Moving to Israel. Get ready to immigrate to Israel

Immigrate to Israel. Things you should know before moving to Israel

Those who are about to immigrate to Israel will be pleasantly surprised by the way social and religious traditions are intertwined in the country. This country attracts Jewish people living outside of Israel to return to their homeland. That is why many foreigners are moving to Israel from the USA, the UK, Germany, Russia, and other states. Furthermore, a large number of expats is coming to Israel annually to work mainly in the service and technology industries. If you are also going to immigrate to Israel, check this guide to get some background information along with practical pieces of advice on how to get accustomed in the country and choose the most reliable services for international removals to Israel.

International removals to Israel with Eurosender

Relocating from the USA to Israel or moving from other countries to Holy Land is a time-consuming and exhausting process. First of all, you need to get acquainted with this country and think of moving house safely. That is why we would like to share some background information about this country and introduce reliable services for international removals to Israel for you.

LocationIsrael is located in West Asia and has access to the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.
Capital cityJerusalem
ClimateRegardless of its scarce territory, Israel has a variety of climatic zones. The bigger part of the country has the Mediterranean climate, while a southern part has a desert climate.
CurrencyNew shekel (ILS)
PopulationThere are about 9 million people living in Israel, 75 % of whom are Jews who once immigrated to Israel from different countries.
LanguageHebrew is the official language of Israel. However, English, Russian, and French are also widely spoken across the country.
TimezoneUTC +2
Surprising factsImmigrants moving to Israel increased the population for 350 per cent over the 60 years.

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Living in Israel

It may initially seem that Israel is a religious state with its own rules and traditions not common in any other country in the world. As there is no Constitution in Israel, religious and social life are tightly interlaced. For instance, the certification of shops, cafes and restaurants on the kashrut system could be a great example of this ambient mix. Furthermore, every Saturday is the Sabbath in Israel, so nothing and no one is working. The only exception could be some foreigners who immigrate to Israel on purpose.

An interesting fact about Israel is that both men and women need to serve in the military. Many Jews from outside of Israel come to the country annually for that purpose because the army provides even greater opportunities and perspectives than a university does.

Living in Israel could be challenging and relaxing at the same time. To understand the lifestyle and values of its people better, we have asked both expats and nationals to tell us the advantages and disadvantages of living in Israel.


  • High standards of living. Israel is a developed country with a strong economy and low unemployment rates.
  • High quality of medical services. Patients from all over the world are moving to Israel as medical tourists. Indeed, a solid research base in the country provides opportunities for developing new technologies and approaches in the healthcare sector. Doctors and clinical professionals are highly qualified and multilingual in Israel, which makes it more convenient for foreigners.
  • Cultural diversity. Israel is the land with a rich history and outstanding cultural heritage. Millions of tourists and pilgrims come to Israel every year to visit cultural and historical sights.


  • War. Numerous attacks have recently become a routine in the country, so Israel has been in a constant state of war anticipation. That is why additional security measures are applied everywhere possible: in shopping centres, schools, hospitals, etc.
  • Climate. The average summer temperatures could be about 40 °C above zero, so it is extremely hot in summer. It will be not comfortable for those who cannot stand the heat.
  • It is not easy to immigrate to Israel. Those who do not have Jewish roots or are not likely to get an intra-company transfer would find the process of immigration as a slightly difficult one.

Cost of living in Israel

The average salary is 9000 shekels (about $2500) in Israel, while the cost of living in Israel is also very high. Both Israeli people and expats prefer renting an apartment instead of buying one. The property rental constitutes the main item of expenditure. We have prepared a list of average monthly expenses of expats along with the prices for products and services in Israel.

Apartment rent$800-1000
Utility bills$200-300
A meal of the day$15
A cup of cappuccino$3-4
International school$1000-1200


Visa regulations for Israel

There are many reasons to immigrate to Israel, but you will most likely need a visa. Even though Israel has visa exemption agreements with some countries, they apply only to a visit visa. Expats need to thoroughly prepare for a move and decide which type of visa is the most applicable for them.

  • Immigration visa. Based on the Law of Return, Jews can immigrate to Israel to return to their homeland. If you want to apply for this type of visa, you will have to go through the examination process with aliya representative of the Jewish Agency.
  • Student visa is issued to people who are eager to study in academic institutions in Israel.
  • Clergy visa is granted to those who need to fulfil their clerical duties in the religious communities in Israel. Invitation from a recognized religious institution in Israel is highly required.
  • Work visa. If you are moving to Israel for work or business purposes, you should get a signed agreement with Israeli employer or get an approval for the intra-company transfer to Israeli office.

