dubai as an expat include its tough zero-tolerance to alcohol, revealing clothing and kissing in public places – all of which are not allowed.

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Moving to Dubai from the USA

American expatriates moving to Dubai will no-doubt realize how expensive this emirate can be, but Eurosender can help you cut the costs of moving house to Dubai, by offering low-cost and reliable international removals. As we work with only the most renowned and trusted names in logistics, you can be sure your shipment of personal belongings will arrive in one piece and on time. This way, you can relocate from the USA and settle into life in Dubai much easier.

Moving to Dubai from the United Kingdom

When planning to move to Dubai from UK, you should first consider the cheapest way to move furniture to Dubai, to keep your average moving costs to a minimum. With Eurosender, you can easily book low-cost international removals to Dubai, or anywhere else, and know your personal belongings are in safe hands. Our easy-to-use platform will give you a price for standard shipping instantly, and our team of experts can tailor a solution to suit any unusual shipping request. You can start planning your move to Dubai from UK right now, simply select your route and dimensions of your shipment into our booking engine.

Moving to Dubai from Australia

Crossing oceans to move to Dubai from Australia, you might be wondering how you can save on your average cost of moving house to Dubai. With Eurosender solutions for international removals to Dubai, look no further. Our booking platform will match you with the best service available to ship your personal belongings to UAE, and give you the best price available across our vast network of logistics experts. You can reach out to our team right now and discuss your cost of moving to Dubai, or simulate an instant price for standard or express shipping for up to 70kg.

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