Moving to Mexico. International Removals to Mexico

Moving to Mexico. How to immigrate to Mexico

Whether you’re taking a job opportunity in Mexico or moving to Mexico for study, plan your move smarter with Eurosender’s international removals services. Get informed on how to immigrate to Mexico, check the visa requirements and get the immediate price for moving house to Mexico. We prepared a detailed guide on how to relocate to Mexico with family or alone, the job market and the average cost of living in Mexico as an expat.


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Things to know before moving to Mexico

Moving to Mexico sounds like a dream to many people all around the world. With its pleasant climate, delicious cuisine and friendly people, there are many reasons to immigrate to Mexico, that might make you want to start packing today. But before you do that, make sure that you are well prepared for your relocation to Mexico. To help you prepare for your moving, we have gathered the most important information you need to know when immigrating to Mexico.
Mexico City
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Visa requirements for Mexico

A foreign national wishing to move to Mexico must obtain a visa unless they are citizens of one of the 67 eligible visa-exempt countries or one of the three Electronic Authorisation System eligible countries.
Thus, if you are moving to Mexico from the USA, EU countries, Australia, Canada and some other lands, you don’t need a visa for Mexico.

Citizens from Russia, Turkey and Ukraine need to obtain an electronic authorisation to move to Mexico on business purposes without a consular visa.

If you plan to stay for over six months or have the intension of living and working in Mexico permanently, you need to get a Permanent Resident Visa.

If you plan to live and work in Mexico for a defined period and intend to return to your home country afterwards, you should apply for a Temporary Resident Visa. This type of visa is valid for up to 4 years, and you may exchange the temporary visa for a permanent one if you decide to settle there.

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Long term rentals and property in Mexico

The rental prices highly depend on your location, with Mexico City being the most expensive city to live in. If you are moving to Mexico alone or as a student, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment that will cost around €280 per month in the city centre and about €180 in the suburbs. When you are relocating to Mexico with family, a three-bedroom apartment will cost you around €400-600 per month.

You can save costs and rent an unfurnished apartment, while Eurosender will help you move your household and belongings to Mexico at a lower than the average price on the market.

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The cost of living in Mexico

The cost of living in Mexico can vary depending on where in the country you decide to live. For those immigrating to Mexico from the USA, UK, or Europe, you will find the cost of living is inexpensive. However, wages are much lower as well.

You can live comfortably on €850-€1000 per month in large cities like Mexico City, Guadalajara, Tijuana, or Puebla. The cost of living in places like Oaxaca, Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Puerto Escondido, is €450-€800.

The average monthly salary in Mexico is around €1200. A meal for two people will cost you around €20, while basic utilities will cost €30 per month.

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Job opportunities in Mexico. How to find a job in Mexico?

There are many job opportunities in Mexico if your skill is in the manufacturing or service industry. There are also some English speaking jobs in Mexico City, where you might be able to secure a position with an above than average salary. Also, you can easily find an English teaching job in Mexico if you have a teaching qualification.

Education and schools in Mexico

When moving to Mexico with kids, you’ll be glad to know that public education is free and accessible to everyone. Keep in mind that public education often has budget problems, is plagued by corruption and doesn’t have proper resources. On the contrary, international and private schools in Mexico are of high quality. Due to the high fees, private education is mostly for wealthy people and expats.

Age: 1 – 4
Compulsory: no
Elementary School
Age: 6 – 12
Compulsory: yes
Middle School
Age: 13-15
Compulsory: yes
Secondary & High school
Age: 16-18
Compulsory: yes

Healthcare in Mexico

The healthcare system in Mexico is at a high level. Both Mexican citizens and expats legally residing in Mexico have healthcare insurance and can access healthcare services provided by the government.
Foreigners who live in Mexico without residency can obtain private insurance to have access to an English-speaking doctor at a private hospital. Private insurance is available for everyone who can afford it.

Driving in Mexico. Should I get a Mexican driving licence?

With an American or Canadian driving licence, you can rent a car and drive in Mexico. When you obtained your licence in another country, you will have to apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP) so that it can be translated into Spanish. Expats need to apply for this within six months of arriving in Mexico but can often organise this from their home country.

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Advantages and disadvantages of living in Mexico

We have gathered some more advantages and disadvantages of living in Mexico:

  • The weather in Mexico is generally warm and pleasant year-round. People travel from all over the world to visit Mexico’s world-class beaches. Both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts have something to offer for everyone.
  • The bureaucracy is horrendous. Expats living in Mexico report about long waiting lists for various services, unqualified personnel and the need to visit multiple offices for one document.
  • When moving to Mexico, prepare some cash. This doesn’t mean that you cannot pay by card at all but things as direct debit are unheard of in Mexico. Also, banking often has to be done in person instead of online.
  • Due to narco-violence, there is often a lot of police and military present on the streets.

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The most popular countries from where people immigrate to Mexico

Moving to Mexico from the US

For those wishing to relocate to Mexico from the USA, look no further. Eurosender’s low-cost international removals services make it easy to move house to Mexico. Our easy booking platform will give you an instant price for shipping to Mexico, and our express service is perfect for organising the delivery of your documents and sending your belongings faster.

Moving to Mexico from Canada

Are you looking for a cost-effective and convenient way to immigrate to Mexico from Canada? Eurosender’s vast network of logistics partners are the most reliable and world-renowned, and we match you with the best international removal service to Mexico, at the best price. Contact our experts and get a tailored solution when moving to Mexico from Canada.

Moving to Mexico from Europe

When crossing oceans to immigrate to Mexico from Europe, you might be wondering how you can save on your average cost of moving to Mexico. Eurosender’s solutions for international removals to Mexico will save your average moving costs with our simple to use booking tool. Choose your route and type of service to compare prices when relocating to Mexico.

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