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Immigrate to Panama – How to move to Panama

If you are dreaming of relocating to a pleasant climate, close to the sea with affordable housing and a laid-back lifestyle, then Panama could be your new home. Expats who decide to move to Panama can look forward to breathtaking beaches and stunning views. Discover what are the most important things to know before immigrating to Panama. and check the moving costs. Leave the rest – the heavy job to Eurosender.

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What to know before immigrating to Panama

Over the past few decades, more and more expats have decided to move to Panama for retirement, to work remotely as a digital nomad or even to start a new business. Whatever your reason for relocating to Panama, you certainly will not be disappointed. So, before you start packing, let’s take a look at a few things to know before immigrating to Panama:
Panama City
Balboa (PAB) or U.S Dollar (USD)
4 million
Official Language
Dialling code
Emergency number
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The cost of moving to Panama – International removals to Panama

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Panama visa requirements – how to apply?

If you are thinking of relocating to Panama from the USA, Canada, Australia or a country from the European Union, you can visit Panama and stay for up to 6 months with a tourist visa. To obtain permanent residency in Panama, you must first apply for temporary residency through the following avenues:

  • Pensionada Visa: is offered to retirees with a pension from their home country equivalent to $1.000 per month, allowing them to live in Panama permanently.
  • Temporary residency with work permit: will allow you to live and work in Panama legally.
  • Through marriage to a Panamanian citizen: you can bypass temporary residency and automatically qualify for permanent residence.
  • Friendly Nations Visa: is a special arrangement with 47 countries who have warm relations with Panama. The visa requirements to immigrate to Panama through this option are subject to change regularly, so for more information, contact your nearest Panama embassy.
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Should I buy property or rent an apartment in Panama?

The price of property in Panama varies depending on your budget and you can find all kinds of accommodation ranging from affordable little beach huts to expensive luxury villas in the hinterland. Most expats who live in Panama choose to buy property in gated communities which offer facilities including pools, gyms, shops and schools, as well as good security.

If you are on a budget and are not interested in buying property in a gated community in Panama just yet, a good idea is to share accommodation to save on the cost to rent an apartment. A one-bedroom apartment in the centre of Panama City will cost around $800 per month. Outside Panama City centre, you could expect to pay only $600 for the same sized accommodation.

Another way to save on the cost to buy property or rent an apartment in Panama is to ship your furniture and household items with Eurosender!

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Living expenses in Panama

Like many destinations, the cost of living in Panama will depend on the lifestyle you are accustomed to, but you can certainly live comfortably on a budget of $1.000 per month. You can expect to pay a lot more for things like utilities, however, the price of a daily cup of coffee will only set you back around $3, and an average-priced dinner for two will cost only $45.

If you are immigrating to Panama alone, a good idea to save money is to share your accommodation, so you can share your utilities, also! You will not only save a lot on the cost of living in Panama as an expat, you will also make new friends.

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Finding a job in Panama

Finding a job in Panama is not too difficult for most people who migrate there, as many look to Panama’s largest employer – the Panama Canal, first. Panama’s economy is steadily growing and is the most stable in the region, so job opportunities can be found throughout the entire service industry, including banking, tourism and agriculture. To maximise your chances of finding a job in Panama, learning basic Spanish is also a good idea.

Schools for expats in Panama

Public education in Panama is free of charge for its residents and citizens, and the quality is fairly good compared to neighbouring countries. When you immigrate to Panama with children, you will notice a difference between the facilities in the city compared to the country-side, but there are good options for private education and international schools for expats in Panama also.

The school system in Panama consists of:

Age: 4-5
Compulsory: Yes
Primary School
Age: 6-12
Compulsory: Yes
Secondary School
Age: 12-15
Compulsory: Yes
High School
Age: 15-18
Compulsory: No

Healthcare for expats in Panama

The quality of healthcare available to expats in Panama will vary depending on where you choose to settle. In major towns and cities, it is much better than in the country-side, as Panama’s rural areas experience a shortage of medical care. Private healthcare is expensive, but provides much better facilities in Panama City and Changuinola. Before you relocate to Panama, you should make sure you take out sufficient cover in case of any emergencies during your stay, and be sure to contact your doctor to find out if you require any vaccinations before travelling to Panama.

Can I drive in Panama with a foreign license?

You are permitted to drive in Panama with your foreign license and an international driving permit (IDP) for the first 90 days, before you are required to obtain a Panamanian driver’s license. Once you become a temporary resident, you will need to switch it over. For Americans moving to Panama, this can be done by requesting the form from the American Embassy and usually costs around $50. For all other countries, you should contact your nearest embassy. When requesting a Panamanian driver’s license to replace your foreign license, you will also have to provide proof of your blood-type, so if it is not listed on your local license, you will also need to obtain a blood-test first.

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