Moving to India. Learn how to immigrate to India easily

Immigrate to India. Things you should know before moving to India

The world is grateful to India for yoga, ayurveda, meditation, and manifold spices. What else do we know about this country and its lifestyle? If you are moving to India from the USA, Canada, Germany, the UK, or Australia, you need to learn more about this country. This comprehensive guide will help you to reveal the secrets and discover the pitfalls before you immigrate to India.

International removals to India with Eurosender

Despite its surplus workforce, India is attracting foreign professionals and experts from other countries. Thus, many expats are relocating from the USA to India, immigrating from European countries, and moving from neighbouring states. If you are among those, check this section of the article to learn basic facts about India and discover the most convenient and reliable services for international removals to India.

LocationIndia is among the 10 biggest world countries. It is located in South Asia and is washed by the Indian Ocean.
Capital cityNew Delhi
ClimateThe major part of India has tropical and subtropical climates. The Himalayas play a significant role in climate formation because they protect the country from cold winds coming from Central Asia.
CurrencyIndian rupee (INR)
PopulationIndia is the second most populous country in the world with 1.3 billion people living in it. Two-thirds of the population live in rural areas.
LanguageHindi is the official language, but people speak many other local languages across the country. English is an auxiliary second official language in India.
TimezoneUTC +5:30
Surprising factCows are believed to be sacred animals in India. That is why the Constitution has a set of regulations that prohibit sale and slaughter of cows.

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Living in India

You have probably heard many facts about India, some of which could be really shocking. Undoubtedly, the lifestyle of local people in India is much different from that of expats coming particularly from the western countries. It is true that India could be a terrific, thrilling, and outrageous at the same time. That is why we have interviewed several expats to get to know more about this country and outline both the advantages and drawbacks of living in India.


  • The attitude towards life. People in India simply enjoy life, so expats moving to India could experience a stress-free environment.
  • Strong family bonds. Indians have strong family values and strong ties between family members.
  • Low cost of living. The prices for products and services in India are probably among the lowest in the world.


  • Poor infrastructure. Once British authorities developed a comprehensive infrastructure in India that fit all their needs. Given that India has more than 1 billion people, there are not enough funds to manage the infrastructure, enhance the quality of roads, and build railroads.
  • Unsanitary conditions. It is not a myth that India is full of dirt and rubbish in the streets. However, it is not about the enormous population as people themselves seem not to care about the cleanliness neither in urban nor in rural areas.
  • Climate. The tropical and subtropical climate is prevailing in the major part of the country’s territory. When combined with humidity and influenced by the monsoon season, it becomes unbearable to breathe and walk in the streets in the day time. Thus, expats relocating to India need to take care of that and get ready for such weather conditions unless they are moving to India to live in the Himalayas region.
  • Much of attention. Immigrants looking different from local Indians get a lot of attention. If you can be classified as such, be prepared that local people would ask to take a photo together with you. Furthermore, people relocating from the USA or Europe to India often appear to be the victims of mongers’ trickery.

Cost of living in India

To be honest, India has very low prices for food, services, household goods, and many other items. Obviously, the cost of living in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, New Delhi, and Kolkata will be higher than in rural areas but still much lower than that in the USA or major European cities. Check the table below to find out the average prices and monthly expenses of expats living in India.

Apartment rental$100-150
Utility bills$30-50
Internet connection$15
International school (optional)$150
A meal of the day$2-3
A cup of cappuccino$1-2


Visa information for India

People immigrate to India for various purposes, but some are moving to India only for a short-term for business or journalism purposes mostly. There are different types of visas offered by Indian governmental authorities. We have prepared short descriptions for the most popular types of visas among expats and immigrants.

  • Tourist visa. This type of visa is extremely popular among tourists who are eager to explore the diversity of cultures in India. Those who plan to immigrate to India also apply for this type of visa as one of the preparation steps before relocation in order to explore the country and the city of future residence.
  • Employment visa is targeted at highly-qualified expats who have a job contract with an Indian firm.
  • Business visa is for those who want to come to India in order to explore available business opportunities in this country.
  • Student visa. This type of visa is designed for people who would like to come to India and study there. Yoga courses are extremely popular among foreigners who apply for a student visa.
  • Film visa. If you want to do a TV show or commercial film in India, this type of visa issued for 1 year is exactly what you need.
  • Medical visa is for the patients seeking treatment in Indian healthcare institutions. The medical workers are well-trained, but the prices of healthcare services are much lower than in Europe and the USA.

Healthcare in India

The healthcare system in India is mainly governed by the states, which means that there could be differences in regulations across the country. Subsequently, there are disparities between rich and poor states. It means that the residents mostly in rural areas do not have adequate access to healthcare. To make things better, the Indian government launched the National Rural Health Mission.

In India, the healthcare system is subdivided into two categories: public and private. While the public sector is administered by the states, private healthcare institutions function separately. The quality and variety of healthcare services in private hospitals is very high and it is similar to that expats tend to experience in their home countries.

India is also a popular destination for medical tourists coming from other Asian countries. The competitive advantage of Indian healthcare system being a destination for medical tourists is its well-trained medical professionals and relatively low cost of services. Furthermore, India attracts many tourists who are interested in alternative and ayurvedic medicine.

School and education

All children in India are admitted to compulsory elementary education free of charge. The state is supposed to provide all the necessary facilities and conditions for school children. Expats moving to India with children also need to consider this aspect of immigration and think of educational options in advance.

The quality of education in public schools is mediocre and is not likely to fit the standards expats are used to. That is why there is a wide range of private and international schools across India, especially in big cities. Private schools provide studies in English for both local and expat children, so it is a good opportunity for your children to integrate into society fast. Meanwhile, international schools offer curricula that is common in your home country. In particular, there are many British and American international schools in big cities in India.

Job market in India

India has the third largest economy in the world. Currently, agricultural, mining, and service sectors are the biggest industries in India. However, about half of the country’s population earns less than $100 per month. Even though there are many qualified professionals domestically, India attracts expats in the IT and education industry. In particular, full-stack developers, digital marketing specialists, AI engineers, and English teachers are in demand.

Property information

Those who immigrate to India think either to rent an apartment or buy a real estate property. In the second case, the average prices for 1 square meter may range between $50-100 depending on the area and state. For those who want to rent an apartment in one of the biggest cities where expats usually reside, there is a table with the average rental prices below.

studio apartment1-bedroom apartment
New Delhi$100-150$200

Driving in India

As India was once a British colony, cars drive on the left side of the road there. Unlike Britain, the traffic in India is much more dangerous and unregulated because there is a lack of traffic management on the roads. Public transportation system is not very well-developed in India. Thus, expats living in India recommend using taxis as they have comparatively low fares. But before taking a taxi, you need to negotiate with a driver and make sure that a fair price is offered.

Cost of moving to India

Before relocating to India, you need to discover the average moving cost to India, estimate how much is shipping from the USA to India, discover the cheapest way to move furniture to India, and get the cost of moving house to India. We have prepared the answers to these questions along with the shipping tips to move personal belongings to India safely, cheaply, and fast.

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The most popular destinations from where you can move to India

Moving to India from Germany

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Moving to India from Canada

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Moving to India from Australia

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Moving to India from the United Kingdom

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Other destinations?

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