Healthcare in Israel

Israel is prominent for its modern and accurate healthcare services all over the world. When it comes to the national healthcare system, it is easily accessible for Israeli citizens, immigrants, and legal residents moving to Israel under the Law of Return. Recent Jewish immigrants can even obtain the first year of healthcare insurance for free. Consider that these benefits do not apply to regular expats who immigrate to Israel for work or study purposes.

National Health Insurance system provides 4 options for Jewish immigrants to apply for. Each of those offers only basic coverage, so most residents and citizens prefer purchasing private healthcare insurance plans primarily for accessing dental care and a wider range of medical services. If you are a regular expat, you are eligible for private healthcare insurance which is usually subsidized by an employer. You also need to take into consideration that such healthcare insurance plans exclude treatment of chronic illnesses, mental health problems, delivery, etc.

School and education

If you are moving to Israel with the kids, then it is strongly advisable to explore the education system in the country. One year of the pre-school education is compulsory for all children in Israel. It is later followed by six years of elementary school and six years of secondary school. The education system of Israel comprises 4 types of schools: state, religious state, independent, and Arabic. In state and religious state schools, classes are conducted in Hebrew, while in independent and Arabic school the primary language is Arabic.

There are some international schools in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. They are primarily targeted at children coming from America and the United Kingdom. In case your child speaks other than English or Hebrew, then there is a legal option of home-schooling approved by the Ministry of Education.

After school, children need to pass a compulsory military service. Interestingly, both males and females are obliged to serve in the army. Afterwards, some of them decide to enrol in the university for higher education certification. All academic institutions of higher level in Israel require perfect knowledge of Hebrew or Arabic along with taking a psychometric test. Israeli universities also accept foreign students who are eligible for attending a preparatory program before applying for admission. Foreign students can enrol in any university in Israel except the medical one.

The job market in Israel

Previously, agriculture was the main industry in the economy of Israel. However, the situation has radically changed over the last twenty years. Currently, Israel is proud of its developed IT sector and solid research base. Such inventions as voicemail, mobile telephone, and many others were designed in Israel.

To be honest, Israeli employers tend to hire local residents and citizens across all the industries. However, expats can apply for jobs in the international companies or participate in employee transfer programs to work in Israeli offices of international organizations. Getting a work permit and a work visa is obligatory if you are moving to Israel to work there.

Property information

The prices for real estate property are really very high in Israel. This could be explained by the scarce territory of the country which is supposed to host more and more repatriates and expatriates. The most expensive houses are in big cities such as Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa. The average cost of a medium-sized house ranges from $400,000 to $700,000 depending on the region. That is why many Israeli people tend to rent an apartment instead.

Check the table below to discover the average apartment rental prices in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa.

a private room1-bedroom apartment
Tel Aviv$800-1200$1500-3000

Driving in Israel

Expats who would like to drive a car upon their arrival in Israel need to remember a set of basic rules:

  • Drive on the right side of the road.
  • Speed limits: 50 km/h in built-up areas; 90 km/h on intercity routes; 120 km/k on highways.
  • Talking on the phone while driving is prohibited unless your car is equipped with a hands-free system.
  • All passengers must wear seatbelts.
  • Take a few driving lessons in Israel even if you are an expert because the traffic in this country might be crazy with frequent traffic jams, aggressive drivers, and parking shortages in the metropolitan areas.
  • Exchange a driving license issued in your home country during the first years of living in Israel. Expats and repatriates moving to Israel for a long term are obliged to do so.

Cost of moving to Israel

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The most popular destinations from where you can move to Israel

Moving to Israel from the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is located overseas, so you will certainly need professional help to move house to Israel. Book services for international removals to Israel with Eurosender platform to send packages, suitcases or pallets and get the most affordable cost of moving house to Israel. We collaborate with the largest international logistics providers that are fully equipped to handle any service, whether it is a package delivery or freight transportation. For more information, we have a team of experts who can answer any questions about moving to Israel from the United Kingdom via live chat or phone.


Moving to Israel from Canada

If you are moving to Israel from Canada and looking for an affordable solution to send your packages, suitcases, or pallets, Eurosender can offer you access to a wide network of international logistics companies and affordable cost of moving house to Israel. By using our online platform, you can automatically see the cost of your shipment and the estimated delivery time of shipping from Canada to Israel.


Moving to Israel from Australia

Transportation of personal belongings will require extra efforts when moving to Israel from Australia for sure. Book services for international removals to Israel with Eurosender platform to get the most affordable cost of moving house to Israel. To get more information about international removals to Israel, contact our experts via e-mail or phone.

Other destinations?

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